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Chapter One: Perverted Monkies :P

Max's POV

"Hey sexy," a familiar voice says from behind. I turn around to see my boyfriend Sam, the captain of the football team and the hottest and dumbest guy our lovely school has to offer. "I missed seeing that hot bodies of yours yesterday, were you sick?" Sam asks, but honestly he doesn't care. I know, not only because the only four things he cares about are 1: Himself 2: Sex 3: Football and 4: How to pleasure himself, but because I can read his thought, which are very vulgar at the moment saying something along the lines of '…damn she's so hot, but such I bitch. I wish this Ice Princess would warm up and let me fu…..' See what I'm saying?

You're probably wondering why anyone would date someone like that. The answer is: I have no idea. I think it probably has something to do with the fact that he's rich and buys me whatever the fuck I want him to and also when he's not being a horn dog, which is like 1% of the time, he's actually sweet.

"Yeah I felt really bad and had a horrible tummy ache,' I say rubbing my tummy for emphasis, 'I missed you yesterday too. The only thing I could think about all day was you." Um yeah right, the only thing I didn't want to think about was definitely not you. Also notice how I didn't say anything like miss your body or you're so hot or anything. That's not really important to me, in fact all that talking kind of gross.

"I'm sorry sexy,' umm that's not my name 'You know what'd make you feel better?" He asks me pulling me closer so he's hugging me now.

"What?" I ask even though I already now.

"Well…." He says them kisses me. Cute kisses don't exist in Sam's book so it's more like he's trying to see how much of his tongue can fit into my mouth. Within five seconds he's got one hand on my butt and another trying to get up my shirt. Up my shirt? I can't let that happen, I can't let him find out. I push on his chest a little telling him "stop." Only instead of getting the picture he pushes me against the wall and starts kissing me more. I let of a whimper of pain, they are pushing against my back and it really hurts. I push him again, but this time as hard as I can, which, even though I'm a girl, is saying a lot because I've always been really strong. But he doesn't even budge an inch. Okay I'm seriously scared now.

"SAM STOP IT IM SERIOUS!" I yell at him banging my hands on his chest. He pushes me on the ground, and with a few movements, has taken off my shirt, pinned both of my arms above my head, with one and put the other on my mouth. Oh my God he's going to rape me. He's going to find out my secret and he's going to rape me.

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