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Through the Worlds to You

Chapter 11

The Epilogue

Stirring in her sleep the young woman opened her eyes slowly. The remembrances of recent events were still fresh in her mind, yet they seemed distant and somewhat unreal.

The gaze of her chocolate eyes lay on a handsome face beside her. The man's forehear fell on his closed eyes in a cute manner and his lips were parted slightly as he breathed in his sleep. Chizuru couldn't fight the temptation and stroked his hair lovingly, brushing it away from his young face. He looked so peaceful in his sleep. The woman's gaze caught a glimpse of something shiny on her hand. She looked closely at the object and recognized a wedding ring Hajime had put on her finger, declaring his love and loyalty by the altar several months ago back in Japan. Now they were in their own apartment in London, where Hajime worked at the embassy and she ran a business, following her grandmother's steps by becoming the owner of several antique shops the old Yukimura gave to her granddaughter by a will.

The reality and the visions of her dream were still mixed together, and she needed some more time to fully comprehend what was going on. Her heart was still filled with sadness as the young woman recalled those memories where her dear husband had been killed in a battle and then she met him in another world. Was it just a joke of her imagination? It was true, she didn't see him for 3 long days due to his urgent assignment, but it wasn't a reason to have such weird and dramatic dreams in the first place!

Suddenly, she felt really scared that everything she lived through the night could be reality, that she could lose her beloved person and could be chased by some freak, who wanted her to bear his heirs.

Chizuru felt wetness in her eyes and she hurried to send away the misery in her heart by embracing the only man she trusted with all her being.

Her dear husband.

He was warm and secure. His unique scent and calming aura had always had a soothing effect on her. Chizuru dig her face in his chest and listened to his steady heartbeat carefully, but then she felt her small frame being embraced in return. Strong arms pressed her body closer to her husband and a deep calm voice sounded above her head.

"What's the matter? You seem troubled".

He knew her too well and could sense her mood swings without opening his eyes.

"It's alright, dear. I just had a strange dream".

He brushed her silky hair with his hand, enjoying the way it fell between his fingers.

"Will you tell me?"

Was she really ready to share that mysterious story in which they took the main roles? It was painful to bring back all those feelings of loss, regret, grieving again, but still the young woman nodded slightly and after giving him a tender embrace, she started to speak:

"I had a dream where you were a member of Shinsengumi and you were killed during some severe battle. I was your wife and we had been married for 3 days. I buried your body along with all other soldiers. I can still remember an unbearable pain and misery I felt while grieving over you. I took your sword as a memory of you. Then there was some guy who wanted to marry me. It looked like he was some super-human, just like me in my dream. Do you remember the heir of the famous Kazama dynasty, that had been found yesterday in a jungle after 2 months of missing?"

Her sudden question confused him a little, but he nodded in response, recalling the yesterday's news he read in a newspaper. Kazama Chikage was a son of one of the wealthiest families in the whole world. His private plane got into a plane crash and the man couldn't be found after that. And now, after 2 months of missing, he was saved by a rescue group. According to the news, his fiancée Sakanoue Sen didn't break their engagement and the wedding would be held on a certain date after Kazama's doctors made sure in the stability of his health condition.

Saito's wife's sweet voice interrupted his train of thoughts as she continues her story:

"For some unknown reason, Kazama Chikage was the one who made my life even more miserable during my dream. Then we appeared in a modern world. I don't remember how it happened, but I guess, everything is possible in dreams. I followed your voice and ended up in a world that was similar to the one we live in now." Chizuru smiled and dig her hand in her dear man's thick hair, stroking it gently. "There I met you, who became my land-lord for a summer. You studied to become an ambassador just like you did when we first met in a real life".

"You story sounds like a movie," Hajime said calmly, enjoying the sensation his wife was giving him by stroking his mane. "So, what was next?"

"You're so impatient," she scolded him jokingly, pouting her lips, but then she exhaled and continued to speak. "You were very protective in my dream. I didn't remember my life in Shinsengumi times, but I was really shocked when Kazama-san had told me that we were from another world. I also made friends with Sakanoue-san. She was really sweet in my dream and she adored her groom so much. I wonder if she is like that in reality".

"I think she is. Sakanoue Sen hasn't given up on Kazama-san after he disappeared. She had no guarantees that he was still alive, though. So, she must be really in love with him after all," Saito concluded with a light smile on his lips.

"You have a point," Chizuru uttered thoughtfully. "There were many dramatic moments in my dream, but in the end, you saved me and proposed to me after everything we had been through".

With those words she lifted her face from his chest and looked up at him, only to notice his pensive gaze. It seemed as if her husband was in a deep thought and was somewhere away from the place they were laying together. She got a little confused with his over thoughtful attitude.

"Jime?" Chizuru called out for her beloved and caught his distant gaze on herself, when he looked down on her face. He was about to say something when his wife's eyes widened in a sudden realization and she started to chirp in a high tone:

"How could I forget?! Please, stay here. I'll be right back!" and with those words she freed herself from his warm embrace and jumped down from the bed only to run out of the room and return some minutes later.

