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Chapter 12

Bella's POV

What the fuck does one wear to a baseball game with vamps? I stood in front of my ample wardrobe totally clueless.

Incoming, you have incoming.

Alice to Bella:

The blue tee with long sleeves and blue jeans would be perfect. The colour really suits you.

Shit! I know Alice's visions work sporadically were I'm concerned and I know why. I reached across and put on my leather wristband that had 'don't fuck with me' silver studs on the outside and some very special hair enclosed within.

"Can you see me now huh? Can you see me now?" I clicked my fingers; I'm soooo bad-ass!

"Bells? You say something?" asked Charlie from the stair landing.

Whoops. "No, just singing"

"Err, ok then. I'm off fishing with Harry. You got plans today?"

Do I indeed! "Yeah, I'm playing baseball with the Cullen's"

"Baseball? You? Well that's…good. Yeah good. Have fun then…and Bella?"


"Behave yourself please" and I could hear the grimace in his voice.

"Like a nun at an orgy" I snickered quietly.

"Sorry Bells? I didn't catch that"

"I said no problem, love you"

"Love you too kiddo, see ya"

Hmm! Re-reading Alice's text I reached in and grabbed my leather trousers – may as well keep a theme around my wrist band – and snagged my bright purple polo neck tee off its hanger. A couple of braids in my hair, a touch of lip gloss and my ever faithful long leather trench and I was good to go. Not exactly the uniform of choice for sport but, kick-ass yet cute was my take on it when I glanced in the mirror…it's a hard look to achieve but I manage it - Mostly.

We had agreed that I would drive to the Cullen's house and then take Emmett's 4 by 4 to the clearing. If Charlie got so much of a whiff that I was driving it, he's yank my licence and probably ground me until I was thirty.

Oh fuck, I couldn't wait to get behind that wheel; I was almost wet with the thought of getting to grips with that bad-ass, boy-toy. Emmett's not gonna know what's hit him. I vaguely wondered if it was possible to make a vampire throw up as I tossed my Meatloaf CD in my bag.


"LIKE A BAT OUTA HELL I'LL BE GONE WHEN THE MORNING COMES…" I screamed along with Meatloaf as I slammed on the brakes and did the bitchin'est drift/slide around three trees "…WHEN THE NIGHT IS OVER…" I slid my eyes over to Emmett in the passenger seat "…LIKE A BAT OUTTA HELL I'LL BE GONE GONE GONE…" Oh yeah, he's looking green "…LIKE A BAT OUTTA HELL…" His eyes had widened so much he looked almost bug-eyed "…"I'LL BE GONE WHEN THE MORNING COMES…"

I idly wondered if vampires could make their eyes pop out of the heads as I bounced happily around my seat, thrown every which way and only slightly restricted by my harness, which Carlisle had insisted I wore. It was worth the trade off though. I harnessed up and Emmett had to keep his mouth shut and he could only interfere if it looked like I was going to injure or kill my-self.

Not going to happen. Emmett might kill me if I injure or kill his truck, but I am in complete control of this mother – fucker!

I was truly sorry when we finally reached the clearing; I may have taken a few wrong turns here and there, accidently of course. That was the most fuck-awesome ride of my life.

The others were already there having run to the clearing. Rosalie had a shit-eating grin on her face as she told Emmett to quit whining like a baby – but she peeled him out of his truck whilst she did it. The bases had been laid and from the looks of it, the game positions assigned.

"Ok Bella. You can help me referee" Esme said whilst taking my arm gently to lead me away to the plate.

"Err, well" I said whilst equally gently removing myself from her "I was thinking I would like to play as well. I have never actually played before and I would like the experience" which was not exactly true, but I was so deep in bullshit by now with the Cullen's, I figured one more little lie was neither here nor there.

"I don't think you would be able to Bells. I think you may have a little trouble keeping your fragile little human ass up with us" Emmett said in a snarky tone.

Guess he's still smarting a little from the ride up here.

