Daisy Dursley

What if Dudley was not an only child?

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Halloween 1981

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore was not the type of man who like to leave anything unfinished, he always wanted to have all of his bases covered no matter the circumstances. Unfortunately, that was not possible in this situation, James and Lily Potter were dead and there was nowhere else to leave their young son Harry except here with his last living relatives the Dursley family. Albus knew the Dursley's had a severe dislike of magic and would be unwilling to allow Dumbledore to visit or see the child regularly and if Dumbledore did go see Harry it could lead others to Harry's location or add more difficulties to the relationship which would occur between Harry and his family.

However, Dumbledore was not leaving Harry helpless here, he had asked Mrs. Figg and squib who was also a member of the Order of the Phoenix to keep an eye on Harry and report back to Dumbledore regularly on the boys well-being. As Dumbledore walked away leaving a one year old Harry lying on a porch light in the middle of a fall evening he couldn't help feeling guilt rise in his stomach. Dumbledore raised his eyes to the sky and offered a silent prayer to whoever may have been listing to look after Harry and keep him safe. Dumbledore had no way of knowing that he was leaving Harry to a journey that no one should have to face alone.


Harry was awoken the next morning by Petunia Dursley's scream as she went to put out the milk, to say Petunia was shocked to find her nephew lying on the front step would be like saying the Sears Tower was a fairly tall building. Petunia and Vernon were not happy to have Harry in their lives and at first they considered simply sending him away:

Vernon, "Petunia, I don't want one in the house. Can you imagine our Dudders interacting with one of their kind? There's no telling what he might pick up."

Petunia sighed heavily as she balanced her son on her hip while he screamed for more ice cream even though he'd already thrown up from eating some, " I agree with you Vernon, but you read the letter he said that people would be 'keeping an eye on things' and if they have someone watching the house."

Vernon interrupted, "Spying is what I would call it."

Petunia said, "As would I, but if someone is watching and we get rid of the boy they might come after us and Dudley." Petunia nuzzled her cheek against her sons head as he continued to scream while ignoring Harry's cries all together.

Vernon thought for a moment, he didn't want the boy to stay, but he also didn't want their lives to be further interrupted by freaks. Vernon considered it a while before finally saying, "fine, I don't like it but he can stay. However, we need to get some things straight he can never know the truth and he will not be one of them."

Petunia sniffed disdainfully, "Well of course, did you think I would want him to be like that."

Vernon grunted in agreement and turned on the television as Petunia finally put Dudley down and went to change Harry's diaper. The next six years of Harry's life were anything short of pleasant, the
Dursley's did all they could to keep him as downtrodden as possible. Harry was given only Dudley's old hand-me-downs for clothes and was forced to do dozens of chores for the family and received very little food. Vernon would often take his rage out on Harry, blaming the young man for everything and constantly yelling at and insulting him. Dudley took on his parents mindset and would get his friends together in order to torment and beat up Harry. All in all Harry's life was rather miserable, but today was one of the better days for him. Petunia hadn't been feeling well over the last week or so and had gone to the doctor in order to see if she had the flu so Harry was left in his cupboard.

The cupboard under the stairs had been Harry's bedroom for as long as he could remember. The cupboard was small with only about five feet high and four feet wide there was just enough room for Harry and his few possestions, most people would be uncomfortable in such a small space, but Harry found it comforting. The cupboard was the only thing in the entire house that was truly his and the only place he could go to get away from his so called 'family' Harry was sitting on his bed (which was basically a cot) playing with a toy knight a strange man with a tall hat had given him one day. Harry hadn't known the man, but he seemed nice enough and Harry had wanted the toy, he had been especially surprised when Vernon and Petunia had let him keep it. Petunia had said something about 'them watching' and Vernon had agreed to let Harry have the toy.

Vernon Dursley was currently sitting in the living room watching television with his son Dudley, Vernon was on the couch while Dudley was in the chair. They couldn't share the couch because they were both so large that they wouldn't fit on it together. As Harry listened the television jingle about a minty toothpaste and wondered why Petunia wasn't back yet, she'd been gone two hours, surely it shouldn't take so long to have the doctor tell her she had the flu.

