Note, I don't own a damn thing from Hetalia. The Ireland in this is female, and does not have the same relationship with Bermuda. All other British OC's are the same

Katherine/Kathy = Ireland

Alexandria = Portugal

Iberian War of Roses

Chapter 1 : Present


Tuesday, 4:23

Portugal marched through the doorway to her shared apartment, dropping off her heavy backpack next to the door. She shared the four room apartment with her idiot brother Spain, who was luckily at soccer practice today. She sighed looking over to her backpack, which was brimming with random pages of homework she needed to do. She felt like she was going to be buried by her workload, stupid AP economics class. She had to get her mind off it, if only for a hour or so. She went to her own little room and closed the door locking it behind her. She went to her window and shut the shades careful to make sure no one could see into the room.

She went to her desk and opened a small drawer. Inside was a small composition notebook, in Sharpie was the blackened out words of "Biology Notes" and above it was "Diary". She opened the little notebook and out fell a old picture, falling facedown on the floor. She carefully picked it up and looked at it, a small smile across her face. The picture was a couple years old, back when she was in middle school and was creased over several times. It was a picture of her and her best friend, Ireland, under a tree in their old school. She had long wavy red hair, a smile on her face, and an arm around a blushing Portugal.

Portugal smiled, remembering that moment and placing the old picture on her desk and opening to a fresh page in her Diary. She plugged into her i-pod, putting on a old Paramore play list and begun writing a new entry.

Tuesday, November 16

Today was a good day, me and Ireland went off campus for lunch ^_^ We ended up going to a old pub she had found over the weekend. The food was really good. She was wearing a new hair clip that made her hair look beautiful /. We're going to see that new movie this Friday… maybe I can tell her how I feel then…

She put down the pencil for a moment, feeling a bit defeated, she didn't know how many times she had written that line down, each time she tried to tell Ireland how she felt she would always wuss out. A feeling of doubt would borough deep in her heart whenever she considered it.

Portugal went to write more when suddenly someone opened her door, instinctively she shut her diary, unplugging her earphones. Blushing she looked to the door, expecting to see her idiot brother. To her surprise it was Ireland, a pleasant smile on her face. "O-oh h-hi Kathy, wh-what are you doing here?" she asked nervously.

Ireland just walked into the little room, sitting down on Portugal's bed "Oh you know, Arthur's just being an asshole again, decided to crash here for a few hours, you don't mind do you?" she said looking at Portugal

(A/N : Often when Irish revolutionaries plans failed, they would leave Ireland to avoid capture, often to the nearby coasts of Europe, like France, Spain, and Portugal)

Portugal looked at her for a moment then looked down with a sigh "Nah I don't mind, but… how did you get in?" she said truly wondering how she got in.

Ireland giggled a little "Oh, well when I knocked on the door there was no answer so I used that spare key you gave me" she said flashing the key "I figured I'd go wait in your room until you or Spain got home" she said heaving her backpack off her shoulders.

Portugal nodded, it all added up, except "Ok, but how did you get into my room? The key doesn't work on the rooms inside the house"

Ireland chuckled, not actually answering her. She simpley held up her lock picking kit "You weren't answering..."

"So you broke in? but why-"

"because, the locked door meant you were inside, but you weren't answering me. I didn't know if you had tripped and banged your head" she said her voice a little panicked "T-there could have been a gas leak o-or y-you" he stopped herself, blushing for a moment out of embarrassment of her release of emotion. Ireland had always prided herself on her tom boyishness, after years living with her brothers she learned to keep her guard up, physically and emotionally. "Y-You're my best friend Alex, I just wanted to make sure you weren't hurt" she said, looking away, rubbing her arm nervously.

Portugal felt the blood rush to her face W-well at least she cares about me "I-It's ok, I'm fine" there was a few awkward moments of silence before Portugal broke the silence again "You want to watch some Roma?" she said as a suggestion.

"Roma? Isn't that that Anime where they personify all the major cities in Europe into human beings during the Napoleonic Wars?" she said with a raised brow.

"Yea why do you not like it?" she said fearing she had suggested something stupid.

"Naw, it's great! I just wish they would come out with a character for Lisbon already!" she said with a smile kicking off her shoes.

Portugal smiled glad she liked the show too. She booted up her computer while kicking off her shoes as well, "Personally I just wish they would come out with Dublin, it's been rumored for like 4 months now"

Tuesday, 8:52

Ireland and Portugal were sitting comfortably under Alex's blankets, watching as Paris kept bitch slapping everyone in his way. The room was filled with laughter, soon the episode came to an end, both of them nearly in tears. "Oh man, that Paris is hilarious!" Ireland said holding her sides in laughter. She glanced over to the window, the smile suddenly dimmed "Oh geez it's getting late… I better be heading home" she said with sitting up in the bed.

Portugal looked over at her friend "Really? Already?" she said sitting up as well

"Yea, Arthur may be an asshole, but the fact is, is if I don' get back and kick em' in the nads, no one will" she said swinging her legs off the sides of the bed putting her shoes back on "Sides me n Scotland have a score to settle in Gallic Soccer" she looked up realizing something "Say where's Spain, shouldn't he be home by now?" she asked grabbing her backpack and standing up.

Portugal shrugged standing up to walk her out "Eh, he's probably hanging out with his idiot friends again, he'll get here eventually, why you want to know?"

Ireland looked down and away, a tinge of red on her cheeks "Well I was just hoping to see him before I left…"

Portugal let out a small sigh "You still have a crush on my brother don't you?" she said a bit annoyed.

Apparently the tone of voice was lost on Ireland, as she just blushed and shook her head "N-No of coarse not, I know you don't want me to date your brother, I wouldn't betray you like that" she said trying to be convincing, and failing.

Portugal sighed I don't want you dating anyone… regardless she went to her door and opened it for her friend "Yea, yea I know" she said rolling her eyes in a friendly way as if saying 'Sure you don't'

Ireland passed her heading towards the small apartments door "R-really I don't" she said opening the door

"I'll see you tomorrow Kathy" she said with the ever sarcastic smile on her face and a small wave. Ireland closed the door behind her, and Portugal let out a deep sigh. Stupid brother. What could she see in him. Dragging her backpack in with her she dropped it by the bed. She sat next to her window, looking through her window garden to watch Ireland walk off down the street. At one point she looked back and gave a small wave, which Alex promptly waved back. Once Ireland was out of sight Portugal returned to her mopy attitude. Her eyes refocused to the small garden in front of her, 6 little red carnations, her national flower, lying beautifully in the small patch of dirt. A small smile appeared on her down trottened face, the flowers always reminded her of Ireland's beautiful red hair. A thought suddenly came into her head and she smiled .

Wednesday, 7:46

The next morning Scotland came out from his families house to get the paper, Wednesday's was always his turn to get the paper. He reached down to pick up the paper and realized it was slightly damp. Looking up a bit he saw shattered pieces of glass, which he guessed had once been a tall kitchen glass before the paper had nailed it. Lying on the sidewalk, looking helpless was a single red carnation with a small tag on it

For Ireland

Scotland picked up the flower and smiled a wide smile "Oh... this is going to be fun day, OH IREEEEELAND!"

End of Chapter 1

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