"Absolutely not Bella. It would be way too dangerous" Edward stated in a tone that was brooking no argument.

Jerk. "I know that you Muppets. I was thinking with a little help I could participate"

"What did you have in mind Bella" Carlisle asked curiously.

"Well. If some-one was to stand behind me and help me swing, I could take a turn"

"And what about running to the bases?" Asked Rosalie grinning.

Oh yeah, she new where I was going with this. "The same person could carry me around the bases" and I grinned right back at her.

"And who exactly did you have in mind to do this?"

"Well Esme is refereeing. Alice is pitching and Edward is the fastest so that would give me an unfair advantage. Emmett would probably throw me around the bases…"

"Always available to help where I can short-stop" Emmett chimed in considerably more cheerful at that thought.

I ignored him "…Carlisle is the back-stop so that leaves Rosalie or Jasper, If they don't mind" I looked at Rosalie expectantly.

"Hell no, am I carting you around this pitch. Do I look like a fuckin' mule?"

Ah! So predictable

"Rosalie! Language"

"Sorry Esme. But still no!"

"No worries Bella. I'll do it" Said Jasper as I gave him a grateful grin.

"It's too dangerous" interrupted Edward "Carlisle. Tell them"

Carlisle looked unconcerned "It will be fine Edward. If Bella wants to play then she can. Come on then, batter up. Bella, you can bat after Rosalie so you get an idea we play"

Carlisle's smirking. Who'd have thought! It looks good on him.

Alice pitched the ball and Rosalie hit it…I think. All I saw was a blur from both of them and then Rosalie was off. I gave a great gulp which Jasper, of course noticed.

"Scared Bella?" he sniggered

"In your dreams Jazz. Lets do this"

Balls. Big. Right! Shrivelled walnuts about now.

I assumed the position and fought the urge to wiggle my butt as Jasper closed in behind me. Grinding my ass into his groin is a definite 'no no' in front of the family...especially when Alice is about to launch a ball at me faster than the proverbial speeding bullet. His hands part covered mine gently yet gripped the bat tightly.

"Relax darlin', I got you so let me lead" he whispered in my ear

Oh boy! If I relaxed any more there would be nothing left of me except a puddle of my own juices. He new it too.

"Get ready. Wrap your arms and legs around me as tight as you can when we move. I'll give you the ride of your life darlin'" he whispered just as Alice blurred. My arms may have moved and the next thing I know I'm wrapped around him like a spider monkey, not on his back as I assumed I would be, but around his front. I tucked my head into his shoulder and forgot about everything else as I inhaled the scent that is Jasper.

Sandalwood and cigars. I have died on gone to heaven.

I was only vaguely aware of him moving under me and unfortunately it was over to quick. Stupid speedy vampires!

We stopped and he gently let me down. Unfortunately, a combination of the motion and not quite over the effect his scent had had, meant my feet weren't fully in touch with the rest of me and I slipped down his legs in a less than graceful manoeuvre to land on my arse at his feet.

Well that's just fuckin'...undignified.

I tilted my head up and the look on Jaspers face was one of bemusement. He then roared out a laugh which threatened to burst my ear drums. Before I had time to be pissed, I was suddenly hanging upside down being held by my ankles with my leather coat swinging down around me, nose to nose with Emmett.

"You got a home run Bella" he yelled laughing

"Yay me!" Was all I could manage weakly.

"Emmett! Put her down. She's not a bat" Rosalie clapped him around the head, grasped me under my arms and put me in the upright position. Her arm around my waist was the only thing keeping me there! I wished it was Jaspers arm but I'll take what I can when I get it.

"Girls got game" she sniggered as she turned us both to the rest of them.

I registered the smiling faces of Carlisle and Esme who were doing their own fair share of sniggering and Edward who seemed like he couldn't quite decide if he disapproved or found the whole thing hilarious. Alice's was the expression that hit me most clearly even though I think my eyes were still a little crossed. She looked pissed, sad and smug all at the same time...she really should've been an actress as her range of simultaneous emotions was fuckin' phenomenal.