As if in response to his thoughts Petunia pulled her car into the driveway at that moment and ran into the house, "Vernon, oh Vernon it's wonderful."

Vernon Dursley stood, "What? What's wonderful you don't have the flu?"

Petunia squealed with joy, "no, I don't Vernon I'm pregnant."

Vernon spluttered while Dudley squeaked, "What?"

Petunia said, "We're going to have another baby."

Vernon went forward and kissed his wife, "that's wonderful."

Dudley however was not so thrilled, "I don't want a baby. It's bad enough having 'him'" he shouted pointing to the cupboard, "in the house I don't want anyone else."

Petunia soothed, "Oh, Diddykins don't cry, Daddy and I will always love you nothing will change that, this baby will just be someone we can all love."

Dudley wailed, "I don't want to love it I don't want there to be a baby!"

Harry rolled his eyes, his large piggy cousin had always been a spoiled little brat, but this was taking things a bit far. Although Harry couldn't help privately agreeing with Dudley, Harry had never liked any of his family and the last thing he wanted was a smaller version of Dudley running around the house screaming and pooping in its trousers. Harry pushed his ear next to the cupboard grate so he could hear better, he always liked it when Dudley got in trouble.

Vernon said, "Now Dudley, I know this comes as a surprise, but this baby is going to be in our lives and our family and you're going to have to accept that whether I like it or not."

Dudley screamed, "I don't want to!" there was a loud thump as Dudley started screaming and Harry realized Dudley had thrown himself to the floor in a fit. The rest of the day was incredibly annoying Petunia and Vernon did everything they could to calm Dudley down, but nothing worked. Dudley spent the rest of the day screaming and pounding on the floor and the walls. Dudley simpered up and cried and even made himself sick on purpose, but nothing worked Vernon and Petunia insisted the baby was going to stay and there was nothing Dudley could do about it.

Harry was thrilled, he loved when Dudley didn't get what he wanted and aunt Petunia and uncle Vernon told him 'no' incidents like this didn't happen often, but they always made Harry's day when they did. Seeing Dudley miserable also helped Harry get through the enormous amount of chores Petunia gave him that night, apparently she wanted the house to be extra clean for when the baby came. Harry wanted to snap that the baby wouldn't be here for another nine months (Harry may have only been seven, but he knew enough about babies to know that ), but he knew what would Petunia would do if he mouthed off to her and kept his mouth closed.

Harry crawled into bed at 11:30 that night and collapsed from sheer exhaustion. Dudley didn't speak at all the next day, Vernon and Petunia tried to talk to him a few times, Petunia even offered to go buy Dudley some double chocolate chip cookies with Reeses pieces in them which was a favorite of his, but Dudley still didn't answer. Petunia finally seemed to give up and turned to Vernon, "Vernon, we need to decide where the baby will be staying. I think it will be o.k. to keep a crib in our room until the little one starts to sleep through the night, but eventually they will need their own bedroom."

Vernon nodded, "absolutely dearest, now I think you'll agree Dudley's second bedroom is just too small, the guest room would work well, but then where would Marge stay when she comes to visit?"

Harry rolled his eyes, aunt Marge was Vernon's sister, she hated Harry and everything about him. Whenever she came to visit she spent the entire time following Harry around criticizing everything thing about hi and every action he took no matter how simple it was. Petunia turned to Vernon saying, "Well dear I know it isn't ideal, but maybe Marge could stay in that hotel at the end of town when she comes to visit. It's a nice place and they allow pets. Besides as much as I love your sister we can't put her staying with us above our child."

Vernon nodded, "you're right dear, Marge won't like it, but she'll just have to get used to not being able to stay in the house unless she wants to sleep on the couch, I'll see if she might want to take the bed that's in the guest room and if not we can have charity come pick it up and we'll start buying furniture and such as soon as the room is clear."

