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"Aunt Gen Daddy says you have to wake up!"

Imogene opened an eye, moaned and tried to bury herself under her duvet again. Refusing to give up, the four year old jumped onto her bed calling for his aunt to wake up.

"Taddy says if you don't get up you'll miss the train." Alex said happily, already dressed and his brown hair spiked up.

Imogene got out of bed and grabbed her nephew around his waist. "Are you not going to miss me?" she asked.

"No." Alex replied cheekily and bounced out of the room. Imogene staggered to the bathroom to get washed and dressed. Jack and Ianto were in the kitchen getting breakfast ready and Listelle was looking at Imogene and hurried to her aunt swinging from her hand.

"Do my hair Gen, please?" Listelle asked.

"Let me get fed first." Imogene smiled and grabbed the piece of toast Jack was about to take a bite of before taking Listelle into the hall and tying her hair into pigtails. When they returned to the kitchen the twins got fed and Ianto and Jack smiled at her.

"Today's the big day." Ianto said.

"We're finally getting rid of you!" Jack added.

"Oh please by Monday you'll be begging me to come home because Alex won't get dressed for school and Listelle won't let any of you touch her hair. Besides it was my idea to go remember?" Imogene said.

"Right come on the trains going at eleven, we need to get going." Ianto said and he and Jack put Imogene's bags into the boot of the SUV. As they did so, Imogene looked at her niece and nephew.

"Ok you two; behave yourselves when I'm gone. I'll be back for Halloween Ok? And if you need to talk you know my number is on the fridge door. And remember what I told you. If a kid says something about you having two dads then tell them to shut their stupid mouths. Alex don't mention aliens or Torchwood to anyone at school and Listelle stop telling the girls in your class that the faeries are going to take them away. If I hear you've been doing any of that stuff I'll tell Uncle Owen to set Janet after you." Imogene said to the twins and they all hugged each other.

"Are you coming or not?" Jack asked sticking his head back through the front door.

"Yeah," Imogene replied and took Listelle and Alex by the hand and led them to the car. When they arrived at the station the train going to London was getting ready to depart so Imogene hugged her family, grabbed her bags and got onto the train and waved goodbye at them as the train pulled away from the station.

Imogene sat down and put on her iPod and lost herself in her thoughts. A lot had changed over the past four years. GCSE year came and went along with A Levels. Tosh and Owen had gotten married as had Martha and Mickey. Gwen had fallen pregnant six months after the twins had been born and decided it was better to leave Torchwood because she wanted to ensure that she seen her daughter grow up. There was a current betting pool in the hub on whether Tosh or Martha would get pregnant next. Now Imogene was on her way to London to do a university degree in computer science stating she needed a few years to be just a normal young woman (as normal as she could get with telepathy, telekinesis and a prosthetic arm) before returning to Torchwood again. A new start, a new life and a new city. She couldn't wait to get there.