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Season three take off, slightly AU and OOCness on a major level for Faith.

The monster looked by me, his already disfigured face becoming more ugly as he grinned. "Faith." His voice was deep and sand-paper on wood.

Faith whined again and I slammed the door shut, using my own small but firm frame as a temporary block. "No." Faith looked as if she'd had a mental breakdown.

The vamps outside beat the weak wood, making it shudder and splint. "Come on!" I grabbed for her as I bolted across the room. She clasped my hand tight as I broke out the window, we clamored out.

"Let's go!" Still holding her hand tight, I led her through the side streets.

I slammed through another window. God, what was I tonight? The human rock?The vampire's ran past, leaving us unnoticed.

"We're fine. Faith, what happened?"

She shuffled uncomfortably. "I was...I was there when he killed my watcher." She swallowed. "Even as a werewolf...I couldn't do anything. I just...I didn't know what else to do. I ran." That must've been part of why she was here. For my help.

"Faith, first rule of slaying- don't die." I squeezed her hand gently. "You did the right thing. You could have died if you'd stayed." That thought bothered me. She nodded shakily. "There's one of him and two of us. You do the math." She looked past me, shaking her head. "Yes." I mumbled. She shook her head again.

"No." I followed her line of vision. "This is his place." She whispered.

I sucked my teeth. "He did this on purpose." How come it always happens that way? There was a loud snarl as one of the vamps had showed up.

Faith and I ran farthur into the building. It looked like a warehouse.

Two more vampires appeared. I kicked a bucket into the face of the one on my right, he tumbled back. I turned and kicked high, hitting the second square in the mouth. Faith was backing away, whimpering.

Kakistos walked out of the shadows in front of me. He looked towards Faith. She was rooted to the spot in fear. Another vampire came at me but I kicked her away. "Faith!" I tossed my stake to her. "Don't die!"

Taking the weapon in her hand, she brandished it feebily, in a daze. She was to scared to use all her power. Kakistos back-handed her across the face and she broke a beam on her way down.

I dusted one of the vampires and ran to help her as she was beaten. But this guy was tough. I even staked him, right in the heart, but he just laughed. "I guess you need a bigger stake, slayer."

Faith jumped up and slammed the broken beam through his chest. He groaned and vanished. We stood there in an odd silence, I turned to her and asked the first thought that came to mind.


She smiled and gave a weak laugh. "You have no idea."

I invited Faith to stay at my place, she gladly took the offer.

She was on post here until her new watcher came, a thought that made me giddy. Not the watcher part but the Faith staying part.

She had a lot to deal with and she did it. I admired that. I could barely handle what was on my own plate, let alone my first servings plate.

It was a little ironic, she wanted to be like me and I wanted to be like her. Somewhat.

She refused to go to school, saying all her learning was done out of class and she was perfectly fine. I had to agree.


Patrol with Faith was nice. Alone it was just boring.

I like holding hands. Faith's hands are warm. Faith is warm. .God...I sound like a seven year old going on about her first crush.

"You okay B?" Faith asks curiously.

I jumped and nodded. "Yep! Totally fine here!"

She gave me an amused look but shrugged. "If you say so."


She chuckled. "So what happened to uh, what's his face, Steve?"






"Okay." She laughed. "Anyways, what happened to him?"

"I like Scott as a possible friend guy you say hi to and tell your childhood secrets to. Not that guy guy you kiss to say hi to and tell your dirty secrets."

Faith laughed again and I poked her in the ribs. "B, what dirty secrets could you possibly have?"

"You'd be surprised." I deadpanned.

She gave me a coy look. "Do tell."

"You wish."

"You know it." She grinned and we continued on patrol.

I feel like a bit of a nutcase going to a shrink, specially in school.

"Hey B!" I looked around, Faith jogged up to me. I gave her an expectant look. "That's basically why I came out here. You left early so,...hey."

I smiled at her cuteness. "Hey." She's so cute.

She wrapped her arm around my shoulder and leaned against the stone railing. Mmm,...she's warm.

