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Max's POV

Okay, so I got home from the hospital, courtesy of Iggy's mom, about an hour ago and have since showered , dried my hair, texted my friends about what happened, and almost fallen asleep about 4 times; no sign of my parents yet either. I stopped caring when they got home in about 5th grade, because I realized that it was actually easier without them home.

Mom is out shopping, spending more money than my English teacher makes a year, and dad is either working, he's a raging workaholic, or he's out with one of his many girlfriends. I don't think I can even recall how many times I've told mom about the affairs and urged her to divorce him. And I don't think I can recall how many times she's replied me with "Sweetheart, what goes on between your father and I is none of your business and also it's too complicated you just wouldn't understand." Yeah I wouldn't understand that the only reason you want to stay with dad, or as I sometimes refer to him the sperm donor, is so you can have money…that's real complicated and I just 'can't understand' right.

My eyes are closing and I'm really close to falling asleep for real this time; I hear the door opening downstairs, but don't care. Now I'm drifting off to sleep, something I surely need right now,

I'm spinning around in a field of lush green grass and my wings and flying behind me. They are especially brilliant today; shining in the sun and reflecting an almost blindingly white color in my eyes. It feels amazing to have my wings loose and free. I stretch my wings out, reaching their full 14 feet, and arch my back. I giggle a little I bet I look a bit like a….

"A cat right now?" a voice, a sexy bass voice, says.

I look away from my wings and see a man standing about ten feet in front of me. My eyes start at the feet, worn looking black high tops, paired dark blue boot cut jeans and a Black Keys shirt underneath a black leather jacket. I save the face for the last, beautiful lips, stubble, perfectly sculpted nose and green eyes, lovely green…dammit. I know this, this is my 'first date' with Jenson Ackles dream. Knew it was too good to be true.

Okay so I know it sounds stupid but I have a list of fantasy guys and every once in a while I'll have fantasy dream with one of them. Anyway this fantasy involves Jenson Ackles asking me out, us going to a cute little restaurant for dinner, well a little somethingsomething if you know what I mean, and in the end we get married. Honestly this is one of my favorite fantasies, I've always had a sensitive spot, or should I say hot spot for him, ever since he played Dean on Supernatural. What can I say? The man's got a hot body and he knows it!

"So I was wondering if you'd wanna go on a date or something, sometime, maybe." He begins to ramble nervously.

"Depends, with you?" I ask flirtatiously as I always do in this dream.

"Um yeah."

"Well…. I guess so."

We 'appear' in the restaurant, Kirby Lane Café, which is the same one I go to in any fantasy. I just love that place. Anyway so we are both in our 'date apparel' and we order our food and eat it.

"So you wanna umm, come over to my place?" he asks shyly, the way I like guys to.

"Well I guess yeah." I say, and yes I'm still in high school, but hey this is just a dream I can do what I want, no judgment here!

"Good well let's go then."

When we get to his place he shows me around, but we end up just sitting in the living room talking.

"So I was wondering, um what do you think about me?" he asks me

"Well for starters you have great taste in music,' I say pointing to his cd shelf, 'and you're a great dresser, unlike 99% of the world today."

"Anything else?"

"Well you're cute too, but don't let that get to your head otherwise I might change my mind. And I think I like you." I say, cheeks reddening a bit at the last part. I start to look down, but he lightly grabs my jaw and pulls my face so that I'm eye level with him.

"Don't be embarrassed. I think you're cute too, actually beautiful and I'm so glad you like me, even if its just a little bit, because I like you too." He says and looks me straight in the eyes and with a hand still on my chin, pulls my face forward and kisses me. It's a beautiful, sweet, cute, hot and passionate kiss all in one. He stops kissing me, but leaves his lips on mine and says "Is that okay?"

Instead of saying anything, I kiss him again, this time harder. After a while he opens his mouth a licks my bottom lip. I shiver and I accept the invitation and open my mouth as well. After a while the kiss deepens and I moan in his mouth. I pull back and I am more than a little out of breath.

"Look I really like you, but…" I say but he interrupts me by kissing me again. This is not what I want, so I shove against his chest, pushing him away from me. "Sto…" I start to yell, but realize that the eyes I'm looking into are no longer the beautiful green that belong to Jenson, but a plain unattractive brown.

"You're so sexy when you yell." Sam says causing my blood to run cold. Hello nightmare.

So how's I do? Yes I realize I'm not very good at the kissing stuff, etc. but I try. If you guys have an advice about how to write it better I would be forever grateful. Ps love your face!