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Through the Worlds to You

Chapter 9

Her breakdown

She could have borne any pain and torture. She wouldn't have frozen when it snowed. Even the salty flavor of salt would have been sweet to her if only…

…If only he was by her side forever…

…If only the reality was not so cruel…

If only it could bring Hajime-san back to life.

Chizuru sat in the darkness of her room, hugging the only real thing she had in this world—her husband's katana. The tears wouldn't subside no matter how hard she tried. Her sorrow was inconsolable. The girl went through her beloved man's death for the second time. At first it was at the battlefield and now—after remembering her past.

If only it could be called the past…

They said that time healed everything but the pain in her heart was still too severe. How could it happen? She couldn't believe that Kazama was telling the truth, she couldn't remember doing anything that could bring them to this strange world, where…

there was a copy of her dear and tender love…

…where all of Shinsengumi members were alive and lived their own happy lives.

The girl understood that she had to be happy for them, but…

…it didn't change the fact that she was alone and unneeded. She didn't belong here. Everything was a mistake, someone's harsh joke. Who decided to send her here, when she had lost everything in her world and had nothing to gain in this one?

They wouldn't give her husband back, so why bother making all of this illusion? She would have never fallen a victim of misery if Hajime-san was still alive. She would have never had nightmares if she had him by her side at nights. She would have given everything only to greet him with her usual cheerful "okaeri" one more time. She was ready to give her life away if only it could raise her dear Hajime-san from the dead.

"Do you believe me, Hajime-san, that I would never betray the memory of you?" Chizuru whispered emotionlessly, hugging the katana to her chest like there was no tomorrow. "Will you believe me that I will always revere your spirit? It's a pity that we can't be given a second chance, so that I could protect you, Hajime-san," her body started trembling in hysteria again. Her eyes hurt from the tears they were losing, but Chizuru didn't care. That pain was nothing comparing to that she felt in her heart. When Hajime-san was gone, the giant world darkened around her.

She didn't ask for anything. She was happy even if that happiness lasted that little. She was really happy to love her dear husband and being loved by him in return. But…

…her poor soul was tightened with unbearable sadness and yet it was still waiting for something…

for a slightest miracle.

The memories of him were still too fresh in her mind. She remembered his azure eyes, his deep and velvet voice that she could never get tired of listening, his rare but sincere smiles, his long smooth dark hair that she loved to comb in the evenings, his strong arms, in tender embraces of which she could forget her own name, his warm and soft lips that whispered all those vows of love and devotion and caressed her during the sleepless nights of their honeymoon. She knew that she was marrying a warrior with unpredictable fate, and they had no guarantee to spend their life in happiness and calmness like common married couples did. But still her heart refused to take the truth. All too soon they were divided.

"I want to be with you, Hajime-san…" Chizuru whined, feeling sudden dizziness. She clenched the katana tightly in her hands. For some unknown reason it was getting hard to breathe. "Please, take me to where you are…" those were the last words she whispered before blacking out and falling on the hard wooden floor.


Saito couldn't sleep that night. The memory of the girl's frightened face was still playing in his mind. He felt frustrated and concerned. Somehow, the young man felt guilty for not stopping her from attending that misfortunate dinner. He had a bad feeling about it from the very beginning and she even came to him for a piece of advice, but he didn't do anything to prevent the consequences.

He screwed everything up.

No matter how much he wanted to go and check if she was alright, he couldn't…not after that fear in her eyes, when she looked at him in the corridor.

He tried to get rid of bad thoughts, to convince himself that there was nothing to be so worried about, but…he couldn't but feel responsible for Yukimura-san. She was his guest and something not good had happened to her.

And he didn't know what exactly it was.

Even the night practice under the pouring rain didn't help to bring himself together and cool his emotions. There was nothing left to do but wait for the morning, when he would get an opportunity to ask Yukimura-san about the previous day's events at the dinner.


The night was beautiful. The moonlight fell on the wooden floor of the room, where they shared their futon. It was their second night as a married couple and Chizuru still couldn't get used to those new overwhelming sensations her husband made her go though. It felt like she could reach the sky with her bare hand. Even now, lying so close to each other, with her naked back pressed to his flat strong chest, she felt like she was the happiest in the world.

