WOW: Flat - A short homage to one of my favourite episodes; Sam's world is crashing down around him.

Disclaimer: Don't own them, they wouldn't like it much if I did.


The end of Sam's world came to the sound of a high-pitched haunting whine;

To shouting voices, barked orders, the sounds of panic and urgency;

To a flat line snaking across a screen;

To a flurry of activity;

To tiny receptors taped to a muscular, honey gold chest; unmoving, eerily still;

To a strong spine arching violently beneath the doctor's paddles;

To the sound of desperate prayers, Sam's prayers;

Suddenly, a beep;

Then another;

A gentle rise of the chest;

A sob of relief;

The answer to a prayer.


The end of Sam's world could wait a little longer.