Ch. 19

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Tony hates sitting home alone. He will be happy when his medical leave is over with at the end of the week. He hates not being apart of things, especially when his teammate is hurting. He hates not being able to contribute, but he knows that it's for the best that he isn't a part of this case, especially now that Tim has been hurt too. After all, technically, there's a conflict of interest because of his father, not that he has any desire to have a relationship with the man. Definitely not, after everything the man has done lately.

Even Tony is getting tired of watching movies. He'd watched a variety of movies including The Hunt for Red October, Repo Men, all of his James Bond movies, She Wore a Yellow Ribbon, Big Jake, and many more. He's also played video games and chatted with his frat brothers online. They only know he's injured, not the cause of said injuries. They hadn't know his secret back in college and he is not about to tell them now.

It had been a difficult adjustment coming back to his home after the attack. Tony had had nightmares once again. Sleep had been difficult the last several days unfortunately, but Tony knows he can't go running back to Jethro with this. He has Tim to worry about for the moment and Tony feels bad for having imposed upon him for as long as he had already. He would be seeing his therapist the next day, so that is almost certain to help.

Building the case against DiNozzo Sr. is coming along nicely. With the confession from Robert Tracy and all of the records they had, they should be able to get a conviction on this. Sr. should be going to prison for a long time. Hopefully, he would be a very old man by the time he got out if he ever did. If they managed to get this conviction, it is extremely unlikely that Sr. would ever hurt Tony at least personally again.

Jethro still can't believe everything that has happened in the last few weeks. With Tony and Tim both out of commission, Team Gibbs has been taken off active rotation. He and Ziva have been working on the case, but now that it's pretty much wrapped up, they will be working cold cases until Tony is cleared for field duty. They'd be allowed to do field work one man down though. Jethro isn't worried about their ability to do that. He and Tony had worked as a two man team for several months before Kate had joined their team and then it was nearly a year before they got Tim on their team officially.

Six months later,

Tony is sitting in the audience of the courtroom waiting for his father's sentencing. How the prosecutor had managed to get a conviction is beyond him, but he is glad the charges stuck. Jethro, Ziva and Tim are sitting beside him, hoping they throw the book at Sr.

An irate Anthony Dominic DiNozzo Sr. sits at the defendants table waiting for the judge. He knows he'll be going to prison for a long time. That had been made clear to him by his lawyer earlier that day. There really isn't much the lawyer could do to help him once the guilty verdict had been announced. There would be appeals of course, but the lawyer doubted it would happen.

The Honorable Natalie Thompson enters her courtroom to see the defendant looking quite angry. She had seen such things several times in her thirteen years on the bench. She's pretty much seen the gamut of emotions when it comes to this sort of thing.

Sr. is told to stand as he is sentenced and he reluctantly does so. He knows his life if pretty much over now..

"Mr. DINozzo, I have seen the evidence and heard from all of the witnesses. Not only did you hire men to injure your own son, who is also a federal law enforcement officer, but then you turn around and hire someone to kill another federal agent to seek revenge for perceived wrongs. Rarely, in all my thirteen years as a judge, have a seen a father commit such acts. I hereby sentence you to thirty five years in prison. I am also making the ruling that at least two thirds of that sentence must be served before parole is even considered," Natalie says as she bangs her gavel.

Tony looks extraordinarily relieved. He knows he won't have to worry about his dad for a really long time.

The end.