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In this story, Eli and Clare are a little out of character…I'll admit it, but hey it's fan fiction so I hope you enjoy! Lol


"Who else are you going to go to Clare? All your friends are gone… you'll be alone!"

"That's not true."

"Isn't it though? I'm all you've got and without me you'll turn into a ghost!"

"You promised."

"I know… I'm sorry that it happened again Clare. I'll get help though… I swear."



He kissed me on the cheek and smiled at me reassuringly. Maybe things will be different and maybe he won't do what he done again. After all, people make mistakes right? Plus it could have been much worse. It's been worse before I mean this is really just a little scratch compared to before.

He took me home and we parted with a kiss. When I got in the house I saw only my mother making out with a strange man. After the divorce was finalized she starting dating again… with a serious vengeance. There's been a different guy every night. Now I don't even bother to say hello to her and break up the party, I just go up to my room. I went to the bathroom and I took off my purple uniform shirt. I guess I underestimated what the extent of the damage would be. My back looked horrible. Black and blue…like berries or juice. I couldn't even be alarmed. I couldn't cry and say this is a surprise. I'm just lucky that it's not in a place everyone sees.

I curled up in my bed and I cried. I wish I could call Alli, but nobody has seen her in months. She went missing after a fight with her family one night and she's been ghost since. Adam is hardly my friend… He's Eli's friend…not mine. Connor and I barely speak anymore and well KC and Jenna… let's just say I don't exchange words with them unless absolutely necessary… I'm alone; I really have no friends but Eli.

When I finally got myself to sleep there was a knock on my bedroom door. It was my mother. She was wearing a slutty dress with heels and a trench coat. She had on too much lipstick and she smelled like aftershave.

"Hey Clare baby, I have to run to the market for a few things but um… your uncle Rich is downstairs in case you need anything."


I closed my door again and I curled back up on the bed. I heard my mother's car pull out of the driveway and downstairs I heard the clinking of glasses. Uncle Rich must be fixing himself a drink… Uncle Rich, he's not my fucking uncle. I miss my dad… but he lost the custody battle. My mom got full custody and the worst part is that nobody asked me what I wanted. My family fell apart and nobody asked me how I felt… they probably just assumed I fell apart too but truth is I haven't but one day I feel I might explode! So who all will be burned to a crisp when the flames inside me come out?


"So what were you guys fighting about this time?"

"I don't remember. I feel so bad."

"Well that's a start I guess. You should probably get help."

"I told her I would."

"Well don't be a liar Eli. If you don't then you are going to hurt Clare really badly again. She could have turned you in to the police several times… Especially when you forced her…"

"I know that Adam, you think I don't know that! I feel terrible I just don't know what to do. Where do I go to get help? I just get so mad sometimes that I end up taking it out on her and she doesn't deserve it."

"Well dude look I'll get some therapy centers and support groups for you to go to… Every little bit helps…"

I thought about how Clare reacted earlier when I lost my temper and punched her in the back. She didn't scream, she just covered her mouth and cried. Then she tried to leave and I… tore her down mentally. I'm abusive… say hello to the bad guy. The bad part is that for that moment there was no guilt and I felt good and strong and having the power to crush someone when the world seems to crush me felt so relieving! Then when I looked into her tear filled blue eyes… Staring at me in fear and confusion the good feelings and relief instantly dissipated and I wondered how I could ever cause pain to someone I care so much for. Because I do love Clare I just have a problem. She's much better off without me, but without her I fear I may die. How hard can not hitting her be? I can stop hit her. I'll just watch my temper…. I can do that right?

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