Ch. 1

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Tony DiNozzo arrives for work at NCIS a few minutes early. He is in a good mood today. He started seeing a therapist six months ago and it has helped him a lot. He'd found one that could work with his odd schedule and understood that sometimes appointments couldn't be kept because of a case. The therapist Tony is seeing works with a lot of law enforcement officers. He's been a lot happier since. Unknown to Tony, this day would try his new found sense of security like no one's business.

"Good morning, everyone," he says in an upbeat voice.

His fellow teammates answer him somewhat cheerfully. Jethro even seems in a better mood than usual for some strange reason.

Tony sat down at his desk and immediately turned on his computer and set down his backpack. He'd slept like a log the night before, so he is ready to start the day.

Later, Tony heads down to Abby's lab to speak to his favorite lab rat. Since they aren't on an active case, he tends to spend a little time down there every day whenever possible. Jethro has taken to allowing it as long as he isn't being ridiculous about it.

Jethro heads up to the director's office for some reason and Ziva has taken the day off. She has some sort of stomach flu. McGee is the only member of Gibbs' team that remains in the bullpen. The phone rings on his desk.

"Hello. Special Agent McGee speaking," Tim says after having seen that the extension is the front entrance to the building.
"This is Andrew Moris, security guard on duty for the lobby. I have a visitor for Special Agent DiNozzo down here and he needs an escort," the man on the other end of the line said.

"Who is it?" McGee asks.

"It's his father," he said.

Tim looks surprised. He has never met the man and know that Sr. hasn't come to visit his son in a long time. Not for as long as McGee has not Tony anyway. Tim doesn't know the truth about Tony's childhood.

"I'll come down to escort him up," Tim says.

Anthony Dominic DiNozzo Senior is a large man with salt and pepper hair and very tall. He seems to tower over most people.

"Mr. DiNozzo, I'm Special Agent Timothy McGee. I work with your son. I'll escort you upstairs. He isn't in the squad room at the moment but should be soon," Tim tells the older man.

Sr. nods his head in confirmation and follow Tim upstairs.

What will Tony's reaction be? More to the point, What will Gibbs say?