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Prologue: Meeting

Harry James Potter was sitting, alone, in his little cupboard under the stairs. The cupboard was barely big enough for his little cot of a bed, but he fit somehow. He was wearing clothes that were far too big for him, but if they were the hand-me-downs of his extra-large cousin, then it would be reasonable for his shirt to look like a dirty and mouldy night gown on him. His glasses were taped up so as to keep them on his face without falling off unless Dudley, his cousin, decided to punch him while they were at school.

At the mere thought of his cousin, Harry gave an involuntary shiver. He was in his cupboard playing with his small army toys on the little shelf that was behind him where he slept. He was thinking about a peculiar dream that he had had the night before. He saw a flying motorbike before the dream changed and he saw a tall hooded figure pointing a little stick at him and a blinding emerald green light flashed before it went back to the motorbike. But after the bike had dissolved from the dream, he saw the face of a young boy who sat on a bed in a plain bedroom; at least he had a room, Harry thought snidely, but the boy had looked sad, and yet looked so familiar to Harry. Except the fact that Harry wore glasses and had a weird lightning bolt scar on his forehead, he would have thought that he had a twin. Of course that was impossible as the boy from his dream wore clothes that looked like they were from the 50's or 40's. But Harry did not know how right he was.

Harry heard some footsteps, coming toward his cupboard, so he quickly hid his little toys, that had actually been Dudley's but he threw them out when he was five, and pretended to be asleep. He heard a sharp rapping on the door of his cupboard, before the shrill sound of his anorexic-like aunt's voice reached his ears.

"Get up! Come on the breakfast needs making! Are you even awake, you lazy boy?" She questioned.

"Yes, Aunt Petunia." He drawled.

"Then why aren't you up you insolent little brat! GET UP!" She yelled, and so harry scurried to get his ill-fitting trousers on. He stumbled out of his cupboard as his aunt closed the kitchen door in his face. Harry sighed before opening the door to the kitchen and walking over to the oven to start breakfast.

"Hurry up boy!" Uncle Vernon yelled. Harry nodded his head, but suddenly jolted forward when his oaf of a cousin, Dudley, shoved into him making his hand slip onto the frying pan that the bacon and sausages were cooking in. Harry screamed and ran to the sink to put his hand under the cold water. "What are you yelling for, boy?" Vernon yelled as he ate his eggs.

"I burnt my hand Uncle Vernon." Harry said, thinking that his uncle might have a little sympathy for his nephew, but he was wrong as usual.

"Well, that was your own bloody fault wasn't it, you selfish boy! Trying to get attention on Dudley's birthday, you selfish little sod!" Vernon spat at him. Harry put the food that had finished cooking, onto the table in front of Vernon, Dudley and Petunia just as the letter box went. Harry stood there, doing nothing as his aunt looked at him pointedly.

"Well, what are you waiting for, boy? Go and get the post!" She screeched as she sipped her tea. Harry nodded and went through the door and toward the front door where a small pile of letters lay on the mat. Harry bent down and picked up the pile and had a quick look through them.

Bill, bill, postcard, Smeltings letter, a letter for me, bill, bi- wait. A letter for me? Harry thought as he saw the letter. That's going straight into my cupboard, if Uncle Vernon found out I got a letter he wouldn't let me read it. Harry was so correct that he didn't even realise it, for in the near future his uncle would avoid letters for Harry that would change his life. Harry quietly slipped his letter under the door of his cupboard before Dudley came out of the kitchen, just as Harry had stood up. Dudley glared at Harry before running up the stairs.

Harry walked back into the kitchen just as Uncle Vernon was just about to yell for him. Harry handed Vernon the pile of letters.

"Ah, Marge has sent us a postcard each, on for Dudley and one for us. Boy, do the dishes and then go back to your cupboard!" He yelled, Harry nodded and cleared the table. He washed the dishes, lagging a bit as he didn't want to go back to his cupboard, but he did want to read his letter.

The dishes were done, dried and put away, so Harry trudged back to his cupboard and slumped down into a sitting position and picked up his letter. Harry heard the sound of footsteps coming closer and assumed that it was Petunia as he heard the sound of the cupboard door clicking locked. He sighed in contentment as he knew that nobody would disturb him. Slowly he opened his letter, wondering what awaits him in the words written. It read;

Dear Harry,

You know me extremely well, but you won't believe me on who I am if I told you. But I will tell you this, I am from the future. Okay, so I have sent you this letter this early in your life because if I am not mistaken, it will be your birthday on July 31st. On your birthday, possibly before, you will receive a letter to a most amazing school for 'special' people. This school isn't for the mentally retarded as you are probably thinking it is from the way I said, 'special' people. It is a school for gifted people and you will have the most amazing friends you could ever dream of, and the girl of your dreams just happens to be your best friend's sister but he is okay with it. Anyway, Harry Potter, you are the most special boy in our world for something you probably don't even remember, but will know in due course. This letter is also something called a portkey and when you have finished reading this letter it will take you to a place where you will meet four very important people in your life. When you get to this certain place, there will be a seven-book, book series of which you will have to read as it will help change the future for the better. You will learn things about yourself, while reading these books, that you never knew could happen. Your despicable legal guardians won't know that you have gone as time will stop in the real world for as long as you read the books. Time will pass in the room so you will have a bedroom and a small kitchen for food, and a place to sit and read the seven books. You will not be released from this room until you have read all of the books aloud and then you will be transported back, to our dismay, to your relative's house. You will remember everything that will be spoken in the room as it will be needed. These books, Harry, are about yours and your friend's futures, and they represent the things that will happen in the next seven years of your life, unless you decide to change it. If you change it and start out your search-you will find out about the search in the last book-before it all even starts, then you must keep your friends with you at all cost and trust their judgement if they suggest something. You must take notes on what you hear, especially on what is said in the first, fourth, fith, sixth and seventh books. Two of the people in the room you will be transported to, are your future best friends so create the friendship before school. During the reading of different books, different people will start to enter the room. Do expect people to arrive and leave in certain areas. So when you read the second book, expect a person to arrive and in the third book a person from the future will turn up. I suppose I should stop writing now as I want you to get on with reading the books. There will be notepads and pens supplied in the room for you to take notes, so I shall leave it there and see you in the future.

