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Chapter One: The Beginning.


The Letters.

The Hummel's.

"Happy Birthday, Kurt." Burt Hummel smiled down at his eleven-year-old son, who was sitting at the breakfast bar, eagerly awaiting his special, once a year breakfast, where his father would attempt to cook waffles, pancakes, sausages, and bacon, scramble eggs and squeeze orange juice in the juicer. "It's times like these..." Burt laughed, "that I miss your mother the most."

"Her magic sure did make meal times more stimulating to my taste buds." Kurt grinned, taking a only slightly burnt waffle from his dad. "Do you think I'm going to get a letter? Am I going to Hogwarts, like her?"

"I'm sure there is no doubt about it, son." he ruffled his mop of brown hair, secretly half wishing he wouldn't, he wasn't ready to lose his son. "I bet that owl will come -" no sooner had he uttered those words, than a huge tawny owl came swooping through the open kitchen window, drop a fat envelope in front of Kurt's bulging eyes and take flight again. Burt could have sworn that the bloody bird had even winked at him."Perfect timing..."

Kurt was already ripping the envelope open with clumsy, shaking hands, and pulling out a few sheets of paper. He scanned through the letter, and then passed it to Burt. "It's really true. I'm really going to Hogwarts!"

The Dalton's.

"Blaine! Blaine!" Lorraine Dalton shouted up the stairs. "Blaine, come downstairs!"

"Mom, come up! My letter came through my window!"

Lorraine sighed, but had to smile. Her son had so been looking forward to receiving his letter, for years. "Honey, I'm so glad." she opened Blaine's bedroom door. "Got your book list and everything? Train ticket?"

"Yes! Look at all this stuff! Oh, but I can't bring my new broomstick?" he looked disappointed at the note saying first years were not permitted to have them.

"I'll talk to Severus, I'm sure he can bend the rule for you, put in a good word like, even just so you can use it for your flying lessons." she quickly looked through the list. "We best get to Diagon Alley soon then... I'm so proud of you son, and I'm sure you will continue the Dalton legacy and be in Slytherin, of course!"

The Berry's.

"Ahhh!" a high pitched girls voice cried in horror. Jim and Colin looked at each other, and ran upstairs, wondering what had shocked their eleven year old daughter so much.

"Rachie?" Colin asked.

" owl just flew into my room...gave me this letter..." she held out a thick envelope made of parchment. "Look, it even lost a feather!" she pointed to the floor where, indeed, a gray and white feather lay.

"Hogwarts? What is a Hogwarts?" Jim peered at the writing. "Miss Rachie Berry, The Pink Bedroom, 13 Harold Lane, Surrey. Madness!"

"Well, let me open it then, my letter!" Rachel held out her hand.

The Hudson's

"Finn, you can't wear that to Diagon Alley, you're buying your school books, not going to a quidditch match." Carole sighed. "Give me a minute, and where did you put that letter? Accio."

Finn yelped as the paper flew out of his back pocket, the shock causing him to trip up on the stairs. "Ouch." he moaned.

"At least the only thing you got from your father was his clumsiness, and not the fact that he didn't have a drop of magical blood in his body."

"Why do we have to go to Diagon Alley today? I only just got my letter! I have no time for excitement!"

"Because we're almost out of floo powder, and if we don't go today you'll just end up playing with whats left of it and get stuck in that old mans chimney again."

"He thought I was Santa Claus." Finn grinned up at his mum.

Diagon Alley

"Quinn!" Santana Lopez called out. "Quinn!"

"Santana!" the blond haired girl spun around and smiled at her Latina friend, who was just leaving Madame Malkins with another blond. "It's been so long!"

"I know, right? Hey, this is Brittany. She's a muggle."

"A mudblood?" Quinn hissed. "What are you doing with her?"

"Relax, she's dumb, we can show her the right way." Santana winked. "Hey, where's your cousin?"

"Draco? Oh, he disappeared somewhere, I did say we were going to go for ice cream..."

The three girls wandered down a side street to the ice cream parlour, scanning the crowd for Draco. Suddenly, Quinn screamed, "Oh my god! It's Blaine Dalton!"

"No way! The Blaine Dalton? His father being..."

"Yeah, his father being The Dark Lord's past right hand man... Hey!" Quinn took quick strides towards the curly haired boy. "You're Blaine Dalton? I'm Quinn Fabray."

"Fabray? You're a pureblood family, right?" Blaine grinned.

"Yeah, and this is Santana Lopez, her father is Chief at St Mungos."

"Put a lot of people in there, too, back in the day." Santana muttered. "Not that muggles should have been even let in there, the scum."

"And who is your other friend?"

Brittany seemed to snap out of a trance and gazed at Blaine. "Do you curl your hair?"

"Ugh, no, it's natural...hey, don't touch -" he trailed off as Brittany started to pull at his curls. "If you'd excuse me for a minute..." he moved away swiftly, diving into a crowd going to the main street. Glancing back to make sure he wasn't being followed by, well, the two Dark Arts fangirls and the hair molester, he walked straight into somebody.

"Oh crap, I am so sorry." Blaine apologised, giving the small boy a hand up. "I'm Blaine. Blaine Dalton. Sorry about that."

"Kurt Hummel." the other boy said, pushing his hair out of his eyes.

"First year at Hogwarts too?"

