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Through the worlds to you

Chapter 4

Her ideals

And the life in Kyoto began. Her days flew by the following way: at first she had breakfast with Saito-senpai, then they went their separate ways—she went roaming around the libraries and museums and he headed to the University to practice his ambassador skills. She spent her dinner at the nearest café to the place she currently was. After a working day she came back to the Saitos' mansion at 7 p.m. since the late dinner started at 7.30 p.m.

Saito-senpai was a very polite and considerate person; he always asked Chizuru about her day and never treated her as a lodger. The young girl loved to talk to him. It turned out that they had very much in common. They both adored samurais and spent hours talking about the way samurais lived and the greatness of their bushido code. So, that was how Saito learned that Chizuru was going to become the next owner of her grandmother's antiques shops. Also he got very interested when she said that her father was a professor of hematology and he and his partner Sanaan-san were busy with their researches in Germany.

"After my brother and I have grown up, our mother never leaves her husband's side and she went abroad with our father."

Saito was a little surprised to find out that Chizuru had a twin-brother, who wasn't interested in the antique and history. He was more like their father, that was why he chose studying medicine and bounded his life up with it. But she was in love with history and kendo. They had never been in good terms as siblings but still she loved her brother and wanted him to become a good person.

Saito told her about his family in return. He was the only child of his parents. His father was a chief of police and his mother was an ambassador, but due to her work she spent most of time on business trips. His father couldn't let her go on her own to Italy and retired from his work so that he could join his wife. It had been 3 years since they left for Rome, but there was a single year left before their assignment came to the end. As far as he was concerned, Saito-senpai was on his last year of studying to become an ambassador. While his parents were away, he looked after their household and a family dojo. That dojo was 200 years old and taught their unique style of swordsmanship.


It had been 2 weeks already since she came to live at the young man's house, but Saito-senpai refused to take any payment from her. Chizuru didn't like it because it made her feel like a burden to him. She wanted to pay him back for his kindness and hospitality, but every time she started telling him about that, he changed the topic so skillfully, that it made Chizuru forget about what she wanted to say in the first place.

One day she decided to go to the backyard to get some practice. She missed those times when Okita-senpai and she had challenges to find out who was the strongest and the quickest, but every time they crossed their katanas, it was impossible to tell who was the winner. They were equal but that fact didn't make them happy. Being equal didn't mean to be the first one. That was why they kept on challenging each other only to get the same result in the end again and again.

The morning was cool and refreshing , the young girl got up, took her precious katana and went down a narrow corridor that led to the tradition garden at the back yard of the house. The dark-haired maiden opened the door carefully, so it wouldn't make a single sound. She didn't want to wake up anyone since it was early in the morning. When the door was opened, her eyes caught a glimpse of someone's well-built figure. Chizuru froze on her spot. She became a witness of Saito-senpai's morning practice. He held his katana with both hands and breathed deeply with his eyes closed. He was dressed in traditional black yukata. Chizuru's eyes widened in admiration when he made a quick but sharp slice that caused a tiny stick to cut in half. Her heart started beating faster as she looked at the man who had such great skills in swordsmanship. A sudden idea crossed her mind while she watched his practice from her shelter. The girl smiled to herself and closed the door, hiding Saito's perfect stance from the view.


Saito knew that she was there, watching him. He sensed her presence but decided not to show it. For some unknown reason he felt pleased that she was watching him. It was a strange feeling, he had never felt anything like that before, not to mention, that he had never let anyone to disturb him while he was practicing. She didn't disturb him, but she was still there…if it was anyone else but her, he would have punished that intruder. Hajime didn't like it when someone stared at him especially when he was trying to improve his skills in the art of sword. That was why he always got up with the first sun rays to have some privacy in the garden.

The young man sensed her strong spirit that was longing for a challenge and it amused him. Also Saito's subconsciousness noticed her sudden disappearance. It made him a little disappointed about the fact that she left so fast. The next moment his crystal-blue eyes flew open and with one swift motion he killed another "enemy" without mercy.

She would definitely get that challenge she desired so much… he was ready to fulfill her needs. But most of all Hajime Saito was surprised by himself: he had never sensed such great spirit and a wish to protect someone as that girl had.

A shade of smile crossed his handsome face, as he brushed some strands of his fore-hair away from his eyes.


Weekend came the next day. Saito was at home preparing for a lesson. He taught kendo to a group of young man in his family dojo. And so, when he was checking his katana, Chizuru came in and walked to her host with unpredictable sparkles in her chocolate eyes.

"Saito-senpai, I have something to tell you".

The dark-haired man put back his katana into its sheath and looked down at the girl, placing his penetrating blue eyes on her. He was much taller than her that was why she had to lift her face to look at his face.

"I'm listening. What do you want to say, Yukimura-san?"

Chizuru bit her lower lip in uncertainty and started to play with her fingers, but despite that nervousness, she found some courage to look at his face firmly.