Harry shook his head, heaven forbid they consider moving the bed into Dudley's second bedroom and letting Harry sleep there. Petunia smiled, "Oh it'll be just wonderful."

Dudley snorted, but didn't say a word. Harry couldn't help agreeing this kid was going to be nothing but trouble. Harry knew that Petunia and Vernon would spoil the baby the same way they had spoiled Dudley and the baby was going to be up all night crying and Harry would probably be pulled into taking out diapers and helping with cleaning bibs and those stupid uni things that babies always wore.

Breakfast passed in a tense silence, because it was Saturday neither Dudley nor Harry had to worry about school, but Harry had a lot of chores to take care of as usual. As he washed the breakfast dishes Vernon called Marge to tell her about the baby and ask if she wanted the bed in the guest room, Marge squealed so loudly Harry was able to hear her standing nearly two feet away from the phone. Marge agreed to take the bed and said she'd rent a truck and come pick it up in a week.

Vernon and Petunia spent the rest of the day discussing the baby, they sat on the couch holding hands and cooing at each other, which basically made Harry sick to his stomach. As they went out to the store to look at baby things Petunia simpered, "Oh Vernon, this is going to be so much fun."

Fun was probably the last word Harry would use to describe the next nine months, after the first week or two Petunia started throwing up like no tomorrow and Harry was more often than not required to step quickly outta the way when she dashed to the loo. Dudley stayed in a horrible mood no matter what his parents did, Petunia and Vernon tried to get Dudley use to the idea of having a younger sibling, but Dudley was totally against it. Petunia and Vernon even took Dudley to see some sorta specialist to try to help him accept the idea, but even that didn't help. Whenever they weren't trying to get Dudley to lighten up Vernon and Petunia were preparing for the new baby.

After Marge picked up the bed Vernon took the nightstands and lamps out, but left the dresser in, Petunia said that she was worried about the baby getting tangled in the cords and wanted to buy new lamps that were safer.

Four months into the pregnancy Petunia found out she was having a girl so she and Vernon went out and bought some pink paint for the nursery, Petunia said it was called apple blossom. Vernon laid down tarps in the guest room and had Harry paint the nursery saying that, "if a speck of paint gets anywhere else in this house it'll be your head boy."

Harry carefully painted the walls, the top part was the hardest because he had to use the rolly thing to get to the top of the walls. It was high and hard to move around, Harry kept accidentally swinging it around and falling over onto on his butt dropping the roller. More than once Vernon shouted, "Boy what are you doing up there?" Harry finally finished the top and was able to move down and use regular brushes. By the end of the day Harry's arms felt like they were on fire and his clothes and body were covered in paint. As Harry came out of the room Dudley caught sight of Harry as he was coming out of the bathroom and laughed, "It looks like you have a pink mustache."

Harry stuck in his head in the bathroom and saw that he had somehow managed to get paint right under his nose which did in fact look like a pink mustache. Harry also saw that he had pain in his hair, under his chin, and all over his arms. Harry couldn't help laughing at his own reflection, for once he and Dudley completely agreed on one thing, he looked absolutely ridiculous. Harry showered without managing to get half the paint off his body and then went downstairs to change. Petunia looked at his clothes and determined they were past saving then threw them away.

Harry wasn't complaining, like everything else he had the clothes had once belonged to his cousin Dudley, they were too big for him. The pants were brown and had huge holes in the knees and the red shirt went past his wrists and was torn along the hem. It took a week for Harry to get all the paint off his body and in the meantime Petunia started having cravings for the weirdest food (strawberry ice cream with pickles and caramel sauce) she was also snipping at everyone for the slightest things and bursting into tears for no reason.

Harry was shocked (and partially thrilled) when one day Dudley said, "Mum, do we have to keep the baby? I mean it's bad enough having him" He pointed at Harry, "Around, but the baby is going to be a pain maybe you could do something you know. My friend Piers said his aunt gave a baby up for adoption maybe you and Dad could do that."