"Next batter up" she called finally settling on a simple smile for me "nice one Bella"

I smiled back and took up position perched on a boulder whilst Esme went off to referee. No way was I fielding; even if the ball came to me it would probably take my hand off and I would spend the rest of eternity getting stumpy jokes by a certain jack-ass. The game continued and I spent most of it missing it due to the sheer pace, but munching on the Oreo cookies I had brought with me helped me get over it.

I reflected on how lucky I had been so far. The Cullen's hadn't really pushed me to reveal where my knowledge of them came from, and, as I had no clue what was happening now or when my 'bro' would actually show up, this was a good thing. He knows I can usually think on my feet but I swear the ass gets off on making me squirm.

He thinks it's good for me to learn from my own mistakes.

I think it's much more entertaining and easier to learn from other peoples mistakes personally.

He thinks I need to be human whilst I can and to have 'experiences' that will help me grow and mature.

I think he just has a low thresh-hold for boredom.


My musings were cut off as Alice shouted. I looked over to her, as did everyone else, from my reclined position on the boulder and suddenly I'm hauled up – again - by Edward and practically thrown to Esme as everyone converged around the home plate.

"What is it Alice?" Carlisle asked glancing between her and Edward.

"I got the time and distance wrong. The perspective was out" she said as Edward snorted in contempt.

"It's the nomads. They're here now and we don't have time to get Bella away to safety" he looked at me sadly "Now what" he turned to Carlisle, as did they all.

"How long Alice?"

"Five minutes. Over there" she pointed to trees at the top of the clearing.

He looked thoughtful but not fearful "It's too late now so we'll wait for them and see what they want. Everybody keep it calm and controlled. There's no reason to think their doing anything else except passing through. Jasper?"

Jasper moved to the front and surveyed us all critically "Loose defensive position, semi-circle around Bella as she is the weakest..." I huffed at that and he fixed me with a glare that made me quake in my shit-kickers "...nothing personal Bella, just a fact...Carlisle centre with me; Emmett and Edward flanking. Rosalie and Alice on either side and slightly back flanking us and Esme at the back with Bella behind her"

I know I should be petrified that some nomads are coming and could quite possibly consider me an entree but damn! Jasper in major mode just flat out does it for me.

He looked at me a little more gently this time "If you could not say or do anything to attract their attention that would greatly help the situation"

I mimed zipping my mouth shut and tossing the key away, then clasped my hands together as if in prayer.

"Ever the smart Alec" Rosalie quipped loudly then whispered to me "like you were ever a fuckin' nun" as they all assumed their positions and waited.

I couldn't decide if it felt like five seconds or five hours but when they all tensed as one and I just had to peak out around Esme's shoulders.

Three figures emerged from the trees: two males and one female and all sporting red eye. I had never seen peepers' like that on some-one other than family and friends and finally a little fear kicked in. I didn't think I was in any kind of particular danger right now as surely, even disregarding the Cullen's, the Jack-ass was around here somewhere, and he never lets me get hurt. Mostly.

The vampires approached the Cullen's and the one that took the slight lead had some of the most bitchin' dreadlocks ever that looked fabulous with his dark complexion; the darkest I had ever seen on a vamp.

"Hello. I am Laurent."

Fancy name and French accent to boot. Nice!

"This is James and Victoria" he indicated to his fellow travellers.

James looked kind of plain with his torn clothes and dishwater blond hair pulled back in a sloppy tail, but the woman, she was something else. Bare-foot with the fur of some dead animal around her shoulders and tangled hair adorned with twigs and leaves, she looked sexy-wild and ready to rumble. If I tried for a look like that I would just come across as sad and bedraggled and fit for the furnace. Bloody Vamps.

"Welcome. I am Carlisle and this is my family" he reeled off our names yet not indicating to any-one in particular.

