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Tina Granger

capitulo 01

_ Hey! Hizashi!

The man turned back after hearing his name. Although he hadn't moved a muscle in his face, he felt good by seen the blond young man that called him. Minato Namikaze was his friend since childhood and knew how to read his facial expressions very well.

_Hokage-sama! – Hizashi greeted him, bowing his head. Minato sighed.

_ I think I have already told you that when you are with your friend Minato, you can forget this "Hokage-sama" story – he knew that even if they were the last survivors of an atomic bomb, Hizashi would still calling him Hokage-sama. Just like his twin Hiashi, that was the clan's lieder. In that aspect they were very alike. But Hiashi was much worst.

Hiashi was formal, very aware of the conventions and rules. He remembered when they when they studied in the academy. A lot of times, Minato asked himself if Hiash had swallowed a broomstick when he was a child for maintaining the back straight as ever.

_ Of course, Hokage-sama.

The blond felt like giving him a punch to see if he would stop, but he knew, for self experience that it wouldn't happen. Minato smiled, imagining the Hyuuga twins being driven by his master Jiraya. The perverted would receive so much sermons that his hair would get white!

He laughed, remembering Jiraya's hair was already white. Hizashi looked at him slightly curious.

_Shopping? – Minato tried to swallow the laughter when he noticed Hizashi carried a bag. When Minato tried to see what was inside Hizashi flushed putting the bag in his back.

_ Any reason to call me?

_ Are you in a hurry?

_ In a certain way – Megume would pluck the liver of Hizashi if he got late.

_ Is it that bad? – Asked Minato, knowing the friend's wife special state.

_ Honestly? – Hizashi sighed – Send me to a war in the snow country! This are being the worst months in my life!

Minato thought a little.

_ Well if you really wanted I could…

_ Seeing my son growing in Megume's belly outweighs all the rest.

_ So… No wars?

_ Not for me.

The man smiled, and without even knowing, Minato started to walk with Hizashi to the clan.

_ How are the preparations for your brother's wedding? His bride didn't run yet?

Hizashi laughed. Tomoe was passionate by Hiashi since…ever. She growled following his brother, watching him, hearing his words like if they were the most important things anyone could ever say. And even the marriage between them had being a combination in the principal family, Hizashi knew that the bride would be the happiest of the woman. She managed to make his brothers heart to see her. And reluctantly Hiashi confessed he had hasty the marriage to stay closer to his wife.

_ Excellent. And I doubt that my brother want to any day get rid of her.

Minato laughed, it was REALLY hard to imagine HYUUGA HIASHI in love. But not so hard as the task je proposed himself to do.

_ How is Kushina?

_ Getting me crazy – the word got out faster and sincerest than he planned to.

_I see – Hizashi sanded a fun look at his ex-teammate – Have you ever thought about payback?

_ And finish without my… - he self interrupted when he saw a certain girl coming in his direction. Kushina, and she was… in one word, furious. Although she'd be much more attractive, he was sorry for the poor that aroused the fury of the redhead.

It wasn't so hard because in each hand of her was a ear. And in each ear… Minato moaned advanced… Obito and Kakashi tried to get away.

Kushina's honey eyes, when saw Minato sparkled.

Konoha's golden flash thought seriously about running away from there. But that would imply leaving Kushina loose in the city. Dressed like that. A Kimono exposing much of the… Endowments of shapely thighs, soft breasts and... Was approaching him with decision.