The Hanyou Orphan, part 2 conclusion

Three months later "Hey wench maybe it'll be triplets" Inuyasha teased.

"And maybe you will end up dead, I wish I could get you mated and knocked up with quadruplets" Kagome wisecracked.

"Damn wench vicious much?'

"Not enough, you damn men are lucky you make a deposit and we get stuck carrying the pups." Kagome told him.

"Yeah well mother nature knew the right thing to do and did it." he gloated.

"Really oh cocky one."

"Aw come on damn it woman let go." he protested when she latched onto one of his ears. "Damn, what is it with wenches and my ears?"

"They're so cute like puppy ears, you know doggy aphrodisiac."

"Wenches your all completely nuts." he replied. "Sniff, sniff uh oh you're ready."


"Yup lets go." Inuyasha replied picked her up and carried her bridal style while running to the castle.

"Does this mean you love me, we could run away together, let's go now we can get away" Kagome teased.

"Kagome you are one sick female, you know that?" he replied with a smirk, he entered the castle "Tell Sesshoumaru to come to his room fast"

"You got it" Koto said

Inuyasha pulled back the bed covers and gently laid her on the bed, in a split second Sesshoumaru was beside his mate and thanked his brother Inuyasha grinned he could not wait to see the pups. Kagome's labor began Sesshoumaru held her hand the whole time while the healer assisted her. It surprised everyone when after only a few seconds the first pup came a boy who looked exactly like Sesshoumaru. Next the girl pup an exact duplicate of Kagome. Both pups had Sesshoumaru's ears, hair, golden eyes, markings and the rest Sesshoumaru held the girl who immediately took hold of and twirled a lock of her father's hair around her little clawed finger, Inuyasha held his nephew who swiftly went for his uncle's ears

"Just like the wenches aren't ya go right for my ears?" Inuyasha teased

"Yes and she like her mother goes for and plays with my hair" Sesshoumaru said

"I'll trade you, you can take mister ear tweaked, and I will gladly take miss play with the hair"

"Yes but I do not have your cute little puppy ears so he would be sorely disappointed" Sesshoumaru playfully replied

"Rub it in"

"All right boys hand them over" Kagome said

"Yes dear" both brothers answered

"What are you going to name them lord fluff?" Inuyasha started to tease

"Finish calling me that infernal nick name of yours and you shall die before the completion of your next heartbeat" Sesshoumaru said with a devilish smile

"Sakura for the girl" Kagome announced

"And Maru shall be my sons name" Sesshoumaru stated

"Nice" Inuyasha complimented

As the pups grew older Kagome was treated to incidents of hilarity as she watched her son and daughter delight in torturing their poor uncle, Sakura took one ear in hand and Maru the other and led Inuyasha around like a dog on a leash. Yoshimori and Rin also joined the fun Inuyasha found himself on his back being mercilessly tickled while the pups held his arms down, when the pups tickled him it reminded him of Kagome's tickle attacks on him

"Hehehe, Kagome help, they get it from hehehe you" Inuyasha gasped between laughs "Get em off I, I'm going to die?"

"Aw they wuv their uncle so much" she teased

"Come on the little monsters are only five and their the size of eight year olds" he whined

"Well you know inus grow faster than humans" she reminded

"Great when their eight I'll be dead if I last till then"

"Little brother your such a child" Sesshoumaru razzed

"Oh really, here then you take them" Inuyasha said while standing up and setting the pups on their fathers lap "Damn" Inuyasha exclaimed when he saw that instead of torturing their father they drifted off to sleep in his arms "Well isn't this freaking peachy, I get tortured and he gets two sleeping angelic looking little devils"

"Oh no it can't be" Inuyasha exclaimed when he found out his mate Ruka a beautiful a black fox youkai was carrying twins "Crap my life is over"

"Little brother why do you whine like a spoiled child? Sesshoumaru inquired

"You, you cursed me" Inuyasha replied

"Interesting I do not recall using dark magic on you"

"You didn't have to you cursed me" Inuyasha said

"Only out of curiosity will ask, how so?

"Twins Ruka is having twins, like you a boy and girl. Oh gods I will never know an end to the torture" Inuyasha whined

"And how is it that I am supposed to have cursed you? Sesshoumaru asked

"You had twins and jinxed me now I'm having them, oh kill me now"

"No dear brother you were a naughty boy and this is mother nature's reward to you" Sesshoumaru teased

"I hate you"

"Thank you dear brother" Sesshoumaru replied driving him nuts

Ruka had the pups beautiful inu kitsunes the boy who was named Mattaki was a duplicate of his father, and the girl named Satori was a mix of her mother and father she had her mother's raven hair and her father's golden eyes, they immediately took to Sesshoumaru and his twins. As they great older Inuyasha, and Sesshoumaru's pups were inseparable, Inuyasha's daughter was calm stoic like Sesshoumaru and his daughter took after him a holy fun loving terror and yup you guessed it Inuyasha was her favorite target. Kenshin, Toshi, and Koto teased him endlessly life was good and they were all now settled and happy.

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