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AN: I'm not sure if it ever says whether Mika or Miyoshi were there first, so I didn't mention her in this one, in the assumption that she joined the NCD after him.

Miyoshi Seiji's first day was not going as well as he would've liked. Already he had been terrified by Chief Katsuragi (who, despite having a jovial personality, possessed an amazing capacity for accidental intimidation), told off by Ibu (the self-proclaimed ace of the Intelligence Section) and had spilled his coffee all down his front. And it was only lunchtime. It's going to be a long day, he thought glumly, pulling his polo shirt over his head. He supposed it was a good thing he was a fan of layers. That way he could afford to shed the stained shirt without causing even more trouble. He exited the bathroom, heading back to the Intelligence office. As soon as he stuck his head around the door, the chief looked up.

"Ah, coffee issue solved? Excellent. Here, these need to go to the Investigations sections." Katsuragi had picked up several large piles of paperwork. "These, " he said, dropping the first two piles into Miyoshi's arms. "go to the Section One office. The first pile is for Chief Kajiyama. The other needs to go to Director Hiki." Unperturbed by the fact that he had not described these men in any way, the Section Chief shoved another pile onto his load. "This one goes to Chief Shinohara in Section Two. Off you go!"

Miyoshi stumbled out the door. Gathering his courage, he headed off towards the Investigations offices. Since the Section Two papers were on top, he decided to drop them off first. Faced with the closed office door though, he realized he had no free hand to knock. After a moment of thought, he resorted to using his foot to kick the door as politely as possible. After a couple of seconds, it opened. The Intelligence agent stared over his stacks of reports and research at the beautiful woman who had answered his improvised knocking. Her waistlength hair hung in shockingly straight tresses that swayed mesmerizingly as she moved to open the door further. Miyoshi mentally shook himself, trying to remember his task on hand. He bowed quickly and as best as he could burdened with his armload of paper. "Hi!" he started, trying not to stutter or show that he was nervous. "I'm from the Intelligence office. I have some paperwork to drop off?" He hadn't meant to phrase it as a question, and as he was inwardly berating himself at his unsure tone, the woman cut off anything else he might have said.

"Oh! You must be the new guy! You're adorable!" she practically cooed. Miyoshi got the feeling she meant this more in a 'what an adorable puppy!' way than 'take me, I'm yours'. Ah well, one could always dream. Snapping out of his fantasies, he nodded, indicating he was, indeed, the new guy. The woman grinned, beckoning him into the room. He noticed it was decidedly empty, only a few other people around to look up at his entrance. In fact, of the three, only one seemed to notice that they had a newcomer in their midst. The other two appeared to be otherwise engaged. That is, one had the other in a painful-looking arm twist. After a few seconds of blatant staring, he realized that the woman was speaking again. "I'm Kuroda Ayaka. This is Shindo Kensuke," she gestured to the one other attentive person in the office, a cheerful-looking man with wavy blond hair and long, light eyelashes. Shindo waved. "Those two," Kuroda nodded towards the two struggling people. "are Section Two Chief Shinohara and Assistant Chief Asakura." She regarded them fondly, apparently not at all put off by the fact that the chief seemed about to break the arm of her assistant.

Miyoshi cleared his throat. "Um, are they...usually like this?"

Kuroda laughed. "Oh no, not too often. The Chief just gets annoyed at Asakura when he gets to reckless. The rest of the section is either out on investigations or undercover overseas." Miyoshi nodded weakly, feigning understanding. Possibly the beautiful agent sensed his bewilderment, because she pointed towards a desk at the front of the room without further ado. "The paperwork can just go there. We'll sort through it in a bit."

Miyoshi placed the top pile of files on the indicated surface, said his goodbyes to Kuroda and Shindo, glanced nervously at the tussling superior agents (Chief Shinohara, a pretty woman with a pixie cut, caught his eye long enough to offer a small smile, without missing a beat in her telling off of her long-haired lieutenant) and escaped out the door.

Back in the hallway, he let out a long breath. I hope Section One isn't like that...he thought. He continued down the corridor, finding the office labeled Investigations Section One after a few moments. He was still several feet from the door when those hopes were dashed. Raised voices, their words muffled through the barrier, reached his ears. Oh dear.

He approached the office cautiously. He knocked, wondering if they'd even be able to here it over the noise of their argument. The angry voices continued without pause. Just as he was preparing to knock again, the door opened. A young agent looked him up and down. "Can I help you?" he asked, as if there weren't a full-scale row going on behind him. Are all Investigations units crazy?

"I've...uh...got some paperwork for Director Hiki and Chief Kajiyama?" Again with the questioning tone, dammit! "From Intelligence." The agent nodded and opened the door wider to let Miyoshi in. He indicated with a jerk of his chin the desk at the front of the room.

"There they are," he stated simply. Miyoshi gaped. The two men at the desk were the source of the yelling audible from the hallway. At least, one was. The man, an agent with short black hair, had actually climbed halfway ONTO the desk, apparently to better yell at the man sitting behind it. Oooooookay...Approach with extreme caution...

Nearing the two men, Miyoshi cleared his throat. "Er, excuse me? I-I have some paperwork for Chief Kajiyama and Director Hiki..." The yelling ceased immediately, as the dark-haired agent finally noticed him. He looked surprised for a moment before seeming to realize he was currently kneeling on a desk, gripping the lapels of a coworker. He let go of the other's shirt quickly and slid of the desk, reddening slightly. Before he could say anything, the seated man addressed Miyoshi, nonchalantly straightening his clothes.

"Ah, thank you. Just put them on the desk here. Kaji and I will get to them momentarily. You're the new member of Intelligence section! Miyoshi Seiji, right?"

Miyoshi nodded dumbly. He had never met someone so cheerful after being yelled at. So this was the notorious Director Hiki. He had pictured someone, well, older. Hiki couldn't be more than ten years his senior, probably less. And if that was the director, than that meant the other agent was Section Chief Kajiyama. Is it just me, or do the Investigation section chiefs have slight anger issues? He couldn't help but wonder as he watched Kajiyama (Kaji?) glare at his superior. He-he practically attacked the director of the NCD? Is that really okay? Apparently it was, as Hiki sent a glimmering smile in the section chief's direction before turning back to Miyoshi. "Thank you for the reports. I hope the rest of your first day goes well!" Miyoshi sensed the hint of dismissal in the man's voice. He bowed quickly and tried not to break into a run as he made his escape.

Heading back to his own office, he couldn't help but shake his head. Maybe Intelligence section isn't so crazy after all...