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"Haruhi? Haruhiii!" Said person turns her big brown eyes around to find her idiot boyfriend, Tamaki, franctically beckoning her over to him.

"Yes Tamaki?" She asks marching towards him, bewildered by his excitement. Tamaki, who was about to burst from his excitement, blurted out what had been on his mind all day. "Happy anniversary my dearest!" He yelled at the top of his lungs, grabbing Haruhi by the shoulders and spinning her around.

"Ok, ok Sempai. Happy anniversary to you too, now can you put me down?"

That struck a chord that immediately sent him to his corner of woe to make hamster homes and grow mushrooms. You could distinctly hear him mumbling nonsense about "how Haruhi could be so cruel" and that he "just wanted to give her a hug since it was their anniversay."

Mother in heaven how did I fall for this boy?,
Haruhi thought sauntering over to her boyfriend.

"Uh, Tamaki, are you ok?"

This struck yet another chord in him. Jumping up he extended his arm out into an overly-dramatic pose that sent sparkles all around him.(A/N: I just had to put that in!XD)

"Of course I'm ok my dear. I'm more than ok, I'm great, how could I not be on this special occasion that is our anniversay!"

"Uh Tamaki you don't have to act all over-dramatic it's just you and me here." Said Haruhi, who sweat-dropped at his over-dramaticness.

"Yeah you're right," He said looking around. "Anyway, follow me I have a surprise for you!"

She looked at him, confused, for a second until he offered her his outstretched hand which she gingerly took. The two then proceeded to the third music room.

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