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Confessions: Part Seven

"So what line do you have for me now?"

Rachel frowned and put her books in her locker. It was the first time the head Cheerio had approached her at her locker and she was hoping the encounter would've started differently. "I don't have one right now, but if I did I would not say that I would 'rearrange the alphabet so the U and I to be together.'" She shrugged. "It would be pointless and not worth the effort."

Quinn looked down, because crazy as it may be, but Rachel's daily affections brightened her day. "Oh," she mumbled softly.

Rachel nodded and smiled softly before walking to her first class. It was one the only ones she didn't share with the smart cheerleader.

That's it?

It took her a second before she comprehended the girl's words. "Wait!" the loudness in the hallway drowned out the cheerleaders call and Quinn let out a frustrated sigh before jogging after the power-walking brunette. I'm gonna be upset if this whole 'chase after Berry' thing becomes a habit. She managed to grab Rachel's wrist as she swung it back in stride. "Hold on, Berry."

Rachel arched an eyebrow. Quinn was secretly impressed—the brow raise wasn't as good as hers, but it was pretty damn close. "Why wouldn't it be worth the effort? You've already tried this hard; why give up now?"

Rachel shook her head and laughed lightly. "I never said I gave up. I just said it was pointless and not worth the effort."

"I know," the blonde let out a slow breath; she wasn't even sure why she was getting upset about this. Berry would get off her back and she'd be left alone. She figured it was her own curiosity getting the better of her when she asked looked to the other girl for an explanation. "But why?"

The brunette sighed. "You're lucky I like you, even if you happen to match your hair color at times…" she trailed off brushing a stray hair behind the taller girl's ear.

Quinn used all her willpower not to shiver at the diva's actions; she was unable to stop the goosebumps that appeared on her arms, however. So she shook her head and crossed her arms to cover the tiny bumps. "Did you just call me stupid?" she questioned.

Rachel ignored the blonde's offended tone. She believed that mentioning how implying something and actually saying it were two different things would not help her at that moment so she simply answered: "I did not."

The Cheerio rolled her eyes. "Whatever, would you just explain it to me?"

Rachel looked up in thought before she gave a small shrug. "I suppose I can." She pulled out a paper and started to write. She held it up for the taller girl to see once she was finished.

Quinn looked at the paper with a frown. "So? It's the alphabet."

"Yes it is. Now do you see how far U and I are?" Rachel asked as she pointed to the aforementioned letters.

The blonde nodded.

"Not that I don't like making an effort, but look," she pointed to the letters Q and R "It'd be pointless to change everything when we're already together."

Quinn blushes.

"You were a great sport, Quinn. You asked all the right questions."

"Y-you planned this!"

"I did." Rachel nodded as she leaned forward to whisper to the blonde.

Quinn froze at the sudden closeness and tried not to move when she felt warm air on her ear.

"But… it worked." The brunette drew out each word as she spoke. "I'll see you in calculus!" she gave the other girl a saucy smirk before turning and skipping away.

Quinn stood frozen for a whole minute until the bell rang and she was taken out of her stupor.