Petunia went red and Harry ducked behind the wall, Petunia swung back and smacked Dudley hard across the cheek causing him to fall to the floor. Dudley burst into tears and Harry was speechless he'd never seen Petunia strike Dudley. Petunia shouted at him, "I never want to hear you say that again Dudley Vernon Dursley, this baby is your sister and whether you want her around or not or like it or not she is going to be here and nothing will change that."

Petunia walked away and left Dudley on the floor, Harry wasn't sure what to think. Secretly Harry had always wanted to see Petunia put Dudley in his place the way she just had. Harry had always thought the one thing Dudley needed was for someone to finally tell him no, but now that he stood there watching Dudley cry on the floor he couldn't help feeling bad for his overly large cousin. Dudley had never been treated like this before and he had no idea how to deal with this. Harry wasn't sure either, his cousin had done nothing but torment him and make him miserable for as long as Harry could remember, but Harry felt sorry for him.

Cursing himself loudly with a few of his uncles saltier swear words (which someone his age shouldn't even know) and finally sat down next to Dudley and put an arm around his shoulder. Dudley pushed Harry away and Harry fell against the floor, but he sat up and did it again. Dudley didn't push Harry away this time he just sat there and cried. Harry wasn't sure what to do so he stayed right where he was and didn't say anything. Finally Dudley stopped sniffling and said, "I really have to get use to this whole baby thing don't I?"

Harry sighed, "We both do."

Dudley starred at Harry who shrugged, "I don't want the baby around, but I know better than to say it to aunt Petunia."

Dudley nodded then stood up and walked away. Dudley went up to his room and spent the rest of the day sitting on his bed seeming to stare off in space. Dudley was quiet the next week, but not in the same way he'd been since he'd found out about the baby. Finally, Dudley seemed to accept the truth about the baby and started acting nicer about it. Dudley helped Petunia loud some of the furniture into the new nursery and even helped his parents put up the baby's crib. Petunia's mood seemed to settle a little in the next two months and she also started gaining weight like crazy. Petunia and Vernon started debating over what to name the baby and finally settled on Daisy Ann Dursley, since Petunia and her sister were both named for flowers it seemed appropriate to continue the tradition.

As the months dragged on Petunia seemed to find more and more for Harry to do, it wasn't easy, but Harry managed it and to his great surprised Dudley helped him out now and again. Then one day in May Harry woke up in the middle of the night on May 3rd as Petunia and Vernon were coming down the stairs.

"Duddikins, Potter come on the baby is coming." Harry grabbed his jacket and the bag aunt Petunia had told him to pack and the beginning of the month then left the cupboard, Dudley came running down the stairs behind his parents wearing his pajamas and a sweater holding a small suitcase in his hand. Vernon said, "Mrs. Figg will take you over to her house and we will call you as soon as the baby arrives."

The door rang and Vernon opened it to reveal Mrs. Figg standing on the front porch wearing a flowery moo moo, "Vernon escorted an incredibly large Petunia into the car as Mrs. Figg took the boys and stood on the steps to watch them leave. Dudley waved to his parents while Harry scratched his head, Mrs. Figg took them over to her house, she couldn't stay at the Dursley's because she didn't want to leave her cats alone, Harry and Dudley went upstairs to the guest room. Harry fell asleep almost immediately, but Dudley tried to stay up and wait, but fell asleep in about an hour.

Harry woke a little later the next morning and came downstairs with Dudley to find Mrs. Fig serving porridge for both of them, "No news yet." She said when they came into the kitchen. Dudley said, "it's been six hours already."

Mrs. Figg smiled knowingly, "Labor usually lasts a minimum of eight hours."

Harry winced and Mrs. Figg nodded, "Yes, I know not a very pleasant experience."

