Changing Alliances

E/O Drabble Challenge, word: Flat.

Set: Around 6.07, "Family Matters".

Summary: Of course Sam knew that something was different. He just didn't know why to make a fuss about it. Though he wasn't exactly surprised that Dean had to play the drama queen...

A/N: Musketeer word: bound. And since it's so hard to wrap my brain around the strange new 'relationship' between our brothers I couldn't resist to try Sam's POV (as kind of a sequel to my last drabble). Hope you enjoy...

It was like walking through a minefield waiting for the next detonation.

In the narrow confines of Samuels little army nobody had flat-out questioned his… improved self.

But somehow he had known it wouldn't be that easy with Dean.

So he had avoided him for as long as possible, convincing Bobby that he wanted to spare his brother.

As if he'd care.

Now he was in limbo, neither part of an army nor a family.

Bound to work with this angry and suspicious stranger.

But he needed someone – anyone – at his side. After all there was a battle to win.

A/N: In my mind that's the strongest connection to "old Sam" – his strongest motivation has always been the fight, the next battle to win, against John, against the YED, against Lilith and Lucifer... it's was keeps him going. We may not like it, but we watched it, didn't we?