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Noah and Tyler were now badly driving all the way back to Chris's mansion, Once he got there Noah didn't like what he saw but at this point he didn't have time to correct the problem that Duncan and Chris caused, Sighing he looked over at Chris as he got into the Limo and finally asked Chris.

"What the hell are you wearing?" Noah sighed "Why would you wear that?"

"It was Duncan's idea" Chris smirked "Best idea EVERRRRR!"

"Not really" Noah told him "If I wasn't busy trying to get rid of Zeke for the day then you wouldn't be wearing that"

"I know!" Chris laughed "No supervision is the best thing ever!"

"I don't even know why I work for you….." Noah sighed as Tyler drove them to the nursing home with Chris dressed as the grim reaper, Duncan was going to pay for this.

Finally after 20 minutes of Tyler's bad driving they managed to make it to the nursing home.

"Dude! You're the worst driver ever!" Chris told him. "I thought I was going to die!"

"The man dressed as death going to die" Noah smirked "Interesting….."

"Dude, you have a flat tire" Chris pointed out "That's not safe for you to drive me anywhere! That screams human death trap!"

"Tyler, go get the tire fixed" Noah sighed "You'll need to hurry up! You have a lot to do today!"

"Can't someone else do it?" Tyler whined "I hate driving! Wanna trade?"

"No, I don't wanna trade!" Noah told him

"Why not?" Tyler asked "The tire is way easier then dealing with Chris!"

"If it's so easy then just do it" Noah told him

"I have an idea!" Chris told them and dialed his phone "Yeah…Uh-Uh….Tyler….Yup….TAKE THE BUS THEN BITCH!"

Chris then hung up the phone

"What did you just do?" Noah sighed "I'm afraid to know"

"I called Heather" Chris told them "She's taking the bus here to help Tyler with the tire!"

"That makes no sense at all" Noah told him "Why would you even call her?"

"It seemed like the right thing to do?" Chris shrugged "C'mon Noah, Let's get this over with"

Tyler sighed and waited for Heather, he knew if he didn't then he would have to hear her mouth too! Hopefully with any luck she would drive for him so he wouldn't have to.

"Stupid Chris….." Tyler kicked the limo "Ouch!"

Heather took the bus and finally found Tyler standing there.

"You couldn't do this by yourself?" Heather laughed "What the hell did you do to this? It's all smashed up!"

"Yeah, I know!" Tyler told her "Can you help me take it and get it fixed?"

"It's still drivable" Heather told him "We just need air in it"

"Wanna come with me to get some?" Tyler asked

"Duh!" Heather told him "You're my ride home! I'm not taking the bus!"

"Great!" Tyler tossed her the keys "You drive!"

"Whatever" Heather sighed getting in the limo "Let's go!"

Zeke was bored as hell, He was sitting on the living room floorwith his hands still stuck together, and this woman only bitched about everything. It was apparent that she was obviously Zeke's mother. It was also apparent that this woman was his mother by the fact of how unhelpful she was.

"So, I brought you some juice and orange slices" Mrs. Mclean put the plate down on the floor for Zeke.

"How do you expect me to eat these?" Zeke asked her "I can't even use my hands!"

"That would be a problem…" Mrs. Mclean told him "What if we go swimming after lunch?"

"Are you trying to drown me?" Zeke asked "I need my hands for that too, Eh!"

"Good point" Mrs. Mclean told him "I guess I would try to help you out…"

"Thank god!" Zeke told her "What sort of ideas do you have?"

"Have you tried Honey?" Mrs. Mclean asked "Maybe a honey bath would help you out!"

Mrs. Mclean then ran upstairs happily with at least 13 containers of pure honey

"Why the hell would Noah leave me with her?" Zeke asked himself "I still hate my dad for doing this to me…I wish I was anywhere but here! My grandma is nuts!"

Just then Zeke's phone went off and it was from Duncan.

Hey. =)

Appeared on his phone screen.

"I hate them" Zeke complained.

Chris and Noah made their way down the hallway at the nursing home. Everyone was In a bed or wheelchair and they were all watching TV or some shit like that.

"Why am I doing this again?" Chris asked Noah "They can just watch me on TV!"

"Do you want to go to jail?" Noah asked him "If you don't do this then you get to go to jail!"

"Oh….Yeah" Chris sighed as they made their way to the front desk.

"Can I help you?" a blonde woman asked them.

"Yes, my name is Noah" Noah told the woman "I'm here with Chris Mclean who is going to spend the day here with your residents"

"Dressed like that?" The woman asked him "Are you sure that's a good idea?"

"No, I'm honestly not" Noah told her "However we didn't have time for a wardrobe change"

"That's fine" The woman told him "However I can't allow him to take the scythe in with him"

"Too bad!" Chris yelled "I'm taking it with me!"

"Chris, just give it to her!" Noah told him "The press will be here soon….."

"So?" Chris asked him "That doesn't mean she's gonna tell me what to do!"

"It's a weapon, Sir" The woman told him "It's for the safety of everyone!"

"Do you want the press to come in here and find you like that?" Noah asked "Just give it!"

"No!" Chris told Noah "Duncan told me I could take it with me!"

"Who's Duncan?" The woman asked him "Isn't he that kid from the show?"

"Yes, he is" Chris told her "If Duncan were he would allow me to keep my scythe"

"If Duncan were here he would also be attending jail with you" Noah rolled his eyes

"That's normal though" Chris sighed "I'm giving my scythe to Noah because he's not a stupid bitch!"

"Whatever" Noah grabbed it "I won't let him use it….Can we just go in?"

"Whatever" The blonde lady told him "You're responsible for him!"

"When am I not?" Noah asked

The woman said nothing and Chris and Noah walked around to visit some old people. The old people were quite scared of Chris because he looked like death, most of them didn't want to talk to him or Noah.

"Can you at least put the hood down?" Noah asked

"Do I have to?" Chris asked "I like it that they won't talk to me"

"Just take it off" Noah told him "Why don't you just scare Zeke with it later?"

"BEST IDEA YET!" Chris agreed "Fine….I'll take it off….But you're helping me scare Zeke later!"

Back at Chris's moms house Zeke was currently in a bath tub full of Honey, nothing else but Honey and to top it all off he still had his clothes on, this was pretty much the most pointless thing he has ever done.

"Well?" Mrs. McLean asked

"It's not working" Zeke told her "I'm just sticky….."

"Oh well…." Mrs. McLean laughed "At least I got a good laugh out of it"

"Can I get out now?" Zeke asked

"Heavens no!" Mrs. Mclean laughed "You can just sit there until someone comes to get you"

"Now I know where my dad gets his sick twisted sense of humor" Zeke sighed and sat there.