United States of Hetalia Production

I saw an Austria motivational poster on Deviantart. Many of the comments were revealing the nationalities of the composers who made the songs Austria usually plays. Then I came up with this evil evil idea to torture 'mein kleiner aristokrat'. XD I own nothing but whatever crack comes out of my head.





Austria and Germany were fighting about the nationalities of their favorite composers once again. Then Germany had the brilliant idea that made him feel stupid for not thinking of it sooner.

"There's only one way to solve this." Germany stated in a dead-serious tone.

"Wiki it?"

"Wiki it."

Germany quickly got on Wikipedia and searched for Beethoven. It said what many have been trying to tell Austria for ages... Beethoven was German.

"... This is why I never liked the Internet." the Austrian said blankly.

"You do know you can't express your happiness with Beethoven anymore, right?"

Austria stared at Germany's face with a look that said 'Please tell me you're lying.'

"Then, Germany. I have one request." Austria was shaking a bit.

"What is it?"

"Please, look up Chopin."


"Just do it." Germany obeyed because he could see the scary red aura coming from Austria. (You know? From that one time France took Moe pictures of him and then Austria beat the crap out of him?)

"Chopin was Polish."

"... Chopin was what?"

"From Poland."

"You mean that obnoxious country I helped Prussia and Russia partition?"

"Ja. You can't express your anger with Chopin anymore, either."

Then Poland (with a bandage around his head) magically appeared in the window. "Like, you called?"

Austria stared at the source of his favorite composer for a moment. Then he stood up, walked to his room, and shut the door.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" A 'big no' like an atomic explosion sounded throughout Austria's house. Even Japan and America heard it from their houses.

"Like, look at the bright side, Austria. You get to keep Mozart and Haydn."

"But Bach and Beethoven are still mine."

My only reason for writing this drabble, I found out Chopin was Polish. The song Austria always plays is Polish. XD

Poland: Like, review.