"It doesn't quite mean that-"

"No, these are other things you are"

"HANG ON!" Arthur cried till he heard a rustle in the leaves


"Merlin shh" he whispered standing ready for action.

"very overbearing" he continued


"you wanted me to talk-" Merlin said till the weight of his full grown companion crashed on top of him, his back crunching the fallen leafs beneath him.

"Arthur, gettoff" Merlin said squirming.

"Merlin for the last time shut up" Arthur growled, his piercing blue eyes locking with Merlin's.

"I don't hear anything and ow your amour is sticking into me Arthur!" Merlin whined.

About to protest once more, Merlin was silenced by Arthur's lips crashing onto his. It took Merlin a few seconds to escape from his frozen state and began to move his lips with Arthur's. Both men enjoyed the kiss and never wanted it to end, but when things became rather heated Arthur pulled away to look at Merlin and his swollen lips.

"That shut you up finally. God Merlin when I wanted you to talk, I didn't know you would be that difficult to shut you up" Arthur ranted.

A goofy grin flashed onto Merlin's face.

"Why are you grinning like that?" Arthur asked making no attempt to move off of Merlin.

"Maybe I should talk more often?" Merlin said cheekily. Sitting up and pulling Merlin up with him, Arthur said "oh God no. I don't think I could take it." Merlin's face was soon covered with disappointment. Arthur smiled and he began to straighten out Merlin's neck scarf.

"Besides I'm heir to the throne… I don't need an excuse to kiss my manservant now do I?"

Merlin looked up, his cheeks flushing red. "of course not sire."

Arthur stood and brushed himself down.

"well don't just sit there Merlin, get up!"

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