Saito watched as she approached their bed he was still lying on with a careful steps and a bright smile on her pretty face. There was something behind her back, he noted. And indeed, when the woman walked to the bed and sat on the edge of it, she showed the object she had been carrying behind her back by placing it in Hajime's hands.

"Happy Birthday, honey! Sorry for not greeting you the moment you woke up. I was under impression after having that stupid dream," she smiled apologetically and reached forward to land a chaste kiss on her husband's lips.

The young man looked a little surprised. He didn't expect to get a present after hearing such a dramatic story in the morning. If to be honest, he even forgot that it was the day of his birth in the first place! But his eyes softened and his lips curled in a gentle smile as he looked at his wife's shining face. She was beyond beautiful when she smiled like that.

"Arigato," was all he could utter, still admiring the beautiful lady of his heart.

"Please, unwrap it!" she said in excitement. It could be clearly seen that she was waiting to witness his reaction after finding out what present she had prepared for him.

Saito unwrapped a long object in his hands carefully only to reveal an ancient sword of Japanese military forces. Such swords were rarity and to have one was an honor.

Saito's eyes widened in disbelieve as he continued to examine every detail of that sword, starting from a sheath and finishing with the steel of the blade.

"This katana is a real masterpiece," he uttered breathlessly.

"I am so glad that you like it, dear. When I first saw it, I had a strong wish to give it to you. Being a profy in antiques helps a lot sometimes," Chizuru said with a silver laughing, but then her tone became serious as she added "It belonged to one of the famous captain of Shinsengumi".

"Now I understand," the man chuckled, never leaving his eyes from the katana in his hands. "It seems you are too impressionable person, that's why all the recent impressions you had and the events that happened to you got mixed in your head, and your mind produced a perfect combination to relax and get rid of too much information your brain kept. And tonight was a showtime".

Chizuru looked at the man she loved with all her heart quizzically. Her head even bent to the side in confusion.

"You mean my dream?" she had finally asked. The lord of the house nodded in response.

"I was away for 3 days and you missed me, right?"

He got a several nods as 'yes'.

"Then you were thinking hard what present to give me. This sword belonged to one of Shinsengumi's members. Kazama Chikage has been rescued, we live in a modern world and we are married…. If it's not the case why you had that dream, then I don't see any other explanation for this".

Chizuru looked down thoughtfully to put all 'pros' and 'cons'. Hajime was right. Everything she saw in her dream was somehow connected to the events and impressions she had in her real life.

They were separated due to his business trip, it was true. So, her brain started to send her fantasies of her husband through the dream. A sword she gave him as a gift belonged to a killed captain of Shinsengumi, that was why she saw Hajime being killed in her dream, but she refused to believe it even a dream, so she unconsciously pointed her thoughts to revive her husband in a modern world. Then it was Kazama… the super-human thing happened because she watched a scary movie about creatures who had inhuman powers and skills, Chizuru remembered. And it just happened that a person who took the role of a villain in her dream was that poor multimillionair Kazama Chikage. Also there was a thought in her dream that she had to bear children no matter if they were Saito's or Kazama's. Now Chizuru realized that the thought had been crossing her mind quiet often recently. She had been married to Hajime for almost a year now and she started to catch herself on a thought that she really wanted to have a baby—a child of their love.

It was a shame that she didn't solve such logical and simple chain by herself.

"It's my fault, Chizuru," she heard her husband's apologetic tone and looked up at him only to wath him putting his present aside and placing his azure eyes on her firmly. He was up to something, the woman sensed it.

"I didn't give you the attention you deserve. My work stole too much time I could share with you. We are still new-weds, after all, and we must have more of those romantic moment in our life".

With those words he outstretched his hand and placed it on her round shoulder tenderly. The next moment his fingers started to strap down a strap of her silky nightgown.

Chizuru swallowed in anticipation, noticing a blue flame dancing in his bottomless mirrors of soul. She understood right away what he was really up to and she didn't mind to catch his special mood.

The next moment she found herself lying and being pressed to soft sheets of their bed by her beloved's strong body. Their lips met in a light-heading and sensual kiss and parted only when the main heroes of an adult scene needed to make a gulp of air.

"I will make you forget about everything in this or any other worlds," he whispered moistly in her slightly opened mouth, ready to catch it in another breathtaking kiss. "All your thoughts will be filled with me and only me. And there will be no chance to anyone and anything to supplant me in your life, your mind and even in your dreams."

Chizuru gulped his breath like air, while looking in his dark emotional eyes.

"And about the dream…maybe you should think about writing a novel?"

But she had no time to say anything in return, because her lips were sealed with another magical and longing kiss that made her forget her own name.

Their lives gained another meaning after that day, because 9 months later the Saitos became happy parents to an adorable baby girl. And believe us, when she grows up she will definitely read her mother's fiction that the woman had been writing during her pregnancy.

And even if the little heiress of the Saito dynasty wouldn't understand some things in the fiction, you will be there to help her, ne? After all, you have read the book from the very beginning till the last word.

"Through the Worlds to You" is not only a title of her novel; it's something that young Saito Chizuru wanted you to know and believe in.

Love exists through times, dimensions, worlds and dreams. Whenever and wherever you are, your love for your beloved will always be with you no matter what.

The end

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