Harry sat down and started to eat while Dudley followed. After breakfast they went into the living room, neither of them was sure what to do so they just turned on the T.V., Dudley wasn't really paying attention to what was on. The rest of the day passed in a kind of tense nervousness, every time the phone rang they thought it was Vernon, but it never was. Then at around 4 p.m., 27 hours after Petunia had gone to the hospital the call came. Mrs. Figg was in the kitchen pouring food into a cat bowl and answered, "Hello, Vernon congratulations. How's Petunia doing? Wonderful, and the baby? Oh 8 ½ pounds quite a big girl. Yes of course. Here Dudley."

Mrs. Fig handed the phone to Dudley who took it, "Hey Dad, how's Mum? Great give her a kiss from me. When will you guys be home? Alright see you then bye. Here Mrs. Figg."

Dudley handed the phone back and turned to Harry, "Everything went well, Mum's really tired and sore, but she'll be fine, Dad says they'll be home with the baby by the end of the week."

Harry nodded, "Well that's good."

Dudley nodded and said, "Aunt Marge is going to come down and visit the baby maybe stay a few days."

Harry fought to keep from groaning out loud the last thing he wanted was to spend three days with aunt Marge, but he took comfort in the fact that she would be staying in a hotel and not actually in the house with them. Harry hoped the baby would distract Marge from him. Mrs. Figg made a special dinner of fettucine and garlic bread in honor of Daisy's birth, she also gave the two of them chocolate chip cookies that tasted pretty good. Harry was surprised because whenever he'd stayed over before Mrs. Figg had just had him look at pictures of her cats, apparently having Dudley around made her more hospitable.

Harry and Dudley went to bed late that night, despite all his bellyaching about the baby he seemed genuinely happy to be a big brother, "It's going to be so weird having her home." He said as they went to bed.

Harry said, "yes it will."

Marge came down the next day. She arrived at Mrs. Figg to see Dudley, Harry was surprised when the door opened and Ripper didn't come charging in. Dudley ran up as Marge gave him a hug and asked what Harry was wondering, "Where's Ripper?"

Marge sighed heavily, "I had to leave him behind, I couldn't take him in to the hospital with me and I didn't want to leave him alone in a hotel even if pets are welcome, he's been chewing on everything in sight lately."

Marge turned to Harry, "Well I see you're still here."

Harry rolled his eyes, ""Yes."

Marge scowled at him, "Don't you get snippy with me you nasty little runt, you should be damn grateful Vernon and Petunia have taken you in and given you a decent home. Lord knows they don't need to extra burden you put on their family especially with the new baby being here. You would have been straight into an orphanage if you'd been left on my doorstep you troublesome brat."

Harry scowled but didn't say anything. Marge turned back to Dudley, "And how do you feel about being a big brother?"

Dudley said, "It was weird at first, but it's really exciting."

Marge smiled at him, "Yes it is, it'll be so nice to see a little one around again." Marge pinched Dudley's cheek, "You know you were so cute when you were a baby, I'm sure you're little sister will be just as adorable."

Dudley rummaged in his pocket for a moment and then pulled out a five pound note, "Here, would you get the baby something from me?"

Marge smiled, "Oh what a sweet little boy, of course I will."

As Marge turned to leave she gave Harry one last scathing look, "And you, I don't want to hear that you're giving Mrs. Figg or Vernon and Petunia any trouble, it's going to be hard enough for them to adjust to having a little one around they don't need any trouble from the likes of you."

Marge left the house before Harry could say anything, it was probably better that way because Harry had absolutely no idea what to say to that. Marge didn't come back until dinner time, she showed Dudley and Mrs. Figg pictures of Daisy, while continually sneering and at Harry and telling him how much harder it would be for 'dear Vernon and Petunia' to deal with him now that the new baby was here.

Harry did his best to ignore her, but he did sneak a peak at the pictures, Daisy looked, well weird was only word Harry could think up. She was a small wrinkly looking creature wrapped in a pink blanket, but Harry couldn't help thinking she did look kinda cute. Marge stayed until 9 then went back to the hotel she was staying at promising to take Dudley to see Daisy the next morning. It took Dudley a while to get to bed that night and Harry was surprised how well he seemed to be dealing with everything considering all the fuss he'd put up previously. Marge arrived bright and early the next morning to take Dudley to the hospital and spend the day with her. Harry of course was left with Mrs. Figg, who seemed to be acting nicer toward Harry than usual.