Chizuru sighed lightly and closed her eyes. The images of their beautiful, full of love and caring, night were still freshly playing in her mind. A blissful smile touched her still swallowed lips as she gently took her sleeping husband's hand and lay her small one in his, intertwining their fingers.

A soft kiss on her round shoulder made her realize that she woke him up with her hasty actions.

"Why are you not sleeping, koishii?" she heard his deep yet so gentle voice by her very ear. His breath was hot and moist against her skin.

"I was about to…" Chizuru answered, melting in pleasure as the man's lips started to travel down the back of her neck.

"You need to take a rest, so, go to sleep," he whispered, taking her in a tight embrace, "and I will be here and protect your peaceful slumber".

The young woman smiled to herself after hearing his words.

"I love you, Hajime-san," her voice was filled with care and adoration. "And I want to be with you forever."

"You will, I promise," Saito answered quietly. The calmness of his tone gave her courage to continue.

"You know, I was thinking…"


"About our life." She made a little pause before starting to speak again in a troubled voice. "I am scared, Hajime-san. The time we are living in is very dangerous. I'm worried about you, about our family, our future. Sometimes I wish there were no samurais, wars and onis. I dream of a peaceful world, where we could live our life happily together and grow up our children, where I could be a common mortal human and love Hajime Saito forever. I'm scared, Hajime-san, that something bad may happen and I would lose you," her voice was trembling slightly from the emotions she tried to hide.

The young head of the family couldn't let his wife suffer from anxious thoughts, so he sharply turned her body and lay her on her back, lifting himself up on his outstretched arms and bending above his surprised wife.

He looked right into her dark glittering eyes, trying to build a contact between their souls.

"Wherever I am and whenever you need me, remember, that I am always with you no matter how far we may be from each other. I will always be by your side and protect you from any harm. You will never be alone, Chizuru".

He sounded serious and determination was clearly heard in his tone. Chizuru watched as her husband's eyes darkened emotionally with the last words his lips said.

"Hajime-san…" was all she managed to utter before Saito bent his face down and covered his fragile wife's mouth with an exciting kiss, that was proving the rightness of his vow.

The kiss grew deeper and led to tight embraces, the embraces led to sensual touches and the rest of the night was spent collecting stars from the dark-blue sky, that the married couple was gently giving to each other during the night.


The next morning Yamazaki told his master that Yukimura-san wouldn't answer his knockings.

"I have tried several times, but she doesn't open the door".

Hajime knotted his eyebrows. Sitting at the dinner table, he hoped to meet the girl before he went to the University, but after hearing Yamazaki's words he couldn't find peace. The young man had no strength to hold back any longer. He had to check her up and make sure if she was alright, even if it meant skipping his studies.

The servant and his master went upstairs and stopped by the door to Yukimura-san's room. After several futile attempts to receive the answer to his knockings, the young heir of the Saitos turned the doorknob and opened the door only to see a terrible scene. He rushed to his guest's side, who was lying on the floor lifelessly.

"Yukimura-san! Yukimura-san! Please, open your eyes!" he kept on crying lifting the girl by the shoulders and shaking her. He was scared that she was dead but after his hands touched her skin Saito sighed in relief. But…

"Yamazaki-san!" the young man called the butler, "She is burning!"

The brown-haired servant laid his palm on the girl's hot forehead and nodded his head in concern.

"Yes, she has a fever. Perhaps it happened because Yukimura-san spent some time under the rain yesterday and didn't change into dry clothes. But still," the man said thoughtfully, "it's not that cold outside to catch such severe fever".

"She was upset with something yesterday. I am afraid that something bad could happen at the dinner," Hajime answered worriedly, still holding the girl's upper body in his embrace.

"You mean…violence?"

Saito's heart tightened when he heard Yamazaki's supposition. But he couldn't say that he didn't think about such possibility himself.

"Yes…" was all he could utter.

"Saito-sama, I know that you are worried about Yukimura-san's wellbeing, but I have to ask you to leave the room. I have to examine her condition. I am sorry for my rudeness but I ask you not a as a butler but as your family doctor".

