As said in the description this story contains shounen ai. Actually it's just a kiss, but some people might not like it, so I put up a warning just in case.

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"One more time!" Natsuno said frustrated that he lost the game again. I glanced sideways at his face, it was a side of Natsuno that I didn't get to see often, but I liked it. His childish attitude was adorable.

"Just give it up already Natsuno," I had to do my best not to laugh at his determination. We were both sitting on my bed and had been playing this game for hours. I let Natsuno win a few times on purpose, but he noticed and got mad at me for not playing serious.

After a few minutes the victory theme for me played again. "Let's go to sleep already," I said yawning.

"No, one more time!" Natsuno tore his eyes from the screen, looking at me. "Please? It'll be the last."

I wondered who could deny a face like that. He looked so cute with his pleading eyes, that I almost became red in the face. "Fine, but I need to go to the toilet first," I said getting up from bed.

"Okay." Before I left the room I saw Natsuno picking up the magazine that he had abandoned by tossing it aside on the bed earlier this evening.

On my way back to the room, my mother opened her bedroom door, as I silently tried walking past it. The lights had been off, so I assumed my parents were asleep, but it seemed that mom heard me flush the toilet. "Tohru! Didn't you guys go to sleep yet? It's already 2 o'clock!" She was angry, but spoke with a soft voice so that she didn't wake up Aoi or Tamotsu.

"Yeah, we were just going to sleep."

"Really! It's not healthy to stay up playing games this late at night." She was going to start her usual rant about gaming being bad for me. "I should ask dad to install some kind of lock on that thing! So that it would automatically should down at 8 pm!"

She had used that threat many times before, but never put it into action. And even if she would, I knew that dad couldn't make or install such a thing, dad isn't very technical.

"But mom, Natsuno is staying over and we were just talking about school and such. We didn't play any games after 10 pm." I hoped she would fall for that obvious lie.

"Okay, so if I went into your room now and touched that machine, it wouldn't be warm from being used all evening?"

"The console? No, it wouldn't! But, if you don't mind I'm going to bed now." I faked a yawn, before she could notice my lies and would actually check the console.

"We will talk about this tomorrow! Goodnight." She turned around and went back into the room, shutting the door before I could protest.

"Okay, goodnight," I murmured even though I knew she couldn't even hear me anymore.

I saw a thread of light under the door from Aoi's room, she was still awake too. I hesitated about knocking on her door. She loved it to get invited in my room when Natsuno was sleeping over. We often stayed up late, talking about all sorts of things, reading old magazines commenting on it or playing silly card games, making mistakes with cards as we got too tired to think straight. I think Aoi secretly had a crush on Natsuno or something like that, as the things we did weren't that interesting, but she loved spending time with us. But tonight I couldn't ask Aoi to come to my room. I knew mom was still awake, listening and waiting for me to go to bed.

I entered my room, closing the door a bit harder than usual to indicate to mom that I had entered my own room. Natsuno had fallen asleep on my bed, the magazine laying open beside him. I figured he must have been tired as he forgot about the game. I glanced at the television before turning it off, the game kept repeating the demo, because no one was playing it. I turned my attention to the bed again, picking up the magazine and stuffing it under my bed with the others. I sat down on the ground beside the bed, watching Natsuno sleep. He looked peaceful as he slept. I noticed his curled up position, it left enough space for me to sleep on the other side of the mattress. As I was considering the option of sleeping beside him I found myself unconsciously staring at his lips, wondering if they felt as soft as they looked. I blushed as I realized the strange thing I was thinking of. It must have been the drowsiness! I didn't love Natsuno that way! Still, I couldn't resist the urge to kiss him. My body was moving on its own, leaning in slowly. Softly I pressed my lips on his and it felt wonderful, his lips were soft and warm.

