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Quote: Keith: For you, on this momentous occasion. [hands her an envelope]

Veronica: [smells and shakes envelope] A pony?

—Veronica Mars

"Oh…" Harry groaned, rolling over and rubbing his eyes. He pocketed his wand and slid on his glasses. "breakfast, I gotta find breakfast." He muttered, then shook his head. " I'm talking to myself. That's not weird at all." He said, and set off to the woods. The sun was only just rising when Harry reached the pond, so it was still mostly dark. Harry muttered a quick levitation spell, and a fish rose out of the water, wriggling helplessly. A memory suddenly pushed itself into the forefront of his mind, and he dropped is hand.

"it's leviosa not leviosa!"Hermione said in mild exasperation

"If you know so much, why don't you do it then?"Ron replied, obviously thinking she couldn't. "Fine. I will" she replied, and the white feather hoisted itself into the air.

"very good miss Granger." Flitwick said.

Harry sighed, watching the fish swim away, and sat down at the edge of the pond. Staring at his reflection in the water, he saw a single tear trace its way down his cheek.

Suddenly, a quiet growl alerted him that he was not alone. Slowly he turned around.

"AAAHHH" he yelled, staring at the big black dragon. Its poison green eyes widened, and it gave a short little roar, almost in reply. It was restrained by thick ropes laced around it at awkward angles. Harry fumbled, looking for something with which to cut it free. The dragon made a little noise, like a whimper, and Harry turned. It was staring at him. The dragon turned its gaze to harry's feet, and he looked down to see is wand.

"Merlin's beard, I'm a wizard for god's sake!" he cried resisting the need to slap himself on the forehead. In seconds, the restraints were gone. Slowly, it crept closer, then whipped around and flew off, disappearing instantly. Dazed, Harry turned back to the pond and caught another fish.

"I can't believe I just did that!" he muttered to himself, sitting to eat breakfast, even though he wasn't actually that hungry anymore.

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