The young heir exhaled roughly, he didn't want to leave the poor girl alone but also he knew that Yamazaki was a profy in medicine since he graduated with honors from Medical Academy in Tokyo, he gave up his vocation though and decided to work for the Saitos, who helped his family once in the past.

"I understand. Please, inform me when you know the results," with those words Hajime laid the girl's burning body on the futon and stood up. "I will be in the cabinet," he said quietly and exited the room.

Little did anyone know that he was on the edge of despair. He was blaming himself for what happened to Yukimura-san. His mind was showing him different pictures of possible opportunities of what could had happened the previous evening and all of them were terrible and made his hair stand on its ends. Hajime tried to calm himself down. He opened the door to his cabinet and closed it behind him, exhaling in distress. Somehow he realized that he couldn't stand watching Yukimura-san's suffering. He didn't know when he got so attached to the girl but the result was as clear as water: Saito didn't want to let her go and return to the capital. He needed to see her and take place in her life even if it meant to be her land-lord. The mere thought that another man could have taken advantage of that strong spirited girl made Hajime's blood stand cold in his veins.

The young man covered his eyes with his slightly trembling hand. No, it couldn't be true…she was a skilled profy after all and could defend herself in a moment of danger. And yet…she was also a fragile girl whose complexion could easily lose to someone bigger and firmer. He would never forgive himself if something terrible happened to Yukimura-san. At that very moment of unbearable soul torments someone knocked on the door and made the young master come back to reality. He couldn't even notice that he had spaced out still leaning his back against the door.

"Who is it?" Hajime asked roughly. He didn't want to sound that way though.

"It's Yamazaki," the answer was.

Saito stepped aside and opened the door, letting the butler come in.

"How is she?" Hajime couldn't recognize himself. He had never used to say anything before thinking.

"Yukimura-san's condition is stable, but she has a fever, perhaps it's because she stayed under the rain, but from my point of view she could have had a shock that influenced her psychological state and as a result—influenced her wellbeing. She needs proper treatment right now."

Hajime listened to Yamazaki's every word but still he wasn't satisfied with the report. He still needed to know if Yukimura-san was safe and unharmed. As if reading his master's thoughts, the medic added:

"I haven't found any signs of violence on her body, but there is a nasty bruise on her right wrist. It seems that someone took it by force."

"I see," Saito answered, looking at one spot with his emotionless eyes.

"This is what I wanted to tell you. I told the maid to change Yukimura-san into dry clothes. Sorry for disturbing, Saito-sama," Yamazaki bowed and left the cabinet, leaving his master alone. Such situations were rarity but now it was one of those moments when Hajime didn't know what to do and how to act. He could rely on Yamazaki's medical examinations. If the man said that Yukimura-san was untouched than it was true, and yet… who could grab her wrist so roughly that it caused a bruise on her skin? Somehow the young man couldn't but think about the only person who could bring troubles to the girl.

Kazama Chikage…

Saito remembered perfectly his lustful gaze when the blond came to the mansion to take his future wife home. Those eyes were not human's but animal's and they were looking at Yukimura-san, insulting her while doing so. Hajime remembered the tension in her aura, when Kazama was devouring her with his mysterious eyes. She was afraid of him and still she agreed to have a dinner with Osen-san and her freaky fiancé. What a brave girl she was!

And he… Hajime felt really bad realizing that he was the only one who could prevent the occurred incident. He could and had to stop her from going there but he hadn't done that. The only thing he could do now was begging for forgiveness for not managing to protect her. Even if he was no one to her, just her temporary host, he felt like he needed to keep her safe. The young man still didn't know why he had those strange emotions when it came to Yukimura-san's concern, but right now he had no time to muse about it. He wanted to see his guest and make sure she was getting better. With those confident thoughts the young master of the house left the cabined and headed towards the girl's room.


It had been 2 days now since they found her passed out on the floor of her room. Yukimura-san hadn't gained her conscious yet. Yamazaki did everything that he could to stop the fever and after getting the girl on a drip, her body's temperature reduced a little, but still it wasn't normal and the Saitos' family doctor couldn't understand why it was still high.