"I'm very honoured to live in your wonderful house, Saito-senpai, but I feel like a sponger! You refuse to take any payment from me and it makes me feel like a real burden! I know that you are very busy and you don't have enough time to rest, so…I…" she stammered, while he was looking at her very attentively and even intriguingly. He really was a little curious to know what she was up to.

Yukimura exhaled and sent him a gaze full of determination, which he received with amusement.

"Let me help you with teaching. I know how to hold and use katana! My teachers were Kondo-san and Shinpachi-san. I may replace you on the lessons".

Hajime's dark eyebrow arched elegantly as he continued listening to her demanding speech. He noted her seriousness and desperation. The girl's spirit couldn't stop surprising him.

Without saying a single word, Saito turned away from her and approached a stand where many blades were lying. He took one of them and threw it towards the brunette, which she skillfully caught with her right hand.

"Prove me the rightness of your words," was his precise yet sharp reply.

Chizuru's lips curved into a smile as she wielded her katana and took a stance. Saito followed her example.

The battle began instantly. The girl had really high skills, the young man noticed. She was indescribably quick, sharp and powerful. He checked her facilities in every aspect. It was a serious challenge, not a trial one that he wanted to start with. He got really interested in how she fought. But the most surprising thing for the young swordsman was that he could clearly see the secret blocks and moves of his family's technique in her style. The fact amazed him to no limits. She did them unconsciously, he noted, because it didn't look like she spent a lot of time learning them by heart. The only thing the young Saito knew was that all those secret attacks and blocks were never taught in their dojo and never passed to anyone else but the Saito family.

How did this girl know them?

It was a mystery to him.

Also Hajime was pleasantly surprised about the fact that those elements of his style looked wonderful on her. With every blow and every block her dark-brown hair swayed in the air due to the quickness of her action. Her eyes were glowing with fire and spirit of challenge. He didn't know how to describe his emotions he felt right now, but for some reason she looked unique to his eyes.

The battle ended abruptly. He stopped it on purpose. There was no reason to continue it since he needed time to analyze everything he had learnt and known that day.

This girl was full of mysteries and he had a strong feeling of solving some of them.

The young people bowed to each other in respect.

"Well?" her voice sounded light due to her rapid breathing, and that very sound had almost made her always calm and concentrated senpai blush like a high-school student on his first date. "Saito-senpai, will you give me your permission to teach in your dojo?"

Her eyes sparkled with confidence and superiority. The dark-amethyst-haired man shook his dark chevelure, brushing his bangs away from his wetted forehead as he did so, and told her in a low and a little bit too serious, even ordering, tone:

"You may take the elementary group. They come to study at noon".

After saying that, he turned and walked out of the wooden-floored dojo, leaving a bewildered girl alone.

He couldn't let her teach the teens and older men because she was too adorable with katana in her hands, therefore, that could shake their discipline and make them forget about the reason why they had come to this dojo in the first place. Saito could tell that for sure, since he had almost become a victim of her unique charms.

The young man swallowed hard and wiped some beads of sweat from his blushing face. It was painful to admit, but he had just lost that challenge… she defeated him not with her skills of a sword-master...no…he was in a good shape and could win that challenge, though he had to admit that she was a strong opponent.

He lost to her disorientating femininity…

Saito stopped in a long corridor and covered his eyes with his palm. He had to take a cold shower or else all of those thoughts would drive him crazy. He couldn't kick the image of her lovely yet determinate face during their challenge out of his mind.

"What's happening to me?" he whined, feeling as his cheeks and ears were getting hotter and hotter with every passing second.


Chuzuru was expecting something, but she didn't expect to become a teacher for an elementary group! She thought that her skills would be more useful in teaching older groups.

Her mood fell. But if to think..she would be helpful to Saito-senpai anyways, even if it meant teaching kindergarteners. The girl sighed in defeat. Well, if it was really what he wanted, she would do it without hesitation. Maybe she wouldn't feel herself like a sponger after that.

Chizuru's gaze fell on a sword stand. She remembered the challenge she had some minutes ago and her soul filled with thrilling emotions. She had never felt so much on the edge before. She adored challenging Okita-senpai. He was cool, quick…and loved to tease her during their fights…

But…this challenge was different.

The girl didn't know how to describe those emotions she felt. She couldn't find the right words…but all she could say was:

"It was unforgettable…"

Her whole body was trembling in excitement when her katana crossed with his—calm, concentrated and mysterious young man whose name was Saito Hajime. And his eyes…they were several times brighter than before. It could mean only one thing—he enjoyed that challenger no less than she did.

Chizuru thought bitterly that his students had more chances to cross their blades with their teacher's and enjoy a thrilling battle that made your blood both boil and freeze in your veins.

"I wish I could become his student too…" the brown-haired girl whined hopelessly, heading back to her room and leaving an empty dojo behind.


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