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I Got You Babe

Chapter 1

"Mom, why can't I just stay here?" Brittany stood in the center of her nearly empty bedroom, her arms folded over her chest as she glared at her mother.

"We've been through this Brittany." Mrs. Pierce rubbed her forehead out of anger. "We need to get on the road. It's a three hour drive to Lima."

The blonde scoffed at her mother before following her. Ever since she received the news of her family moving from Cleveland, OH to some tiny little town called Lima, she had been fighting it. That was three months ago. The blonde had tried everything from staying with her best from to staying with her boyfriend. The latter idea caused her mother to cringe.

The scowl never left her face as she climbed into the passenger seat of her mother's car. Her father had been stuck driving the moving truck, his own car in tow. Thankfully, she remembered to charge her cell phone the night before. It would easily survive the three hours of roads and empty fields. If there was one thing Brittany hated, it was being stuck in the passenger seat for more than the five minutes it took to get from home to school each morning. Well, from her old home to her old school. Hopefully the new school wouldn't be that far from her home. Even within walking distance would be nice she thought.

Brittany felt tears begin to sting her eyes as her childhood home became nothing but a speck in the distance. To calm her nerves she fished her phone out of her purse and flipped it open only to find she had two new messages. She smiled softly when she saw both of them were from her lifelong friend Rowan.

(2:28PM) Rowan: You left yet?

(2:34PM) Rowan: Brrriiiittttt? Hellloooo?

The blonde giggled softly at the messages and hit the button to type her reply. "Miss you already."

(2:46PM) Rowan: Miss you too B. Where you at?

(2:47PM) Britt: Um… highway

(2:52PM) Rowan: I know that smartass. Where though?

Brittany looked up from her phone. After a few minutes she finally noticed a road sign.

(3:00PM) Britt: We're on 71 south…

(3:02PM) Rowan: Wish you could have come to say bye.

(3:03PM) Britt: Mom was afraid I wouldn't leave if I did.

(3:03PM) Rowan: Duh. I would have tied you up and thrown you in the closet.

(3:04PM) Britt: Oo, kinky.

(3:09PM) Rowan: Shut up Britt. Lol.

"What's so funny?" Brittany pulled her eyes away from her screen to look at her mother.


"Who are you talking to?" She continued to probe the teenager for answers.

Brittany rolled her eyes. Her mother should have already known the answer. "You should already know that Mom."

"Sorry…Hi Rowan."

(3:21PM) Britt: Mom was seriously just confused as to who I was talking to.

(3:22PM) Britt: She says hi by the way.

The blonde sighed as she kept watching her phone for several minutes after her last sent text. Still no response. "Can I go home yet?" She finally looked at her mother.

"We are going home Brittany."

"That place is not my home. I won't know anybody. I won't know where anything is." She folded her arms over her chest and turned her attention out the window to watch the passing trees on the side of the road. "I hate it already."

Susan Pierce sighed. Her fingers instinctively gripped the steering wheel tighter. Anger was starting to build deep inside her. "We've already talked about this honey. You'll make new friends and you'll learn where everything is."

"Does Lima even have a mall?"

"Yes they do."

"Thank god. At least there's something." She looked down at her phone when she felt it vibrate.

(3:45PM) Rowan: My phone crapped out on me. You know how much it hates me.

(3:46PM) Britt: It freeze up?

(3:46PM) Rowan: As it always does when I try to talk to you.

(3:47PM) Britt: It doesn't hate you it hates me…I haven't heard from Carter since I saw him last night. :(

(3:59PM) Britt: You there Rowan?

(4:02PM) Rowan: Yea…I'm here B.

Brittany frowned. Something just didn't sound right about Rowan's delayed response.

(4:05PM) Britt: What's wrong?

(4:07PM) Rowan: I don't know how to tell you this B… Carter was hitting on Karen just after he left your place last night.

Brittany froze. Karen was Rowan's younger sister. She bit her lower lip as she felt it start to tremble. Three years younger. He left for a girl who was barely a teenager. "Britt, you okay honey?"


"What's wrong?"

She just shook her head and looked down at her phone again.

(4:10PM) Britt: How do you know?

(4:12PM) Rowan: Karen asked me if I knew who it was. He must have gotten her number from your phone or something. I'm so sorry B.

(4:15PM) Britt: I'm…gonna try to take a nap. Text you when we get there.

She slammed her phone shut and threw it to the floor. Her body didn't even flinch when the device shook against her foot. "Carter already forgot about me." Her words were just a hushed whisper. She still fought to hold back the tears that were welling up in her eyes.

"What happened Brittany?"

Again, the blonde passenger shook her head. She had to change the subject to help ward off the tears. "How much longer till we're there?"

Susan stole a sideways glance at the teenager. "About an hour."

"Can we stop to stretch my legs…" She frowned deeper, taking a few deep breaths to fight down the bile that began to rise in her throat.

"You okay?"

"I feel like I'm going to be sick." Brittany gripped her stomach as the realization hit her that Carter simply used her. And now he was attempting to do the same with Rowan's 13 year old sister. Hopefully Rowan would be smart enough to stop that before it even started. The blonde didn't hear any of the other words her mother spoke, she just knows that when the car came to a stop she got out and hurried into the gas station to find a bathroom.

"What's wrong with her?" Brittany's father, Stanley Pierce, spoke to his wife once he climbed out of the moving truck.

"Something big with Carter. Big enough to the point she ran in there to vomit." Susan leaned against the car to begin pumping gas into the tank. She decided to top off the tank so she wouldn't have to do it in the morning before making a trip to the grocery store.

Stan rested his hand overtop his wife's and gave her a knowing look. "Go talk to her, she probably needs it."

Brittany stayed knelt in front of the toilet in one of the small stalls in the bathroom. She emptied the remaining contents of her stomach. She loved him. She even told him she loved him. He even said it back to her. Brittany was slowly realizing it was all a lie. She felt stupid, used… dirty even. "Baby, you in here?" Susan's voice echoed through the room, successfully pulling the blonde from her thoughts.

"In here mommy." She knew, with the mood she was in, her mother would baby her and try to make sure she was alright. Brittany unlocked the stall door and sat down on the tile floor.

Susan entered the stall and pulled the sobbing teenager into her arms. "What happened?"

"He used me to get to Karen." Brittany choked out softly.

"What do you mean?"

Brittany accepted the small stack of toilet paper her mother handed to her to wipe the sides of her mouth, then flushed the toilet and stood up. "Just what I said. He really just wanted Karen." Anger was starting to take over the overwhelming feeling of sadness. "I feel so dirty… and stupid." She relaxed again when the older blonde wrapped her arms around her daughter.

"Did you sleep with him?" The tone sounded more statement then questioning. The teenager couldn't find words to speak. She was in too much shock that her mother was so open with the question. She just nodded. "That's why you feel so bad honey. You had that attachment to him." She sighed softly. "I'm sure you'll find someone new in Lima."

Brittany pulled away from her mother to rinse her mouth out with water. "I'm just gonna give up on boys." With that, she left the bathroom to make her way back to the car. Leaving a very strange look on her mother's face as she did.

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