Hajime took care of his special guest, actually he stayed by her side during the nights and days. Thankfully, Yukimura-san's illness happened to be on week-end so he didn't have to skip the studies, but even if it occurred on workdays he would have definitely stayed here by Yukimura-san's side. She was much more important than anything else right now. Putting cool cloths on her still hot forehead was the smallest he could do to help the girl to recover. She looked so fragile and sad in her sleep that Saito wondered what dreams she was having.

It was getting late outdoors. The night started to fade away slowly only to be replaced with another sunny day. Hajime turned his head to look at the sleeping girl again. With a heavy sigh escaping his lips, the young man took the girl's hand in his and gently caressed the bruised skin on her slender wrist with his thumb.

"I'll protect you, Yukimura-san," he barely whispered, laying the girl's hand beside her. His face expressed sorrow and determination at the same time. Hajime closed his crystal-blue eyes for concentration, sitting on his knees with his hands at his lap. He wanted to know the true reason of the happened drama and also he needed to know why she was so afraid of him after that dinner, but all he could do now was waiting for Yukimura-san's awakening.


Chizuru was wandering aimlessly at the battlefield that was covered with dead bodies of the members of glorious Shinsengumi. Her eyes got widened in terror as she recognized her friends in those killed people. A horrifying fear sneaked into her heart as she rushed forwards to find the only man she prayed to be still alive.

"Hajime-san!" a heart-rending squall echoed in the air as she continued running, looking at every dead man's face. "No, it can't be true…" she kept telling herself. "He couldn't die! No!" Chizuru's eyes started to lose hot pearls of tears.

"Hajime-san! Where are you? Please, answer me!" she ran and ran and ran until her feet met an edge of a cliff. "Where are you, Hajime-san? Please, tell me that you are alright!" she cried in despair. "I don't want to lose you! I am not ready for such outcome! I beg you, tell me where you are! I want to be with you!" but there was no answer to her prays. Dead silence enveloped her as she fell on her knees and cried her heart out. "Hajime-san, please don't leave me alone. I need you so much… Why, oh why couldn't I protect you? Wherever you are, please take me with you!" the young widow cried in the air and her words echoed in the sky.

She didn't find him among the other Shinsengumi soldiers, she looked everywhere but she didn't find her only one, no matter how hard she tried to. A cruel feeling of fatal despair was about to devour her heart and soul completely when she heard someone calling her name.


She snapped out from her trance and lifted her head.


There couldn't be any mistake, it was her dear husband's voice!

"Hajime-san! Where are you?" the girl exclaimed, standing on her feet and looking around.

"I am right here beside you".

"I can't see you! Please, show me yourself!" she desperately begged.

"I will always be with you. Wherever I am and whenever you need me, I will always be by your side. Believe me…"

"Hajime-san, I don't understand what you mean".

"Chizuru…" the voice started to fade away.

"Hajime-san! No! Don't leave!"

"I am here. Open your eyes!"


Yukimura's eyes flew open as she gasped for air greedily. She stared at the ceiling above her for some moments only to comprehend where she was. She could swear that just a minute ago she heard her husband's voice. The girl laid her palm on her forehead and felt something wet on her face. She took it away and got surprised to see a white cloth in her hand.

"Whathappened?" she asked herself mentally, closing her eyes, willing to remember the past events of the previous day. But all she could bring back at that moment was a horrific nightmare where her dear husband was killed along with the rest of Shunsengumi members, and she couldn't find his body at the battlefield. It felt so realistic that Chizuru had to make a lot of effort not to burst into bitter tears.

"Itwasjustabaddream," she tried to convince herself, getting up so she could sit in her futon. The moment she opened her eyes again, the girl noticed a young dark-haired man sitting beside her "bed". He looked fast asleep with his head down and steady breathing.

Chizuru face lit up as she recognized her beloved husband in that man. So it was just a bad dream. Hajime-san was here safe and sound. A gentle smile crossed her face as she looked at him warmly. He couldn't get rid of that habit of his to sleep in a sitting position, couldn't he?