"I didn't realise that any of us was in the area until we heard your game" Laurent remarked "certainly not a coven of this size"

"Yes well, we keep a permanent residence in this area so your more than welcome to pass through but I would be grateful if you could keep your hunting activities to the other side of the sound" Carlisle said with a smile and a tone that said 'I'm an amiable bloke who can compromise but also leader of this large coven, so don't fuck with me and mine'.

Oh Daddy C is certainly rising up in my estimation. I had originally thought he must have been some sort of pussy-whipped, wet cloth, but now I've met and got to know him…wow-fuckin'-wee! Who's the daddy now!

I realised I had missed quite a bit of the conversation and I zoned back into it just in time to see James sniff the air and Laurent comment "you brought a snack with you?"

The reactions were fascinating. James raised his eyebrows at Laurent who was definitely not looking at me, but was goggle-eyed towards the rock I had been previously perched on. And Victoria? Well she laughed at Carlisle, Edward, Jasper and Emmett who had crouched into a fighting stance, growling. She giggled at Esme and Rosalie as they clamped themselves to me on either side and she down right – well guffawed! is the only way I can describe it – at Alice who appeared to be having a vision; her expression looking as if her world had just crashed down around her cute lil' pixie ears!

"The girl is with us" Jasper snarled at the dark-skinned vampire.

"What!" Laurent focused his attention back to Jasper and took in the tableau around him "No, Oh no. I didn't mean…I'm not talking about the human girl…" he looked at me "…no offence sweetie, you smell divine…" More growls from the Cullen boys "…I was talking about the Oreo cookies! They were my absolute favourite food when I was human" he slowly and carefully moved over to the rock, so as to not appear threatening, and picked the packet up "I adored these so much when I was human my father used to import them from America just for me. I haven't seen or smelt them since becoming a vampire"

Laurent inhaled deeply at the biscuit he pulled from the packet, and frowned. He gave it another whiff and sadly put it back. "Huh! They smell awful now. One of my truly last great memories held over from my human life is gone"

He looked so sad. I wanted to go and comfort him. I know the pain of being denied Oreo's. I could empathise, but I was not getting out of the hold Esme and Rosalie had me in any time soon.

"What. Is. Going. ON!" Alice screamed, stamping her foot. "NO, NO, NO" She turned to me "YOU! What the hell is it with you? Nothing, NOTHING has gone right since you got here. You were supposed to go hide from the big, bad vampires…Edward save you…Prom…attack and leave…rescue and love"

She stalked towards me human slow whilst rambling and Rosalie and Esme finally released me. Huh! Protect me from the mournful, Oreo loving vampire, but free me so the shouting, psychotic family member can have a crack at me!

The others had relaxed out of their defensive modes but now looked shocked and confused at Alice.

"And WHY do I sometimes see your future and others not?"

I gulped. I guess the shit was finally going to hit the fan.

She moved closer "WHAT are you doing that prevents me from SEEING?"

My left hand moved unconsciously over the leather wrist-band on my right and Alice's eyes zeroed to it. She took another step closer. The others still just standing there, shock and confusion at this surreal turn of events holding them in place. Edward's eyes were slowly widening as he was now getting the bigger picture as Alice took no care to shield her thoughts from him.

She came closer still and was now no more than six feet away from me. I wondered in a detached sort of way if the Cullen's, who were so quick to defend my life from unknown, potentially dangerous strangers, where going to stand by as an enraged member of their family finished me off.

Turns out I was not the only one who wondered that.

Just as she took another step, a huge roar sounded from the left side of the field quickly followed by a whoosh and a thud in front of me - and suddenly Alice was upside down in a tree on the right side of the field. Before I could barely register the brown-haired newcomer in front of me, he was spread-eagled on his back pinned with Carlisle, Emmett, Edward and Rosalie on his arms and legs. Jasper had his head by his neck and hair whilst Esme had me back glued to her side.

James and Victoria sat down cross-legged ready to be entertained.

Laurent sat on my rock wistfully caressing my Oreo cookie packet.

I smiled at the pissed-off vamp pinned painfully in the dirt and gave him a little wave.

"Hey Peter"


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