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Tina Granger

Kushina walked quickly, without paying attention to anything. His mind was boiling, due to the mad scheme that was bursting in your mind. She had no doubt he would be able to save Tomoe. She could not help save her friend because ...

He breathed deeply, staring at the starry sky. Damn Ero-senin! If she survived that night, the pervert would kill without blinking! Snorted, thinking that pervert exhibitionist, was weighed with the observer.

He held the ponytail, smiled for a moment, remembering the expression of ero-hokage ... A sly smile on his lips flowed the redhead, but then frowned. If ero-sennin had not blackmailed, she would have been obliged to dress up as if to seduce someone ... Although before you kill that son of a mother, she would end the first race of those brats to have a big mouth you have!

And to think that Tomoe and she had long prevented the boy beat Hiashi Uchiha ... well, will help Tomoe's fiance she had had, but after listening to the boy stand on the dark FUCAS proud that he was a bun ... she had not resisted help you.

Began to walk, passing the steps of the plan to take Tomoe within the clan. She would get called or not ...

Suddenly a hand was placed in his left arm. Without thinking, Kushina hit her. The night had a moon that would allow to see who it was. The redhead, began to try to hit the creature, but was extremely agile. Every move that she tried to give the person who was leaning against it drew the body part.

- Mad! - She finally cursed before, that the person to hold the waist with one arm and with the free hand he covered his mouth.

Kushina had no doubts. He bit with maximum strength he could, tearing a scream of pain from the lips of Minato.

- Kami! Do you by chance have some kinship with the Inuzuka?

- No. But if you get closer, Konoha will need more than a hokage!

Kushina's eyes became accustomed to the figure of minato. Now he was no longer just a scary blur that made her act like a terrified gennin. She could see, or rather, intuit, the blond massaging the hand.

- I think you would not go that far. This intending to kill why?

- Why? Well .. I do not like perverts watching me in the bath. I do not like perverts blackmailing me. And also do not like idiots who take advantage of weakness for women ...

- Weakness female? - Minato Kushina had seen in action. She was a hothead. He had an excellent taijutsu. Already ruined some plans with impulsivity. All his speeches were full of conviction. Fragility and Kushina were two words that could never be said in the same sentence.

- Humf! - Kushina snorted and turned away. He had not realized how long were the flaming hair, to get them full in the face. Clean, smelling a flower that he could not remember the name.

- You are going to the Hyuuga?

- Since Tomoe still lives there, I think so. - She replied wryly. Minato breath, asking for patience.

- What exactly are you thinking of doing?

- Remove Tomoe there.

- Why?

- For a smart guy, you're acting worse than the stupidity of your student! Reasons a little bit ... Tomoe marry up with the goat perverted Jiraiya if her parents told.

That statement, Minato had nothing to say. Although he was in love with Hiashi, if the parents of Tomoe told her to marry any one she would marry.

- And? - He left that it had concluded its thinking.

- This morning, after we save that ero-bantam the hands of the groom Tomoe, I took him to hospital ... And a pervert exhibitionist accused me of beating that depraved growing.

Minato felt his cheeks get the hair color of Kushina.

- Daria you to forgive me for that? I tried to find during the day, after I explained the situation, Kakashi.

Minato's eyes did not see the smirk of the redhead, but found the give of her shoulder.

- Whatever. - She turned back and went again to walk, when the Hokage continued.

- And one more thing. DO NOT CALL ME FOR MORE Exhibitionism pervert!

- A guy who takes a shower and came into the world in a river where unsuspecting innocent girls can spend ... would be called?

Minato could not see her face, but knew she should be controlling his laughter.

- And girls who disappear with the clothes of an innocent man should be called as?

- Huh ... After walking with the goat perv, is beginning to look like him. - Kushina began to walk. That or they would start an endless debate, where she knew that her arguments would end up being a kick in the ... Minato Junior? Although he was not there great things ...

- Daria to come back here and finish explaining your reasoning?

- After that I'm stupid! - She spoke aloud, and walked on. Minato gritted teeth. Discuss that subject, he did just that angry. He knew she would not go back, they'd be hitting the same key ... How could anyone be so ... so ... He did not even know how to set!

He passed a hand through the neck, exasperated. If we ever create a strategy of giving the enemy something drive you crazy, your first option would be to give parents the old redhead swirl, wrapped in pink with red hearts. And without the right to return!