Hehe, new story. This one I'm hoping is going to be better than my other Flare story. But please do read that one too! Anyway, as I was surfing through the new stories of everyone's take on the 2011 promo, I got a brilliant idea! Thus, this new entry. Therefore, please give me some good (and bad, if you feel the need) reviews. This is not like those other stories (no offence, I do happen to like them) where he shows up and kisses her and whisks her away for a happily ever after (even though that didn't happen). But enough with my rant, enjoy my new Flare story. And do not worry my Something Different fans, I will keep posting that.

I pushed the cordless phone closer to my ear as I surfed through the channels on tv. Eli was not very entertaining over the phone.

"Clare? Hello?" Eli asked.

I snapped out of my trance with the tv and remembered what I was previously doing. "Sorry, now what was it that you said?"

He chuckled, "I asked you if-"

"Oh wait Eli, someone's at the door." I said as a knock came from the door. I could hear Eli sigh on the other end of the line, but I could care less. I stood up and walked to the door, thinking it was some people from church or a delivery man.

I swung the door open, keeping the phone close to my ear as I did so, and was met with a soaking wet boy standing on my front porch. I dropped the phone from being so shocked.

"Fitz." I whispered. He stood there, soaked to the bone from the rain in a grey zip-up hoodie. He was panting, probably from running to get here and out of the rain.

I scrambled to pick the phone off the ground and whiped the few drops of rain from the screen. "Hey I'm going to have to call you back. Bye." I hung up on Eli, not bothering to wait for a reply.

Fitz stared back at me through pained eyes. It looked as if he was crying, but I decided that since it was Fitz, he didn't have the heart to cry.

"Clare? Look I just need to-"

"What are you doing here?" I snapped.

He hung his head ang sighed. "For the last few weeks I've been feeling so guilty."

I scoffed, "You should. You scared the heck out of Eli and I." I gripped the doorknob tightly, recalling the events of Vegas Night.

"No Clare. I don't feel bad about that, well I do actually...but that's not the point. Look can I...can I come in please?" Fitz shifted from foot to foot, feeling most likely awkward as heck. Good, he deserves it. It's his own stupid fault for showing his face at my house in the first place.

I sighed and, slitently, cursed my good faithed religion. I moved out of the doorway and let Fitz's sopping wet body strode in. He glanced around quickly before pulling the jacket away from his body. It made a funny 'pop' and squeaked when he let it go back to it's previous state.

I sighed again, "Do you want some dry clothes? I can throw those ones in the dryer for you?"

Fitz's eyes drifted to mine and he smiled. "Thank you."

I quickly set the phone down on the coffee table then sprinted to my room. I grabbed a pair of sweatpants and an oversized tee from my dresser then went back downstairs. Fitz was currently peeling his jacket off his body, along with his soaking black tee.

"There," I pointed to the left of me, "is the bathroom. Here." I held my hand out for his shirts which he gave up a little too quickly. I followed Fitz to the bathroom but kept walking to the laundry room. I threw his clothes in but didn't turn it on yet, and sat on the top of the washer. My head fell against the cabinet behind me and I groaned.

"Are you ok?" Fitz asked. I jumped and stared at him, then nodded. He held his wet jeans out to me, along with his socks.

I almost smiled at the way he wiggled his unclothed toes. Almost.

I hopped off and started a load of wash then faced Fitz. "Ok, you have until the dryers done to explain what you are doing."

Fitz nodded and looked around the room. Well, it wasn't really a room, just a big alcove for the laundry stuff. The hamper full of my clean clothes was in the corner, and that's where I noticed Fitz's eyes landed. Right there, on top of all my other clothes, was a cute blue lace thong with a tiny black bow on the front.

"Cute." Fitz smirked and our eyes met. I have to say, this is more awkward than the whole Vegas Night with Fitz. "But anyway, I feel really bad about what happened that night, but I didn't come to apologize to you about that. I just came to warn you." His eyes stared into mine, hard, cold, piercing eyes staring into my doe-like brown ones.

I swallowed a huge lump in my throat. This is it, he's going to threaten me then kill me. And I haven't even told Eli I loved him.

"Eli is going to hurt you. And I even have proof."