"Yeah, I'm so excited, going to get my wand in a minute!"

"Me too!"

"Are you on your own here? Where are your parents? My dads just paying for my books."

"They trust me to come alone, they're busy. I'm a pure blood and I come here like every week, so..." he laughed. "What are you, if I may ask?"

"Half-blood. My mum was a witch."


"Yeah. She's uhm...she's dead." Kurt looked away.

"Oh, I'm so sorry." he genuinely was.

"She was great. Fought in the war."

"Really? So did my parents. What side?"

"She was in the original Order of the Phoenix."

Blaine was the one who looked away this time. "Um, yeah, mine too. Uh, I just left my...yeah...I'll see you around, Kurt."

There was something weird about that, Kurt thought to himself, the way he had reacted. And yet he couldn't help staring after that boy with the beautiful black locks, and mysterious, dark eyes.

The Sorting

"I cannot believe we are finally here!" Rachel gushed, to herself, as none of the other new students were paying attention to her. She had not made one friend on the train. It was ridiculous. She was Rachel Berry, she would want to be her friend...

"Alone too?" a small girl with brown, bushy hair said to her.

"Yes! It's like I'm an outcast, just because I'm a...moogle..."

"Muggle." the girl smiled. "Same here, and so am I. Of course, I've been studying all of my text books all summer, just in case..."

"Oh my, so have I! I'm Rachie." she smiled.

"I'm Hermione!"

Satisfied with her new friend, Rachel whispered "Look, the sorting is starting!"

"Abrams, Artie!"

A boy in a wheelchair rolled over to a stool, where a dusty old hat was sitting on. A stern looking witch, Professor McGonnagol, set it upon his head. After a few moments, it cried out, to the shock of some kids, "RAVENCLAW!"

"Berry, Rachel!"

Rachel glanced at Hermione in worry and took small steps towards the hat, perching on the stool. The thing spoke to her, and she shivered.

"So..where shall we put you? Extremely talented girl, no doubt about it, very proud, very cunning... yes...I have the ptential to be a true... GRYFFINDOR!"

Rachel jumped up and ran over to a cheering table, delighted with herself.

"Chang, Mike!" was placed in Ravenclaw, as was "Cohen-Chang, Tina!". "Evans, Sam!" became a Gryffindor, and sat opposite Rachel, beaming, high-fiving someone across the table.

"Dalton, Blaine!"

Blaine practically wrenched the hat over his head. He had expected it would immediately sort him into Slytherin, but instead... 'Hmmm...' it said. 'Your family...all Slytherin's...but I do not feel it is your hearts think you'd better be suited to...GRYFFINDOR!'

It was the height of embarresment for Blaine to look back at his uncle Severus, who had a look on his face that was impossible to read.

"Go on, then." McGonagol said, her lips pressed together.

"Fabray, Quinn!"

Quinn winked at Santana and Brittany and began a confident walk towards the Sorting Hat. Sure enough, she was placed in Slytherin. "Yes!" she mouthed, taking a seat at her table.

"Granger, Hermione!"

She had to stifle a laugh as she watched a bushy haired mudblood join Gryffindor.

"Hudson, Finn!"

She perked up. Quinn's eyes followed the boy she had seen on the train... he was adorably stupid, too bad he would never go to Slytherin. She was right...he became a Hufflepuff. Oh well...

"Hummel, Kurt."

Kurt took a deep breath, and fitted the so not fashionable hat, which slid right over his face. 'Oh, this is easy. So proud of yourself, unafraid to want what you need and loove what you want... so much courage...GRYFFINDOR!"

As Kurt made his way over to the table, he met Blaine's eye, and sat down beside him.

"Like your mum?" Blaine mumbled.

"She was a Ravenclaw."

"Oh. Mine were here." Blaine did not know why he lied. He just had a feeling he wanted this kid as his friend...

"They'll be proud, then." Kurt smiled.

"Jones, Mercedes!" joined Kurt and Blaine at the Gryffindor table. "Lopez, Santana!" became a Hufflepuff, much to her obvious outrage.

"Her family," Blaine whispered "Are the reason many muggles are dead. They were savages in the war."

"She does look fierce..." Kurt bit his lip. "Remind me not to cross her path."

"She must be fuming. Hufflepuff." he snickered. But Santana seemed to perk up when "Pierce, Brittany!" became a Hufflepuff.

The next name caused a stir.

"Potter, Harry!"

"No way." Kurt and Blaine said at once.

And as, almost five minutes later, Harry Potter was put into Gryffindor, and sat opposite Blaine, he began to wonder whether being a Gryffindor would be so bad after all...access to Harry...

Harry was chatting to Kurt, who's face was shining with admiration. Blaine was unsure why, but the thought of being a gateway between Deatheaters and Harry seemed less appealing to him now he saw that Kurt seemed to like him. What was it with that kid?

"Puckerman, Noah!" became a Hufflepuff, causing a bit of a stir.

"Another fierce looking Hufflepuff? This is odd." Kurt laughed.

"Weasley, Ron!" joined them at their Gryffindor table, to Harry's delight. Soon, they were all tucking in to their feast, and chatting. Blaine even forgot the horror of what house he was in, because he honestly could not think of why it was so bad when it meant he could spend time with Kurt Hummel.


"Oh my god!" Kurt yelled.


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