Family Reunion: Ianto had a sister who was taken by the rift. What happens when Imogene comes bouncing back into his life with some new abilities? Later Jack/Ianto and mild Gwen-Bashing

The sun was shining overhead on the August afternoon. The bay was filled with people enjoying the warmth of midsummer and the beautiful day. Through the people wandering around, two teenagers darted through them running full belt to the pier, throwing down a bag and leaping into the cold salty water. The boy pulled himself out of the water and placed the bag against the stone wall which ran alongside one half of the pier and climbed up onto the top of it.

"Hey Gen, beat this!" the boy shouted as he jumped off, bet his knees and did a cannonball into the water.

"You're on Yan!" his sister said as she did the same.

For the rest of the afternoon the teenagers swam, jumped and played in the water. As the air began to cool with the approach of the evening they climbed out of the water and dried themselves off before pulling on their t-shirts and shorts and shoes. As they walked back a man dressed in a blue trench coat passed them.

"Nice coat mister!" Yan called and his sister giggled.

"Ianto Jones, do not be so rude," Gen scolded.

"Rude? I am never ever rude Imogene." Ianto replied putting a hand over his chest as if she had wounded him.

"Whatever," Imogene said as she rummaged in the bag and coming up with a crumpled five pound note. "Come on, the curry chip's on me."

As they exited the chip shop sharing a hot portion of curry chips, the brother and sister looked at each other and went to the play park that was near their housing estate. Imogene sat down on the swing and Ianto sat on the top of the climbing frame.

"What's the betting they're still at it?" Imogene asked.

"Well they started at three and it's only nine now so a few more hours is my bet. I'm sick of them fighting all the time." Ianto replied pulling his watch from the pocket of his shorts.

"I hate them, why can't they just get a divorce?" Imogene mused.

"Maybe because divorces cost money that we don't have," Ianto snapped and sighed. "I swear Gen, as soon as I'm eighteen I am out of here." Ianto vowed.

"Me too, we're almost fifteen and that means we can work. If we get jobs, save up the money and work our asses off in school maybe, just maybe, we could get out of here. I want to be a teacher, what do you want to do?" Imogene asked.

"I'm not sure; I might be a teacher or possibly go for some sort of government job. I fancy the idea of being the Prime Minister or something like that." Ianto replied.

"Hey it could happen, the world is our oyster," Imogene replied as she used her toes to spin in a circle on the swing and spinning around as the chains unravelled themselves.

"Exactly, give us ten years and who knows what we'll be doing. We'll be in our twenties, we'd be working full time and hey, we could even have gotten married. That's a scary thought." Ianto mused.

"What sort of woman would marry you?" Imogene teased.

"What sort of man would marry you?" Ianto retorted.

Imogene stuck her tongue out and jumped off the swing, running across the park yelling that Ianto couldn't catch her. Ianto jumped off the top of the climbing frame and began running after her. The darkness was falling faster now and it was difficult to find the way through the park. Imogene dodged through the trees and came to a small clearing where she stopped to catch her breath.

Then it happened.

The wind began to howl around her and the earth seemed to be shaking as a golden-white light appeared from nowhere and began to pull her in. Imogene screamed but it was too late. By the time Ianto reached the clearing she had gone. Ianto ran around the park for at least an hour before hurrying home to get his arguing parents to ring the police. However he knew it was hopeless. Imogene had gone. She was gone forever.

Ten years had passed since that August night and Ianto had managed to get away from the life he had lived. Now nearing his twenty-fifth birthday Ianto was working for Torchwood. It was half ten but Ianto wasn't at work. Jack had allowed him the day off when Ianto said he needed it for 'family reasons'. Ten years had passed since the day his twin sister, his other half had disappeared. It was only when Ianto joined Torchwood that he realised that it must've been the rift which took Imogene away. There still was the possibility that someday she could return but Ianto wasn't getting his hopes up. If by some miracle Imogene returned, then there was a high possibility that she'd have been damaged by the rift like those poor souls on Flat Holm. Ianto was jolted out of his memories by his mobile ringing.


"Ianto I need you at the hub, its urgent!" Jack's voice said down the phone and he hung up. Ianto pulled on a hooded jumper and a pair of trainers before driving down to the Hub. He didn't expect to see what he seen on the table of the med bay…