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Lily Evans sat alone in the Heads' compartment, twisting her long red locks into a bun, and then taking them down again. She had been alone, waiting for the Head Boy for almost 20 minutes. With a sigh, she consulted her watch once again. The train was due to leave in ten minutes and the Head Boy had yet to show up. Being prompt was something she valued, but she had a feeling he did not agree with that philosophy.

She glanced out the window and took in the scene in front of her. People were milling around King's Cross Station. Students were greeting friends and sharing stories of the summer. Parents were kissing their children and watching them board the train. Lily saw a group of first years and laughed. They were staring at the scarlet express in awe. She fondly thought of the first time she had seen The Hogwarts Express, seven years before. She had to believe her expression was probably similar to the ones they currently wore.

She looked at the familiar faces. There was a group of Ravenclaws she knew, as well as the couple of Gyrffindors whom she shared a dormitory with. A group of Hufflepuffs she recognized from Herbology were gathers around a copy of the Daily Prophet, probably reading about Voldemort's latest killing spree. Then she saw Severus. She could feel her expression harden, and a rush of anger shot through her. He stood in the far corner, speaking with a group of people she couldn't see because of the billowing smoke from the train. He was gesturing wildly, and kept holding out his arm. The unseen person handed him something, and glanced around before taking it. His landed on her, and he gave her a small half-smile. But Lily turned away, the memory of what he said stinging her heart, refusing to meet his eyes.

Tears threatened to spill onto her cheeks when the compartment door slammed open. A body slammed into hers with a squeal.

"Lil! YOU'RE HEAD GIRL!" The girl partically screamed when she finally let go.

Lily stared down at her best friend. When stretched to her full height, Aira reached an impressive 5'3. It always shocked her that such a loud noise could come from such a small person. That, combined, with her long dark hair and clever brown eyes made her looked like a doll. Her looks, personality and Scottish accent was something Lily had seen many, many boys fret over.

"Yeah! I did. I'm really excited. I get my own room this year." Lily laughed, pulling her red hair into a ponytail.

Aira pouted. "And you won't be with me. But never fear, Lily dear. You know that Ellie, Charlotte and I are going to be in that room, probably more than you are."

Lily smiled at the thought of her close friends with her in her own room. "I hope so."

Aira suddenly giggled uncontrollably. "So, have you meet the head boy yet?"

Lily shook her head. "Nope. He hasn't soon up. I've been here for almost a half an hour."

Her voice was full of sarcasm as she said, "Well, you're just going have blast with him, I'm sure."

Lily looked confused. "Why? Who is it?"

"No one," Aira sang out, "I'm off to find the girls. Stop by our compartment later. You can share us some stories of this little adventure." She said, gesturing around to the empty space.

"I wish you could stay. Though, I feel I shouldn't break a rule before we've even reached the school." She joked, her green eyes full of mirth. Any trace of the tears that had filled them moments before were gone. "I'll see you soon. I've got some GREAT stories about Petunia's new boyfriend, Vernon."

Aira laughed. "I can't wait." With a quick wave, Aira disappeared down the corridor in search of their other friends.

Lily sat back down, once again alone with her thoughts. She didn't understand what Aira had meant. She had no problems with any of the boys who had a chance of being Head Boy.

Again, she glanced out the window. The amount of people had dwindled. It made sense, since they were due to leave in less than 5 minutes. Parents still stood about, waving to their children. Severus had disappeared, and the only group of students Lily could see was the Marauders.

She scowled. James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew stood in a circle, probably planning some horrible prank to pull as soon as they arrived. James was talking animatedly and wiping his glasses on his shirt. Remus had a book, only half listening. Sirius was jumping around, his long hair flying in every direction, and Peter, with his round face and short blond hair, looked at them in awe. She did not know why anyone liked them or looked up to them. The only one who was worth anything was Remus.

The rest of them were just mean and stupid. They seemed to only care about Quidditch, pulling pranks and themselves. She decided at that moment that she was going to make it her personal mission –with the help of the Head Boy, obviously- to prevent as many of the Marauders schemes as possible.

Suddenly, the train whistle blew, announcing that we were leaving in less than 2 minutes. Lily glanced at the door, willing it open and for the Head Boy to show up. Nothing happened, and when Lily looked back, the boys were gone.

Within moments, the compartment door rattled. Lily stood up, excited to finally meet the Head Boy, the one who couldn't seem to arrive on time.

"Hi, I'm Lil-" she started, but stopped when she saw who was standing in front of her. Her mouth fell open and snapped closed, completely lost for words.

James Potter stood there, a shiny head's badge pinned to his shirt. Behind, Sirius and Peter exploded into laughter, while Remus just smiled.

"YOU! How on earth did you become Head Boy?" Lily screeched when she finally found her voice.

"Well, Lily, it's quite simple. I got a letter in the mail containing this badge and a note telling me I'd gotten Head Boy." He gave her his signature cocky smile. "I can't wait to be Head Boy with you. We can chat in our own common room, patrol the halls late at night together. And if we just want to snuggle by the fireplace, we won't have to worry about people coming in."

"Potter, we both know that would NEVER happen. I do not like you. Not one bit." Lily said coldly. "Now, if you would kindly tell your friends to leave. They're not allowed in here and we need to make sure the prefects know what to do."

"Don't be cold, Lily. There is plenty of room for everyone, right, Prongs?" Sirius said with a smile, pushing past James and flopping into a seat. "We won't brother your meeting. I swear on Peter's life."

Lily just glared at him. "Get them out, please." She said to James.

"Oh, fine. I'll meet up with guys later." He said, opening the compartment door for them. "Lily wants us to have some alone time."

"Oh, I get it. Rather spend time with your woman than us, eh?" Sirius said. Peter and Remus snickered, and James nodded with a smile.

"I most certainly do not want us to have some alone time, Potter. I try to spend as little time as possible with you. Moreover, I am NOT his woman, Sirius. As soon as this meeting is over, I'm leaving." Lily spat.

"Oh, Lily. You're adorable when you're mad." James said, his dark hair falling into his hazel eyes. "And we have to spend at least half the train ride in this compartment together, remember."

Lily fell back into her chair, already annoyed. It was going to be a long train ride.

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