So here is the epilogue, thanks for reading you guys! I hope you have enjoyed reading the story as much as I have enjoyed writing it! =)


Its Belle's first birthday, I watched as she sat in Eli's lap and smeared her first ever piece of cake all over her face. I guess that means she likes it? Eli asked her to share and she just laughed at him. She's become somewhat of a daddy's girl but I don't mind that much. So far, Eli's been keeping his promise and stepping up. Not only for Belle but for me too… Six months without physical violence! Now, of course we still argue and bicker, that is just the nature of our relationship but we've both learned different ways to express our anger towards each other. I've taken up writing fan fiction again and well…Eli does yoga if you can believe that. I'm not saying things are perfect with us… it's still hard having Belle and trying to do well in school. I'm sure it will be even harder when Eli starts university in a few months, but just in case things get sticky again we have Dr. Brock on speed dial. As Eli passed the happy baby to me I realized that she is worth the hard work. I don't know what I would have done if she'd never come into my world or if I had to give her to another person. I looked around at all the people in the room. Some related to us by blood and some friends collected along the way… Either way, we make up a family, we are a family and I love my family.


I start college in a few months and I'm excited. I'm going on to a new frontier and soon Clare will join me. You'll be happy to know that I have improved in my baby hair styling and I do an Elmo voice that Belle and Melanie love. Sometimes I feel bad for not cooperating with Clare in the beginning but I'm here now and trust me, we have gotten through worse. When I think about the things I done back then and I think about the way I am now I don't even see the same person. That was the old Eli; this is the new and improved version. Clare and I have been working on our relationship. We wrote down every single grudge we had against each other and we burned it… That was sort of a way to cremate our past, now all we will look to is the future and it looks bright. I have a wonderful girl whom I would die for and an adorable baby daughter who is my pride and joy. I finally have a real family… It might not be conventional but it's a group of people who love and care for each other… It beats having a sperm and egg donor who try to kill you… Life as of right now is pretty sweet and while it is projected to get even sweeter, if it doesn't then I will still be satisfied. I have my two girls so that is all that matters. After the party Clare started helping me clean up the backyard while Belle and Melanie played with a beach ball. I started looking at her while she picked up plates off the table…

"What? Why are you staring?"

"I just love you Clare, that's why… because I just love you."

"Well I just love you too."

The End =)