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"I was actually talking about your friend here" the busty landlady said to Arthur.

Merlin looked shocked "me?"

The woman nodded and fluttering her eyelashes she walked away to the bar. Merlin smiled, slightly flattered. He always had to put up with woman flirting with Arthur everywhere they went, and even though Arthur told him those women's comments meant nothing to him Merlin couldn't help but get jealous and protective. But now having that woman finding him far more attractive than Arthur, Merlin liked the attention. He looked over at Arthur who was now a deep shade of red. He looked around the tavern till his eyes rested onto the landlady sourly. "Arthur… are you alright?" Arthur didn't take his eyes off of her. "As if you would ever be interested in her! I mean it's just sad isn't it. Her pining over men half her age, that Merlin is what I call desperate."

Merlin laughed till Arthur turned to look at him. "What?" Arthur said now taking a big gulp of his mead.

Merlin broke out into a wide grin. "You're jealous" he said.

Arthur nearly spitted out his mouthful of mead, he quickly swallowed "I am most certainly not!"

"Yes you are, I can tell!" Merlin said pointing at him.

"Merlin … please, get over yourself" Arthur said turning away.

"Well then I might just go over and talk to the landlady, flirt a little bit and-" Merlin said before he was interrupted by Arthur's hand grabbing hold of his arm "you will do no such thing!" he said forcefully.

"Why because you're jealous?" Merlin asked and soft smile on his lips. He continued to watch Arthur stutter for words "I…I-I- don't ... erm..." Arthur then just looked at Merlin and realised he grip, he took a gulp of mead and then said "oh shut up Merlin."

"Will do" Merlin said smiling smugly and took a sip from his goblet.

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