I couldn't help but touch the scar on her arm everytime I saw it.

We always seem to look couple-y. I know Willow is all smiles behind me with Oz. They were talking, I should pay attention.

"Not doing Jazz Band this year?"

"No. I find the marching distracting."

"We have a marching Jazz Band?" I pouted. "I didn't know that."

Faith nudged me. "Don't feel bad, I didn't know either."

I smiled. "That does make me feel better."

She laughed.

I pointed. "Pretty flowers." I took Faith's wrist in hand and checked the time on her watch. "Oh, I have to see Mr. Platt."

"Platt, the school shrink?" Debbie asked curiously.

"I have to show him I'm little Miss. Stable so I can stay in school." I grumbled.

"He freaks me out."

The bell rang. I turned to Faith. "Could you walk me there?"

She grinned. "Sure thing."

Yeah, we looked couple-y.

I giggled and Faith laughed even though she had no idea what I was thinking.

"So how'd it go?" Faith asked as I left the office. She was eating vending sweets and sipping a soda.

"It was alright, thank you for asking Walking Cavity."

She grinned, her dimples were so cute. "Brush and floss every night B. You have to go back?" She pointed to the closed door behind me at the last part.

"Sadly." What made me uncomfortable was that he made me talk about Angel. "He just wants to talk about why I left and all that."

She nodded, staying quiet as she continued eating her snacks. She was clearly dropping the subject. I give her a curious look and she throws a confused one back.

"You're not gunna pry?" Like other would?

Faith swallowed her mouthful. "You're business B. Don't worry about it." She nodded down the hall. "Let's go check in with G-Man."

I followed her to the library. There was something, something about her that made me want to tell her everything. But that would have to wait. There was a loud and deafening silence that greated us. It dropped onto our shoulders like that huge old sweater your grandmother gives you she made herself, and you can't say anything because it'd be rude. But,...I had to say something. "I'm afraid to ask." I mumble, to afraid to speak loudly.

"Oz killed somebody." Straight forward as ever, Cordy. How nice.

"He did not!"

"Oz, does not eat people. And it could have easily been Faith." Xander pointed out.

"Faith, didn't eat anyone." I defended quickly and looked over to her. "Unless you consider those sour patch thingys people." The brunette gave a bark of laughter and continued to eat her snack. "No, Faith can change whenever she wants and she's fully aware when she does." I saw her nod from the corner of my eye.

"Don't worry Oz we'll figure this out." Will assured.

"I'll patrol the woods. Xander, Will, and Cordelia can check the body." I speak firmly.

"We can see if it's a wolf bite or not." Will smiled, then frowned. "But,...Oz."

I turned to the wolf slayer beside me. "Can you watch Oz?"

"No prob."She nodded and took a seat on the counter.

"Having a slayer watch me? Good thing we're not over-reacting." Oz sounded annoyed as he stood and began to walk out. Willow looked hurt by his comment.

"Hey!" Faith shouted after him and hopped off the counter. He turned, surprised at her show of anger. "Loose the attitude, cause I know what you're dealing with better than most. And the only place you need to be heading to is that cage." She pointed to the clock.

Oz sighed and shut himself in.

I like patrolling with Faith better. Alone it was quiet and scary. Why hadn't I really noticed before Faith came around?

'Because you had no one to share this with.' A part of me answered. And it was so true. Even though I went on patrol with my friends and watcher, and used to be...Angel. They never really understood. So I was alone. Now I get how people they label 'Insane' feel. To be locked away in a room with nobody but you and that other voice in your head...totally and completely alone. I shuddered. I didn't want to think about it. Because Faith was here now. And now, I could share my burden and have it understood.

A rustling, slithering sound caught me. I took out my steak, heading towards the sound. I was surprised when whatever it was knocked me down. I flipped onto my stomach and looked up to see,...

"Angel?" I whispered. This could so not be happening.

He was dirty, and angry, and wild. And I noticed that my heart didn't pound at the sight of him like it used to. Sane or not.

Snarling, he leapt at me.