Hey guys. Long time no speak!

Okay so let's cut to the chase here, I've been having some personal issues the past few months and they've ended up putting me in a bad position at home, especially financially. So, I started taking commissions for my writing over on tumblr. I received a few messages asking if they could commission follow ups to this story/anything from this verse, since I havent updated and they would like to see more. A few people also suggested I mention it on here because there are a few people who would be interested in seeing more from the world of AVGH. I decided I would alert you to that after seeing the amount of PMs I have about this story - and wow, you guys are amazing. Really, thank you for sticking with me through this. My url on tumblr is blaime - you can find all the info on my commissions page, as well as more detail as to why I need the money, etc. Please dont feel pressured or like I expect anything from you, but I'm desperate and between trying to offer commissions for as little money as possible, get through my final year of high school and work a job when I'm able for it I'm just in a tight space right now.

Thank you for reading this 3 You can contact me through my ask on tumblr, or via email!