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Chapter 1

Alice's POV

Anytime now she should be arriving! I can't believe that this day has finally arrived. I decided I could now let the rest of them know the next part of the vision that I had all those years ago.

"Listen and keep a look out for a truck, a truck that is red as that is what she is going to be arriving in. She won't notice us until lunch but I just really need to see her in the flesh. Oh Edward! She is going to be perfect for you and as well as the rest of us, she will return to us the humanity that we have each lost over the years despite living the way we do"

This will also keep this particular future intact instead of the alternate one that is also a possibility.

I don't know all the details of that one except flashes and snippets. And what they show is me. Alone. I don't know where Jasper or the rest of them are but I am just lying there on my bed, to depressed to even shop.

Seriously! Me not wanting to shop!

Rosalie looks pissed.

I would have thought that with Thirty years to get used to the idea, she would have just let it go but no, she has her mate and so can't understand what its like to not have one…or face the possibility of losing the one you have.

"Alice I never have, and still don't agree with this. Bringing a human into our lives not only puts us at risk from the Volturi, but also at risk from ourselves. How difficult its going to be for us with her scent" Rosalie ranted "I know Carlisle has the strength but for the rest of us, having to be so close to her for long periods of time facing the Bloodlust, especially Jasper. It's not right and you know it…"

"Alice!" Edward interrupted "What was that last thought you just had? What's that about?"


"It's nothing Edward; just an errant though brought on by my fear that certain people…" I glare at Rose. "…may try to change things for their own selfish ends"

"Whatever Alice" Rose snarled back "Will you be ok with this Jasper? How's your thirst?"

Jasper's POV

"I'm fine Rose" Fuck no, she didn't! I am sick of being seen as the weakest link here and being the back-up argument when any of them get into pissing competitions trying to score a point.

I noticed Edward's expression.

"Yeah you can cringe at that Edward, if you don't like what you hear get outta my fuckin' head"

"I hunted early this morning. For me, I could care less about it so long as she keeps the secret and is eventually turned"and maybe once this starts to play out, Alice will not be so focused on it and we can spend some quality time together, something that seems to have been in short supply recently. Damned if I can understand the whirlwind of emotions that she has been giving out lately and she sure as shit ain't talking to me about them no matter how much I ask. Fear and guilt seem to be the two most dominant ones. Emmett now! I could almost drown in those mischievous emotions the big guy is throwing out.

"Give over Rose baby, everyone just needs to chill" Emmett finally decided to add his two cents worth "Jasper dude your going to be fine, and the rest of you should have more faith in the guy. Personally I am looking forward to getting a new little sis' that I can rag on because you guys are not as much fun as a little bitty human. There is also the fact the Eddy boy is going to finally get some…man your cherry is going to go with such a bang after hundred plus years of waiting that the humans will think world war three has started"

Edward's POV

"Please Emmett do you mind?" I refuse to take any more of his garbage "I cannot believe that you say things like that. From Alice's visions Bella is a lady who is quite shy and clumsy and I will not have you making her feel more uncomfortable than she is bound to feel around us, especially at first"

I swear I will be pissed if he starts using my love as his own personal entertainment system. She is too delicate and precious to be subjected to his crass, and too often, boisterous sense of humour. God I can't wait to finally meet her. Her likes and dislikes seem to be akin to mine and her compliant nature means she will look to my lead in all things which is exactly how it should be. Her natural beauty shining through without the aid of makeup or the modern clothing trends that young women feel they need to wear to be attractive to men. I will treasure her and take care of her every need. She will want for nothing and when the time comes and we are married, I will worship her glorious body every day; making love slowly and beautifully, each of us being the first for the other, learning together the pleasure of our bodies.

"Hey Edward your kinda giving off emotions there that are not helping me here" Jasper laughed "I mean please! It's bad enough trying to block out these children's lustful vibes without you too adding to it. Plus I think standing there sporting a tent in your pants might give Jessica Stanley a false hope judging by the way she is drooling at you" he finally finished with a snort.

"Whoa there Eddy, I didn't actually realise that your dick was in working order" guffawed Emmett "Man, I can't wait to see what happens when she is with you if this happens at just the thought of her. She must be one hell of a hot lil' bit…fuck Rose, what did you do that for?"

"You start thinking of anyone but I, as hot and I'll do more than slap you upside the head. Your balls will be bluer than a smurfs before you get any loving"

"Aw Rosie" Emmett said in his best little boy voice "you know your more than enough woman for me. I don't need anyone else baby just you and no-one can compare to you with hotness…Listen! Here she comes. Jesus, what the hell is she riding in? It's louder than a 747 taking off…good tune playing though"

Alice POV

Huh! I didn't see any music being played when she arrives, wait…she is not supposed to have a system in her truck, as Em, Rose and Jazz buy her one for her birthday! What is happening here? This is not what I saw.

"Isn't that The Pussycat Dolls 'Buttons' playing?From what Alice and Edward have said I wouldn't have thought she'd play such risqué music" snorted Rose.

"Yeah well, I hope she hurries and gets out because I want to see her" Emmett practically squealed "She's parked her truck back to us so, come on Bella give us a look…Ohh! Here her co…"

Emmett POV

Holy shit on a stick. I am gonna have to spend the rest of my eternal life chasing away the little pricks who are gonna be sniffing around lil' bit like pups on a teat.

Rosalie POV

Hum! Girls got game. No competition to me of course but pussy boy Ed is gonna be pissing his pants trying to handle that. Might be fun to have her around after all…sheesh, Edward is drooling like the little boy he is.

Alice POV

Who is that? That is not the Bella I saw. What the hell is happening? How is this so totally different to my vision? Damn she has style…NO! I'm supposed to give her style.

Edward POV

Who? What? I...I, that's not what Alice saw. Oh my God she's hot…Where's my Bella, my lady? Jesus look at those legs…NO! Don't think of them in case of…shit, that's uncomfortable; I need to adjust myself without anyone noticing.

Jasper POV

Where did the ground go as I feel like I'm floating on air and the only thing that is grounding me is her. Mine…my mouth on her neck…my mark on her…covered in my scent…her eyes are looking at us, scanning over me and the rest of us…MINE! My girl, my baby is girl is speaking to me, to us

Bella's POV

"What the fuck are you all looking at?"


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