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So here it goes.

BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! "Shut UP!" I hate mornings and I think I just killed my alarm clock. Oops. I looked around my room it's gray and purple with paint splatter on all the walls. My bed is in the corner of my room by my window. I have always had a love for the sky, so my ceiling is painted as a bright blue sky with occasional clouds. Ever since I painted it I have felt like something is missing.

Before I go any father I will introduce myself. I am Maximum Ride but people call me Max, and I am a girl if you haven't guessed yet. I live with my mom in a small town called Wings. Don't ask I have no idea what the old farts were thinking back then. I have light brown hair with natural blonde streaks. I am a tomboy and also the great height of 5' 8". More into my family life. My dad Jeb really isn't in the picture anymore after he got remarried, but I'll go more on that later. I have a dog named Total, a stepbrother who's name is Logan we are both 14, a little brother named Anthony who's 5, and lastly my little stepsister Lily who's 11. My mom's name is Sarah and step-dad's is Tucker.

Now that you know more about me lets get back to my horrible morning. I got out of bed of course me being me tripped over my bed sheets and fell with a huge BANG.

"Max are you okay," my mom called from down stairs.

"Yup all good," I yelled back.

I picked myself up and walked over to my closet and picked out my regular attire that consist of worn jeans and a shirt that says " The voices in my head thinks you are crazy. So they told me to stay away." I went down the stairs carefully making sure not to trip again. I saw my mom in the kitchen makes eggs and biscuits.

" Morning mom. Thanks."

" Welcome sweetheart."

"I'm going to walk to school with J.J. and Monique today mom," I said while grabbing a biscuit. "Okay sweety, are you leaving now," she asked me while looking over her shoulder. I nodded my head and headed out the door. Monique and J.J. were waiting for me at the corner.

"Hey guys!"

" Morning," they said simultaneously. The thing about these two are that the are twins and can never be separated. I love both of them. J.J. is the hipper one who loves gossip and is the fashionable person, while Monique also loves fashion and is a little more on the quiet side but not by much.

" Max!" That brought me out of my thoughts. I guess J.J. was trying to tell me something because she had this annoyed look on her face. "Did you hear a word I said," J.J. asked. I looked at her sheepishly and she gave an exaggerated sigh. " Well I was saying that I heard we are having new kids at our school and I heard that the two boys are good looking," she gave me a suggestive wink. Oh no! I know that look. J.J. has been trying to get me to go out with a guy ever since I can remember. It has never turned out well. The last time a guy tried to touch me he ended up in the the hospital with a few broken bones. Don't judge he deserved it!

Ever since then some of the guys at our school are now afraid of me, but some still try and asked me out which ends with them walking away with their head hung like someone just killed their puppy.

The ringing of the minute bell woke me up from my thoughts when I saw that we were already at school. There is an old sign in the front of the school that says Welcome to Wings High the home of the Falcons. To me school was invented as a torture chamber where we have to learn and the teachers get to make us feel like we are either smart or extremely stupid. With a huge sigh I looked again at the school and started to walk to my first class not bothering to run already knowing I'm going to be late.

Sit back and relax and try not to feel my pain as this story prolongs and you learn the truth and the secrets that keep me from being able to ever lead a normal life. I am Max Ride and this is my story.