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Through the worlds to you

Chapter 3

Their meeting

A dark-haired girl was walking down the street, holding a piece of paper in her hands. It was a self-made map of this area. The girl remembered the time when she had to draw it and her face dropped literary.

"So, how I suppose to find that dojo?" she asked no one in particular.

All the streets looked very much alike and it was hard to find the right place for a stranger like her. A vision of a dean appeared in her mind. Hijikata-san told her to spend 3 months in Kyoto, pointing out that it would bring good experience and it would be very helpful in her future profession as an art historian. That was why he had sent her to Kyoto to roam around all the meaningful and historical places, not forgetting about visiting libraries.

She didn't like to get lost, but it happened again. Well, at least she had a right address, so it wouldn't harm her if she asked a passing-by person about her destination, would it? Shinpachi-sensei was very helpful when he offered his best student a place where she could stay in Kyoto.

"He is my good friend. He has his own dojo, so it would be convenient. You won't forget anything I have taught you during these two years. You may stay at his house. I will call him today".

She joined the kendo-club when she entered the University. Actually, she had been attending kendo-clubs since she was small. Teachers saw great future in a tiny girl, who had unique skills in the art of sword. But also she was obsessed with history, that's why the girl was studying hard to become an art historian, so that someday she could take over her grandmother's business, which consisted of two antique shops.

Her grades were the best in the class and now group. Harada-sensei, her former History teacher back at high school, helped her to made right decision about her future profession. She had attended his lessons properly and after them they would discuss some historical events. She was very grateful to Harada-sensei for supporting her dream of becoming a professional in History.

But she also loved kendo. It was her passion. She remembered Okita-senpai's words when he came to see her off at the railway station.

"Don't try to run away, Chizuru-chan. We still haven't found out who is the strongest of us. I will be waiting for our next challenge," he said with a playful smile on his handsome face.

It was true: the two of them were unbeatable at the tournaments. They were called "Two bladed katana" and gained deep respect of all the University, as they were its pride.

Heisuke-kun, her childhood friend, was also there to wish her good luck and a nice trip to Kyoto. They had been best friends for ages, and Heisuke also joined the kendo-club, but his results were not that high as hers, though he took second places at the competitions.

Chizuru sighed with a gentle smile on her lips. After all she had really good friends and people around her.

After one more hour of searching, she had finally found what she was looking for. The area looked very traditional. The table on the gates proved that she was at the right place.

"The Saitos"

The name made her heart tighten in her chest and she didn't know why. Chizuru pressed the door bell and waited for an answer. After a minute of awaiting, the front door opened and a brown-haired young man came into a view.

"Saito-san?" Chizuru questioned shyly.

"No. Saito-sama is absent now. The name is Yamazaki. May I know who I am speaking with?"

"Oh!" she stiffened. "Watashi wa Yukimura Chizuru desu. I came from Tokyo. Shinpachi-sensei must have called you".

While she was telling him that, the man's eyes grew wider and wider with each second.

"Sorry for my rudeness, Yukimura-dono, please, come in. It seems that a little misunderstanding happened".

She walked after him into a traditionally decorated room of the house.

"I will call Saito-sama to tell him about your arrival. He drove off to meet you at the railway station but it seems that we were given incorrect information".

"Masaka!" the girl exclaimed in disbelieve, "I'm very sorry to cause so much trouble to your master!"

"Please, excuse me, I have to inform Saito-sama," and he left the room with a bow.

Chizuru's mood was on a zero level. She had already made a not-so-good impression of herself and caused trouble to Saito-san, whom she hadn't even seen yet. Great! Just great! And he went at the railway station especially to meet her. Oh, why didn't Shinpachi-sensei tell her about it? He must have known! It was such an embarrassing situation!

Some minutes later Yamazaki returned with a tray in his hands.

"Saito-sama will be back in an hour. You must be tired after the trip, please, have some herbal tea while I'm checking if the guestroom is ready".

"Oh, no, you don't have to!" she tried to resist, but the man put the tray on the table and bowed.

"It's Saito-sama's order".

When he went out of the room, Chizuru felt like crying. It wasn't her day that was for sure! After 15 minutes of pending, Yamazaki returned to the guest's side.