The next moment she felt as her heart tightened. Somehow she felt so lonely vulnerable right now. Her nightmares were making her losing her sanity. She was so afraid of losing him, that the fear started living in her dreams, showing the awful scenes she could barely stand. Chizuru couldn't understand why, but right now she missed Hajime-san's proximity, she longed to touch him, smell him, hold him and embrace him as if she hadn't done it for ages. Her eyes softened as the pure and eternal love filled her heart and soul. The young woman crawled to his sleeping figure and bent her head down so she could find his lips with hers.

She kissed him gently and slowly, realizing how much it meant to her right now. She let out a small, almost soundless moan of bliss as her fingers ran down his cheek lightly. If only someone knew how right it felt to kiss the man you love with all your being! Chizuru didn't even notice closing her eyes, melting in the longing kiss, but when she felt Hajime-san's sharp inhale, she opened them to see if he woke up too.

The moment their eyes locked Yukimura found out that she had made a terrible mistake.

The man she was kissing right now wasn't her dear husband. His surprised and totally inquiring gaze was the proof of it. Suddenly her forgotten memories showed up in her mind and brought her back to cruel reality.

The girl jumped away from the man she dared to kiss thinking that he was her beloved soul-mate. Even when she stared at him with widened and shocked eyes, he still didn't move from his position and continued staring at her with the same unreadable expression on his face. Chizuru pressed her palm to her mouth, her eyes filled with tears and her lips started trembling in silent hysteria.

"Hajime-san…it can't be!.." she said in desperate tone before jumping on her feet and rushing to the door.

So, it wasn't a nightmare. Hajime-san and the others were dead for real and after she buried them something strange happened and she ended up in this weird world, where her husband, family and friends were alive but had other personalities. She wasn't the same herself. In this world she didn't have any powers as she used to have in the past. Now she was a common human she always wanted to be, but not under current circumstances. And just a moment ago she had confused her dear Hajime-san with Saito-senpai! She thought that she was kissing her love but she kissed her respected host instead. What a shame! How could she look at him after what happened just a moment ago? He would think that she was a perverted and ill-behaved woman! Why? Why didn't she notice the substitution earlier? Was it because it didn't feel wrong while she was kissing him? Maybe it was because it felt like it should be? It was true, when she was kissing Saito-senpai she was absolutely sure that it was her husband whom she kissed. It was his lips, his scent, his body heat…that was why she made such an unforgivable mistake! But now it didn't mean anything… She had no right to stay at Saito-sanpai's house any longer. He would despise her and she would never be able to look into his clear eyes again. She didn't know where to go and what to do, she didn't know how she could return to her world, the only thing she knew that everything was falsity and she had to run away from here as fast as she could.

Not paying attention at what she was wearing, Chizuru stormed out of the mansion and ran out of the main gate bare feet, still crying uncontrollably.

But she had no chance to fulfill her plan of escaping.

When she reached the corner of the street, a white sport car blocked her way and two black jeeps parked behind her as if trapping her like a little mouse.

Yukimura didn't know what was going on. She tried to change her direction but a smooth deep voice stopped her from doing so. A tall blond man got out of the sport car and approached a bewildered girl.

"Actually I didn't expect to meet you in such a heartbroken state. Could it be that that parody of Saito made something that upset you so much, dear Chizuru?" as always, he spoke slowly and powerfully, but whatever he said didn't have any meaning to her.

"Back off! I am in a hurry!" she said sternly.

"Or maybe," Chikage ignored her little outburst and bent closer so that his lips were right next to her ear, "he didn't satisfy you as a woman and you have finally realized that he is not you dead husband?" when he emphasized the word "dead" Chizuru bit her lower lip in order to hold back her tears.

"You are mine, Chizuru. It's you destiny," the blond whispered meaningfully, making the girl feel doomed.

But she found some strength to push him aside roughly and announce in a cold tone:

"I don't belong to anyone. I will be neither with you nor with him. Leave me alone, Kazama-san!"

Chikage listened to her demands patiently and when she was about to turn around and walk away, he grabbed her by the shoulder and hit her in the celiac plexus with his fist.

Chizuru let out a sharp cry of pain and fainted right in the already prepared arms of the man she feared so much…

Kazama Chikage's…


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