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Through the worlds to you

Chapter 2

Her dream

During those 3 days Chizuru didn't know what a rest was. She accomplished all the preparations for a funeral and then buried her dear friends and beloved husband. It wasn't the first time she was burying someone close, but now it felt million times worse. Her eyes couldn't cry anymore, but her soul did. She was inconsolable in her great distress.

Saito-san was gone forever…

…and she was chased by Chikage. Chizuru had never loved the blond man, even if he didn't try to harm her physically. Saito was the only man she had ever felt those precious feelings for.

Chizuru didn't want to be with Chikage. She knew that he needed her only for his own interests. She could give birth to his heirs and that was the only thing he wanted from her.

No, how could she betray her husband's memory? She dreamed of having children, but only Saito's. The girl unconsciously put her hand on her flat belly. Who knew, maybe she was already pregnant with his heir. But could it be even possible only after 3 days of their life of a married couple? Even if it was true and she was indeed bearing Hajime-san's heir under her heart, it was impossible for her and her unborn child to hide from Kazama. He would find her everywhere, no matter how hard she would try to escape.

It was useless. She was doomed to become Chikage's woman.

The young widow threw herself on her husband's grave and indulged in a wild and inconsolable lament. She didn't notice as she cried herself to sleep.

"Chizuru, koishii" she heard someone's gentle whisper. "Chizuru, I'm right beside you…"

The girl turned around but didn't see anyone, though she had finally recognized the owner of the voice.

"Hajime-san!" she cried out desperately.

"We will be together, Chizuru, I promise. Our love will never die…just don't lose faith".

"Hajime-san!" she continued crying, clenching her hands in the darkness hoping to reach for her beloved. But there was nobody there.

"Don't lose hope. I will be waiting for you…"

And then there was silence.

"Hajime-san!" Chizuru snapped out of her sleep, not realizing where she was. Only some moments later she noticed a small graveyard, that she had made for the members of Shinsengumi. She had been lying on her husband's grave all that time, while she was sleeping.

"Is it really true, Hajime-san?" she sobbed, covering her face with her palms. "Are you really waiting for me? Please, give me your strength to overcome this…"

Chizuru's tired gaze fell on a sword that was lying next to her. It was Saito's katana with a red ribbon tied to the handle. She remembered the day she had given him that silky ribbon and how he had put it on his sword as a reminder of her. The next evening after that little event he came to her with a proposal. They were so happy back then; it was the day they shared their first kiss. Now all those images of their wonderful life together felt like a distant dream. The reality was killing and too unbearable.

She had lost everything…

The only thing that remained was this sharp katana that belonged to the most darling person in her life. Chizuru took it carefully in her hands and held it close to her heart. It was the only memory of her husband that she had, and she would treasure and save it no matter what.

Some hours later, the young widow left the graveyard and headed to the village, where Saito and her had a cosy house. They started to live there as a family after the marriage, but their happiness had lasted only for 3 days. On the 3d day Saito was ordered to join the detachment, but he didn't tell her that the reason he had to go there was the beginning of the revolution. Actually, Saito didn't know it himself.

Hijikata-san did it on purpose. He lied to Saito in order to save her from danger no matter what. Of course, if she could only conjecture about the real reason, she would have never stayed at home but went at the battlefield with everyone. It was better to die with them than live without her dear ones. This life, that Hijikata-san was trying to protect so hard, was a burden to her now. Perhaps, it was a noble did from his side, but in the end, it didn't make her any happier, since she lost her husband forever.

On her way back home she was thinking only about one thing: did she really have a home to go? What would she do there alone without her soul-mate? Was it even right to go back to an empty house, where she knew no one would say "okairi nasai"?

Chizuru stopped and looked at the sword. She gently brushed the red ribbon, that she once gave to Hajime-san, so that he would always remember her and hurry back home into her loving embrace. The gaze of her chocolate eyes travelled to the hill, from where her village could be seen. Her legs led her to the very edge of that hill. The strong wind was playing with her long brown hair, drying its wetness. Chizuru unconsciously looked down; a feeling of fear sneaked into her heart, when she saw the bottom of the steep. It was pretty high form the spot where she was standing.

"I am waiting for you…" she could swear that she heard Hajime-san's whisper, or was it just the wind playing tricks with her?

Chizuru closed her eyes for a moment, but when she opened them again, a great image of her husband appeared in the thin air—right in the steep. It was blurry and transparent. It looked more like a reflection on the water. It was really Saito, but he was dressed in a very strange way. She had never seen him wearing such clothes before. They reminded her of western style suits that she had seen on European people that came to Japan, but despite those strange clothes, it was still Hajime-san. And he was outstretching his hand as if he was calling for her.

The poor girl had almost lost her senses from the vision she was seeing.

"Hajime-san?" she made some steps forward; little rocks fell down from the edge of the hill where she was standing. Her heart felt hesitation, but when the image began to fade away, Chizuru's eyes watered in misery.

"No! Don't go! Don't leave me again!" she cried into the air desperately and moved forward to grab his hand as if it was her last hope.

In that very position, the young widow lost her balance and fell down and deep into the steep.

"I want to be with you, Hajime-san, please, meet me there…" was all she could think before losing her consciousness.


Kazama wasn't a fool. He could predict that she would try to run away from him. So he decided to watch her during those 3 days. He never tried to interfere, since it was his word that she would have her time to bury those pathetic humans.

On the third day he crapped up on her on the way to the village. To his surprise she started to talk to herself on the hill.

"I will make you forget about him," the blond man thought, watching as his object of affection was in so much pain. But before he could even finish thinking that, the girl cried out to someone and jumped from the edge.

Chikage's eyes rounded in disbelieve, but he found strength to rush forward and teleport to his future wife's side.

It was easy.

"Silly, you think you can escape from me by killing yourself?" his lips curved into a smirk while he took her senseless body in his strong arms, still falling deep into the steep.

"I will never let it happen. Finally…you are mine".

And with those words he imagined the place he wanted them to appear.


nothing happened…

They continued falling. Chikage's eyes widened in shock. He tried to summon his teleporting powers again, but the result was the same.

"What happened!" he cried in annoyance. For the first time in his life Kazama Chikage felt scared. Creepy thoughts that it could be the end sneaked into his mind. "It can't be! I couldn't turn into a mere human, could I?" his panicking gaze fell on the girl in his arms. He pressed her fragile body dearly to his chest and whispered through gritted teeth:

"I will save you, Chizuru…"

But she didn't hear his promise. They were falling with their heads down.

"It will be an instant death," the blond thought, looking at the approaching bottom. His strong hands tightened around the girl, and when Chikage thought that they would meet the ground in some seconds, everything glowed around them.

The light was so bright that the man had to shut his ruby eyes. The last thing he managed to notice before losing his senses was strange high buildings that he had never seen in his whole life.

Then he felt a hard and painful impact and lost his consciousness completely.


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