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Through the worlds to you

Chapter 6

Her fate

That night Chizuru had a nightmare. In her bad dream she was running away from someone who wanted to catch her. That someone had ruby eyes and a sadistic smile. She tried her hardest to hide from that awful person, but couldn't find a place that could shelter her; he found her everywhere.

Also she knew that there was someone that could save and protect her. Chizuru ran faster, glancing from side to side to find that only one, she loved with all her heart.

But there was nobody around. There was only enveloping darkness.

Strength was slowly leaving her body as she fell on the hard ground on the edge of despair.

"Please, help me! Don't leave me alone here! I beg you, save me from him!" she kept on crying in the air.


In the middle of the night Hajime woke up from the sound of someone's scream. He couldn't comprehend what was going on at first, because his mind was still clouded from the sleep, but when he heard another silent cry, the young man jumped up from his bed and ran out of his bedroom in search of the source of the sound. His absolute hearing brought him to the door of Yukimura-san's bedroom. He hesitated to open it at first, thinking that it wasn't a good idea to burst into an unmarried girl's private room in the middle of the night, but when he heard another loud howl that was coming from behind the door, his heart refused to obey those rules of politeness any longer, and the young man resolutely entered the room without knocking.

Yukimura-san was lying on her futon, tossing and turning, muttering some incoherent phrases in her anxious sleep. Her hair was a mess; her face was wet from tears her closed eyes were losing unconsciously. The blanket was lying somewhere away from her body. The night gown she was wearing got tangled between her thighs, showing a smooth creamy skin of her long slender legs. Hajime got paralyzed to the spot by the view. His eyes widened in shock as he realized that he was staring at his guest all that time since he had crossed the threshold of her room. A feeling of disgust to himself burnt in his chest. Yes, he was angry with himself for behaving in such rude way towards the girl. But there was a fact that made him very furious with himself too, and it was that he found Yukimura-san very attractive and breathtakingly beautiful in the moment of her vulnerability. And still...he couldn't take his eyes off of her. Only the next loud sob that escaped her mouth forced him to come back to reality.

He rushed to her side and knelt beside her trembling body. Hajime scolded himself mentally: he didn't even notice that she was shivering while he was looking at her so shamelessly. What was wrong with him?

Trying to avoid looking at her body, which was partly revealed by the nightgown, Saito reached out for the blanket, that was lying aside from the futon, and covered the girl carefully, hiding her form till the shoulder line. Then he sighed in relief. He didn't know why, but he felt very hot right now and he didn't like that suffocating feeling at all. The young man placed his sharp eyes on her troubled face. It seemed that the dream she was having caused her too much pain and torture.

The moonlight percolated through the window and lightened the room a little. At that very moment the young master of the household noticed a katana, which lay beside the girl's sleeping place. The katana had a red silky ribbon that was tied to the hilt. The blade looked exactly like his family relic at first sight. It surprised the young man to no limits, but he decided to think about it later. The girl was still sobbing and crying in her sleep and she needed help…his help…

The blue-eyed young man took her by the shoulders and started shaking them carefully.

"Yukimura-san, wake up!"

His first attempt wasn't successful as she burst into more tears and mumbled something in her sleep. Hajime bent down closer to her head to listen to what she was muttering. To his great surprise he heard her begging for help and protection.

Hajime had never faced such complicated situations in his life before but his instincts were telling him that he must bring her to consciousness no matter what. Confused and hesitant, he lifted her upper body by the shoulders and started to shake her harder.

"Wake up! You're having a bad dream, Yukimura-san. Please, open your eyes!"

And as if it happened with the help of some magic, the girl's puffy eyelids flew open. She stared at him for some moments, not fully comprehending where she was. Her brown orbs were glittering from wetness in the semi-darkness. Her bangs were glued to her forehead and her lower lip was trembling from hysteria as well as her whole body.

He could say that she was still under the power of bad illusions she had been seeing in her nightmare. Chizuru was shivering uncontrollably, gulping the air with her mouth. Saito didn't know what got into him, but the next moment he wrapped his strong arms around the girl's slim body and pressed her head to his firm chest. He didn't say anything, nor did she. He could feel his black silky pajama getting wetter and wetter with her unsubsided tears and cold sweat. But he didn't care. Her tensed body started relaxing slowly and he was glad that he could help. Then her breathing began changing from rapid to steady, and finally, she stopped shivering in his arms.

Little did he know that Yukimura-san was facing dilemma right now. Her right ear was pressed to his firm broad chest and she could hear his steady rhythmic heartbeat very clearly, that sounded like a lullaby to her. Deep inside Chizuru knew that she had heard that same magical sound somewhere before. But where exactly? She didn't know. She had never been so close to anyone like she was now. The calming sound in her right ear made her melt in Saito's embrace and Chizuru started drifting to sleep again. It was so warm and cozy sitting like that, that the brown-haired girl didn't want to let the source of this warmth go. So, she hugged it gently, pressing herself to it even harder.

Azure eyes widened in surprise as he felt her slender arms wrapping themselves around his torso. The sensation was very pleasant and new, he noted. He had never been hugged by a girl before, but somehow he was glad that the first girl who dared to embrace him was Yukimura-san. He didn't know why, but it felt really very nice and he liked the sensation. Saito noticed that every time she was near, he got overwhelmed with strange indescribable feelings, that he didn't know how to call. But what was obvious as the daylight, was that he enjoyed her company, he found her interesting and very educated, yet she looked mysterious to his eyes. Saito couldn't understand his own feelings towards the girl, but he analyzed himself and realized that he was getting drawn to her like a magnet. He had never felt this way before during his encounters with females from his circle of acquaintance.

But no matter how good it felt to be in the captive of her gentle embrace, he couldn't let himself stay at Yukimura-san's room for the whole night. He came here only to make sure if everything was alright. And now, when she had finally calmed down after her nightmare, he had no reason and right to stay here any longer. Yes. It was what his consciousness was telling him, but his heart had another point of view. Deep inside, Hajime wanted to stay and protect this vulnerable girl's sleep, save her from bad dreams and scary shadows, and just be there for her if she needed his help.

Of course, he thought that those secret wishes of his were absurd.

"I am no one to her to treat her like this," Hajime scolded himself mentally for letting such bold thoughts cross his mind, and decided to give the girl her needed rest in privacy.

The dark-haired man took her arms away from his body carefully in order not to wake her up and gently lay her petite form on the soft futon. The girl was already sleeping peacefully; her steady breath was a proof of that. Saito covered her with a thin blanket heedfully. His warm hand brushed away the wet strands from her face unconsciously. Then the gaze of his crystal-blue eyes fell on the katana, that was still lying next to the futon. The man took the object in his hands with interest and wielded the katana a little to take a look at the blade. His eyes widened in amusement as he examined it very carefully. There was the same stamp his family's relic had; the same stamp and on the same spot—right below the hilt. There couldn't be any mistake. This katana was forged by the same smith who created his family's treasure, and as far as Hajime knew, all the smith's works were always in a single copy.

Saito's gaze travelled back to the sleeping girl's face. Could it be even possible? The young man put the katana back next to its owner and hurriedly exited the room, closing the door behind him silently. He sighed heavily and brushed his hand against his bangs thoughtfully. He needed to make sure that he wasn't mistaken. So, the young master headed to the cabinet that was located in the east wing of the house. When he entered it, Saito walked to the wall and opened a portrait of his family that was hanging on the wall. It happened to be a narrow wall safe where the Saitos kept their family's most treasurable relic.

The moment Hajime took it in his hands, he got absolutely sure about one thing…

she had the very same katana as the Saito dynasty had.

But how could it be possible?


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