From, Prongs Jr.

P.S It is not my real name or a nickname, it is just mine from my father.

When Harry had finished the letter, he felt a harsh tug at his navel and his world started spinning. He landed with a thud in a room that had a soft crimson carpet. Apparently his glasses had slipped off of his face as he couldn't see a thing except for a few blurry figures that looked expectantly at him. He felt around him until he found his glasses, but as he put them on he found that one of the lenses had cracked with the fall. A voice from behind him brought him back to reality.

"Harry, my boy, is that you?" An old voice asked him. Harry jumped up and turned around, only to come face to face with a frail looking old man whose beard reached the floor, and his hair was just as long. His half moon spectacles were placed on his long nose and his blue eyes twinkled as he looked over at Harry. As Harry looked at the man, he knew he could trust him, even if he was wearing what looked to be a dark blue floor length dress but wasn't a dress. Harry nodded to the man and the man walked up to him and pulled him up off of the floor.

"Oh Harry, I haven't seen you in a long time. The last time I saw you was when you were just a little baby. Oh look at your glasses-" The old man pointed a long stick thing, like the one that Harry had seen in his dream, only it wasn't the same. "-Oculus repairo! There, much better. Now, I believe that we are still waiting for two others to join us. I believe they are a Mr Weasley and a Miss Granger. Lemon Drop?" He said, holding a bag of Lemon Drops. Harry took one hesitantly. As he ate it, he noticed another person in the room. She looked extremely strict and was dressed similarly to the kind old man. Harry looked at them both with confused eyes. As if reading his mind-which he probably was-the kind old man introduced himself.

When Harry was comfortably sitting in a plush golden coloured armchair, he heard another loud thud and another followed that. Harry peered over his chair to see a head of ginger and a head of bushy brown hair. So these are the best friends of the future, huh? Harry mused as he looked at the two new arrivals. They didn't look too bad. Once the two were sat on the two remaining chairs, the old man began to speak again. The ginger boy looked like he already knew the old man, but how he did not know. The bushy haired girl looked scared, she didn't know anyone, just like me. The old man smiled at the three of us before he spoke.

"Hello you three, one of you knows who I am already, another I have met before but he does not remember, and one of you, I have never had the pleasure of meeting. I am Albus Dumbledore and this here is my colleague, Minvera Mcgonagal. We both reside at your future school which you will be attending on September 1st." Dumbledore explained. We all nodded our heads numbly.

"Umm, I'm sorry but, I don't know why I'm here but if we are doing introductions, then I'm Hermione Granger." The bushy haired girl told the group. Dumbledore smiled a twinkling smile at her and Minerva gave her a quick smile.

"Okay, now I have to say something, so my name is Ronald Weasley, but I prefer Ron. I know Professor Dumbledore but not personally as I have only heard about him from my five older brothers, who have all gone to Hogwarts." Ron told the group.

"Ah, yes, the Weasley twins are becoming legendary at Hogwarts, Mr Weasley, maybe even more so than the Marauders in a few years." Dumbledore smiled, while looking at Harry determinedly.

"I suppose I better finish the intro's then. I'm Har-" He moved his hand up to shift some hair out of his eyes, but while doing so he revealed his lightning bolt scar on his forehead and Ron seemed to notice it. Ron gasped and started to speak, interrupting Harry.

"Your Harry Potter! Your – Oh my God! I can't believe it! Wait till Fred and George hear this! I've met The-Boy-Who-Lived!" Ron startled everyone by jumping up and down. Harry looked at him confusion in his face. "You are who I said you are, right?" He asked. Harry nodded numbly.

"Sir, what does he mean, I'm the boy who lived?" Harry asked.

"I believe that we will find out by reading these books that we were sent here to read." Dumbledore replied, with a twinkle in his eyes. Just then, a box of boos appeared on a table in the middle of all five of the chairs in the room, making them all jump. There was a note on top of the box, so Minerva picked it up and began to read;

Hey guys,

I hope that you are all getting to know each other well and if you haven't well then you will in the near future. Okay, so Ron Hermione and Harry, you really need to connect with each other while reading these books if the changing of the future is to be possible. Start with the first book on the left as it is the first in the series. Enjoy the books but take them seriously please. And remember that people will be coming and going for different books, so don't be so surprised when Ginny Weasley turns up for the second book. You will see why when the time comes. Thanks!

From, Prongs Jr.

Professor Mcgonagal finished reading and picked up the first book.

"Harry Potter and The Philosophers Stone. Well, that sounds reassuring doesn't it Dumbledore?" Mcgonagal asked Dumbledore. Dumbledore looked a little paler at the title of the book.

"Well, if we have seven books to read I think we should get started!" Hermione said with excitement clear in her voice. So she likes books? Harry thought and he knew that by the way he looked at her, Ron was thinking the same. Hermione was avid to start reading, so Professor Mcgonagal passed her the book. "I think that we should take it in turns to read chapters and I'll go first." She said as she opened the book...