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Through the worlds to you

Chapter 1

Her sorrow

Nobody could predict that something like that could ever happen. The members of Shinsengumi were killed. Everyone was killed violently. It was a bloody battle—a trap that let to awful consequences.

There were no legendary "Wolves of Mibu" anymore. All of them were gone forever.

Saito was gone forever…

Chizuru hugged his lifeless body tenderly. Tears never stopped running from her chocolate eyes, that held so much sorrow in them. She didn't mind being covered with his blood. Her world was shattered. The man she loved with all her being was dead. He would never look at her with those gentle azure eyes; she would never hear his calm voice and touching words of affection; he would never ever embrace her taking her fragile body in his secure arms; she would never feel his warm smooth lips on hers…

They would never ever meet again and say "I love you" to each other.

Her heart was bleeding. She didn't hear her own loud uncontrollable sobs of despair.

"Hajime-san!" a heart-rending squall echoed on the battlefield, which was covered with dead bodies of her dear friends and beloved man.

If only she could turn back time… if only she could prevent that tragedy! Chizuru didn't know how to live now. Saito-san was her world, the air that she breathed, her source of strength.

And now he was gone…

The girl pressed her cheek to his dirty bloody face, hugging him even tighter.

"What do I do, Hajime-san? How should I live now? There is no tomorrow for me without you…" her sobs continued as she couldn't stop crying over her great loss.

So, that was how a woman felt losing her beloved at the battlefield. Saito's cold skin was the proof of her solitude. She would never fall in love again, because he was her first and only one. They had been married only for 3 days, but the fate was too cruel. It made them fall apart and it felt as a single body was cut into two halves, taking the vital strength away.

Chizuru lay on her dear man's bosom for a long time, hoping to catch the tiniest sound of his heartbeat, but all she could hear was dead silence. Her heart felt empty, while her teary eyes turned emotionless. Nobody knew how long she would have stayed like that, clenching her husband's lifeless body, as if it could bring him back to life if she did so, but after some time Chizuru heard a deep, confident voice, that she recognized right away.

"You don't have to grieve and cry over some weakling like him. He would have faced such inglorious death sooner or later".

The girl didn't reply to his cruel words. His personal point of view meant absolutely nothing to her.

"Come with me, Chizuru," he continued calmly, taking a step closer towards her.

After his last words the brown-haired widow lifted her head and looked at the intruder: blond hair, ruby eyes, full lips and a penetrating gaze… yes, he was a handsome man—a man with his own point of view and style of living. He was charming and mysterious; every woman could have fallen in love with him not even noticing his hard character, but Chizuru wasn't one of those types of women. She was a single-lover. Saito was the first man in her life, maybe even if they had met each other later and under another circumstances, she thought, she would have fallen for Hajime-san all the same.

Chikage was looking at her intently. His features were calm yet concentrated. It felt as if he was testing her, forcing her to make a choice right here and right now.

"Chizuru," his rich and deep voice gained her attention again. "You will never know what suffer is if you come with me. Humans don't deserve your abilities. You belong to my world and you know that. So," his outstretched hand appeared before her face, "come with me, my lady".

He couldn't find a better time for his demanding, could he?

The girl dropped her hopeless gaze on the ground. She was trembling inside, but not in fear but from a sudden feeling of loneliness. Hajime-san wouldn't come and save her this time; and even if she declined Kazama's almost-order, he wouldn't leave her alone but maybe try taking her with him forcefully. The widow clenched her killed husband's cold hand as if asking for protection subconsciously.

"Give me 3 days, Kazama-san," her voice sounded almost silently, it was like a whisper.

Chikage arched his eyebrow but didn't say anything.

"I have to bury my friends and…" Chizuru held her breath not to let a sob escape her throat, and then continued, "husband…"

The blond man's hand returned to its usual position by his side slowly. His ruby eyes glowed with anger and jealousy for a moment, but he managed to grip his emotions together and answered calmly:

"I will give you this time of privacy, but don't try to fool me, dear Chizuru. I will come again in 3 days".

Throwing the last glance at the broken-hearted young woman's figure, he turned to leave but froze on his tracks when he heard her weak voice:

"Arigato for understanding".

He didn't reply to her and continued his way with a blank mask on his manly face.


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