"Everything is prepared. Your luggage is already in your room. I'll show you the way. Please, follow me, Yukimura-dono," he said politely.

The girl was about to stand up and leave her herbal tea on the table, when a young maid appeared in the doorway and announced:

"Yamazaki-san, Saito-sama has returned".

The brown-haired man's eyebrows arched a little in surprise.

"That fast?" he wondered. "Arigato, you may be free".

And the woman retreated with a bow. Yamazaki turned to face the guest and was about to say something, but Chizuru was the first one who began speaking:

"I'd like to stay here and meet your master. I want to greet him and give him my deep respect".

The man nodded in approval.

"Alright. You may wait here. I will go and tell Saito-sama about your audience".

"Thank you, Yamazaki-san," was her shy reply.

When the brown-haired man disappeared from the view, the girl's heart started to beat faster in fear. Somehow, the situation wasn't on her side. Her imagination was already drawing a picture of the owner of this giant house: cold grey eyes, a malevolent face, a dark killing aura that could freeze you to death…

"Scary!" she whined, shutting her eyes in despair, but when she opened them again, a figure of a well-dressed young man appeared before her eyes.

He was tall and breathtakingly handsome. An average length of thick dark-violet hair, expressive azure eyes, framed with dark long eye-lashes, well-shaped lips, determined chin—his face radiated concentration and confidence. This man was dressed in an austere yet elegant dark-blue suit and there was a black leather case in his left hand. All those details could describe him as a serious and well-behaved young man.

Chizuru's body felt like numb, when she gazed into his mesmerizing crystal-blue eyes. She didn't even notice when he moved his lips to say:

"Hajime mashite, Yukimura-san. I'm very glad to meet you in our modest accommodation. Please, take my apologies for the misunderstanding. Shinpachi-san called my parents who are on a business-trip right now. They confused something with the train schedule and gave me incorrect information. Please, forgive me for not meeting you at the station," after he said that, he bowed politely to the younger girl.

When she saw him bowing and apologizing like that, Chizuru's eyes widened in terror.

"Saito-san! It's me who must ask for forgiveness! It's not your fault! I found your household very quickly and Yamazaki-san has already settled everything down. I'm very sorry for not giving you a phone-call myself, but Shinpachi-sensei didn't give me your phone number. Please, forgive me for causing you so much trouble, Saito-san!" she finished her nervous speech with a deep bow of respect. Actually, she was so charmed by his deep yet velvet voice, so she had to hide her blushing face from his sight.

He scanned her figure very attentively, and she felt as her heart skipped a beat from the gaze of his azure eyes.

And the young man was pleased to see that this girl was wearing a nice and modest summer-dress of peach colour that made her look very feminine and fragile, her hair was taken in a neat hair-style and there was an almost invisible yet fresh make-up on her face. Also she wore a sweet, barely catchable perfume. Soito assumed that she grew up in an intelligent family. If to be honest, he didn't like that negligent style and defiant make-up young girls loved to wear nowadays. All those hole-ridden jeans, revealing tops and snickers made him avert his gaze to the side as it wasn't a pleasant view to watch, to his mind.

Chizuru didn't know what was happening to her. She had imagined him to be some kind of a monster, but in reality he appeared to be a very nice and well-behaved young man in his early 20s.

A sigh of relief could be heard in the room as the young master smiled lightly and spoke:

"My name is Saito Hajime. I am very glad to have you as a guest. Please, feel yourself at home, Yukimura-san".

Chizuru lifted her shy gaze at him and returned his almost invisible smile with a lovely and wide one.

"Watashi wa Yukimura Chizuru desu. Thank you for your kindness, Saito-san," they exchanged bows of respect and looked at each other again. Chizuru's cheeks couloured light pink, which made her look even more adorable.

"You may call me Saito-senpai. I'm not much older than you," the dark-amethyst-haired young man uttered, trying to sound as friendly as it was possible, since he noticed that his presence made her feel a little uneasy.

"H-hai," was her short but very unsure reply.

"Now, you must be tired after the trip. Yamazaki will show you the room you may rest".

And as if he was hiding somewhere in the room, the brown-haired man appeared beside his master.

Chizuru thanked her host and retreated, following the butler.


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