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I Got You Babe
Chapter 25

"I swear to god woman if you don't knock it off I will ends you!" Santana threw her best HBIC look at Rowan who continued to splash her in the pool. One more wave of water came her way and she was not amused. "That's it, you're dead!" She called out before swimming toward the girl.

Much had changed over the last six months. The Latina's personality seemed to have done a complete 180. Brittany and Quinn had both helped her in putting the past behind her. Mostly Brittany though. She'd become more friendly toward Rachel. Though she'd never admit it out loud, she actually considered the shorter brunette as one of her best friends. Things with Rowan were still kind of shaky. There were moments where she caught the other girl giving Brittany looks of longing, but Rowan's girlfriend was always there to put her back in place.

The first time meeting Christina was awkward to say the least. When she was introduced as 'Chris' it sent Santana into memory overload. The poor red head was beyond confused. At first she'd thought she'd done something wrong. But while Brittany was trying to comfort and calm Santana. Rowan explained in minor detail why she reacted like that. It took Santana four hours to even look at Christina, let alone talk to her. She still refused to use the shortened version of the name like Rowan did.

"Come on Santana, leave her alone." Rachel pleaded from her chair between Quinn and Brittany.

"Yea," Christina spoke up, "she was just messing with you."

"You stay out of this hobbit, carrot top."

Both Quinn and Brittany shot up from their seats. "Santana Lopez!" Their voices rang in unison.

Santana cringed at hearing the chorus of her name. Once she stopped swimming, she dared to look up at two rather upset blondes standing at the edge of the pool. "What?" She threw her hands up in the air.

"You know damn well what!" Quinn's tone caused Santana to wince slightly.

"Fine, whatever. I'm sorry hobbit. I'm sorry carrot top."

"Try again Santana." It was Rowan's voice that time.

The Latina threw her hands up in exasperation before sighing in defeat. "I'm sorry Rachel. I'm sorry Christina." She emphasized both of their names. "Why the hell is everybody ganging up on me?"

Brittany slipped out of her shorts before diving into the water and swimming up to her girlfriend. "Because it's fun." Brittany's arms wrapped around Santana's neck and their bodies pressed together. "And I love to see you all frustrated." She whispered before licking the shell of Santana's ear, causing her whole body to tremble despite the hot June temperatures.

Rowan just rolled her eyes at the pair before splashing them and hurrying out of the pool and to her own girlfriend. "You know they're gonna kill you… right?" Christina laughed before wrapping her arms around Rowan's narrow waist and pulling her down onto her lap.

"That's what you're for. You need to protect me." Rowan buried her face against the red head's neck.

Over Rowan's shoulder, Christine spied Brittany and Santana. The pair was still in the pool, arms wrapped around one another and lips locked together. Off to her right, she saw Quinn and Rachel giggling in their own conversation. Christina turned her attention back to her own girlfriend and smiled. "Looks like you're safe honey." She gave the younger girl a soft kiss before whispering against her lips. "I love you."

Rowan's eyes went wide. It was the first time Christina had ever said those words to her. "Wh-what?" She pulled away some to look into her girlfriend's eyes.

The red head instantly thought she'd done something wrong but instead of completely panicking and running away she repeated her words, a little louder this time. "I love you Rowan." She lifted her hand to cup the girl's cheek.


"Oh my god, just say it back!" Brittany called out from the edge of the pool, Santana was right beside her.

Rowan looked over her shoulder at her friends. When she did, she noticed that Quinn and Rachel were also watching. "I love you too Chris." She finally spoke up.

"Now's when you kiss her." Quinn threw in before being smacked by her diva. "What?"

"Let them have their moment Quinn!"

Rowan laughed before leaning in to capture Christina's lips with her own. Santana placed a gentle kiss on Brittany's shoulder before pressing against her back and resting her chin on the same spot she'd kissed. She couldn't help but smile as she watched Rowan and Christina share kiss after kiss. Her head turned to look at her other friends, Rachel had the goofiest of smiles on her face as her and Quinn shared a series of kisses. Santana still didn't understand their relationship, but it didn't matter. All that mattered was that everybody was happy.

If somebody had told Santana at the beginning of the school year that she'd be in love with the new girl. That she'd be friends with Rachel Berry. That she'd relive what happened to her two years ago… she would have laughed at them. She never thought she'd have gotten a girlfriend, or that said girlfriend would help her put her past behind her. She couldn't have been more happy with how her life turned out.

"I love you Brittany." Santana whispered before stealing her girlfriend's lips in a searing kiss. "I'm in love with you…" She whispered.

Brittany smiled and pulled Santana in closer to her. "I'm kinda glad my family moved." Her voice was soft. She was no longer concerned about their friends surrounding them. All she could focus on was the beautiful woman in her arms.

Santana laughed. "Ya know, when I first met you, I didn't want anything to do with you. I hate new people in my life. But…" She paused to steal a kiss before continuing. "…you showed me that I can trust again."

"Aw, listen to Santana being all sentimental."

"Can it Fabray! Nobody asked for your opinion." The Latina threw over her shoulder. She turned her head away to try to hide her blush.

"And there's the Santana we all know."

Santana just shook her head, smiling when Brittany started to laugh. It was no longer her initial reaction to spit insult after insult at a person like it once was seven months prior. She no longer felt the need to physically assault people for looking at her funny. Santana was finally happy. She got her lady and her past was left behind her.

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