Natsuno moved beneath me and I was afraid I had woken him. But, Natsuno only rolled over in his sleep. I let out a sigh of relief, I hadn't even thought about how I could explain, if he had woken up. What should I have said? Sorry Natsuno, I just wanted to try kissing you? I was chuckling inside, just imagining his reaction. I turned around, sitting with my back against the bed. I must have been staring up at the ceiling for at least a few minutes. I felt really happy and was probably grinning like an idiot. I realized that lack of sleep got me acting like a drunk. I had to get up and pick up the futon from Aoi's room, as I couldn't possibly sleep in the same bed with Natsuno! I didn't have the energy to get up and walk to Aoi, but I didn't feel like sleeping on the floor either. I looked at the space beside Natsuno again. One night couldn't hurt, right? I climbed in bed beside Natsuno, falling asleep before I knew it.

I woke up and saw Natsuno's eyes staring into mine. His face was really close and I immediately remembered our kiss last night. Even though it was one-sided, it still counted as a kiss, right?

"Morning, Natsuno!" I smiled at him, hoping I was not too obviously trying to act normal.

"Ah.. morning. Can you let go?" Natsuno was saying it matter of factly.

I was holding Natsuno's arm, making it impossible for him to get up. "Sorry!" I blushed letting go of him immediately.

"It's fine, I didn't really mind." He said sitting up, rubbing his eyes. "This is your bed anyway, I fell asleep here on my own accord."

Before I could answer, Aoi threw my bedroom door open. She was really cheerful, which was unusual. "Good morning~! Tohru, Natsuno!"

"Morning. What's with you? Normally you are really moody in the morning." I remarked, getting up and sitting up at the edge of the bed. I didn't like that smile on her face, it was very ominous.

"Last night, you forgot to ask for the futon. So, I got here to see if you guys were still awake." Aoi flipped open her mobile phone as she approached the bed. I didn't like where this was going. "You two were looking really cute! I couldn't help taking this!" She showed a picture on her phone of me sort of embracing Natsuno in my sleep.

With a flushed face I tried grabbing the phone from her. "Why did you take a picture!"

"Like I said, I thought it was cute!" Aoi was dancing around the room, avoiding me as I chased her.

"Delete it!"

"No way~!" Aoi was having fun keeping the mobile out of my reach.

"Natsuno… why aren't you doing anything?" I whined at him. I knew he was faster than me and could get his hands on that mobile phone if he tried, but he was just watching me and Aoi fighting about the phone.

"It's just a picture," Natsuno said getting out of bed and walking right past Aoi out of the room. I stared after him, he really didn't mind the picture?

Aoi sat down on my bed. "Natsuno's right you know. I won't do anything with this." Aoi was searching through her phone again. "But, I think I can use this one!" Aoi had an evil smile on her face as she showed me another picture. This time she had taken one of me kissing Natsuno. Even though it was taken from a distance, you could clearly see us kissing! I felt my face become bright red with shame and anger.

"Just how long have you been spying on me!" Once more I was trying to get a hold of the mobile phone, I wanted to delete this picture before Natsuno came back. I didn't want to risk him seeing it.

"Just calm down, Tohru! I won't show Natsuno this one!" Aoi paused a few seconds. "For now at least."

"All right! I get it! What do you want?" I sighed as I gave up on trying to get the phone.

"Finish my math summer homework and I'll delete this."

I gave her an annoyed look as she was clearly blackmailing me with the pictures.

"Also, if you manage to copy my handwriting, I might send you this picture." She showed me a picture of Natsuno, sleeping in a really cute position. "You want it, right?"

"Just how many pictures did you take?" I asked a bit sarcastic, but I only got a secretive smile as an answer. "Alright! You win. I'll make that stupid summer homework. Just give me that book later today."

"Yes~! You're the best!" Aoi quickly kissed me on the cheek before running out of the room. She almost knocked Natsuno over as he was about to enter the room. "Sorry, Nacchan!"

"What was that all about?" Natsuno asked as he stared after Aoi.

"She just managed to defeat me," I said, throwing myself on the bed.

"I see." Natsuno sat down beside me, grinning. "I should ask her how she did it."

I laughed. "You shouldn't, she used an illegal method."

"Oh, that's too bad. I guess I'll have to defeat you on my own."

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