Mrs. Figg let Harry watch television and even took him to the park after lunch, it was one of the few times Harry had been allowed to play like a normal child, he ran to the swings and delighted in going as high as he could than jumping off, it made him feel like he was flying. Harry also went down the slide and took a turn on the Meri go round. Mrs. Figg brought Harry back to her home and he helped her clean her cats litter boxes then fill the food and water bowls.

Marge brought Dudley back to Mrs. Figg's later that night and left without a word to Harry, which surprised him incredibly. The rest of the week passed quickly, but not fast enough for Harry Marge wasn't around much, but when she was she made sure to constantly insult Harry and make him miserable. The day Daisy came home Marge brought them to the Dursley's house. As they entered she turned to Harry, "Now you behave yourself do you hear me! We are going to welcome them and the baby home and I want you to be as helpful as possible do you understand you little brat?"

Harry sighed, "Yes Ma'am."

Dudley helped Marge hang a 'welcome home' banner she'd bought at a local store, and put a case of flowers in the living room. Half an hour later the Dursley's came home. Vernon helped Petunia get out of the car and then carefully lifted a small car seat from the back. Petunia walked slowly, obviously still tired and worn out even though it had been a week since Daisy was born. Marge shouted, "Well what are you waiting for? Get the door for them!"

Harry opened the front door and stood back so he wouldn't get in the way. Petunia came in and walked over to give Dudley a hug, "Hello sweetie."

Dudley hugged back as Vernon carefully placed the car seat down on the floor and bent down to pick up Daisy. Vernon straightened, "Welcome Home darling."

Harry peaked around the door to look at his new cousin for the first time while Dudley and Marge stepped forward. She was asleep with a pink cap on her head, she didn't look as scrunched as she had in the pictures. Harry thought she looked cute, Petunia turned to Dudley and asked, "Would you like to hold your new sister?"

Dudley bit his lip, "I don't know."

Petunia nodded, "It's o.k. Dudders, when you're ready."

Dudley nodded, Harry could tell that he was still a little uneasy with the baby, Petunia sat down while Marge turned to Harry, "Well, what are you waiting for? Get started on dinner move."

Harry nodded, "yes Ma'am."

Most people wouldn't expect a seven year old to be able to cook, but Harry had been helping Petunia in the kitchen since he was four, and had started making meals by six. Harry knew that because Marge was visiting he would make pork chops because it was one of Marge's favorites. Harry took the pork chops out of the freezer and placed them in the microwave to thaw as he pulled a pan out of the draw and sprayed it with pam. Harry grabbed a seasoning packet from the cupboard and placed it on the stove top then added water.

Once the microwave beeped Harry pulled out the pork chops and put them in a cooking bad with the spice mix then threw it all in the microwave. It was a fast easy way to make a nice meal that didn't take too much prep time.

Harry washed his hands to get the raw meat off and then decided to do potato's as a side. Harry grabbed several potatoes out of a bag his aunt had bought two weeks ago and then washed them and started peeling. He could have done baked, but aunt Marge hated baked and Harry knew he'd catch Hell if he did. It took Harry about 15 minutes to peel the potatoes, it probably would have been faster if he'd had bigger hands and hadn't kept dropping them. Harry took out a bowl and began mashing potatoes up then used the beater to finish, after adding butter and milk he placed it all on the stove and took the peelings out to the trash so they wouldn't stink up the house.

By this time Daisy was awake and had started to fuss, aunt Petunia took the baby upstairs to nurse while Dudley, Vernon, and Marge stayed downstairs and watched television. Harry rinsed the extra potato off his hands and placed the beater sticks in the sink along with the bowl he made the potatoes in. Harry then set the table for four, knowing he would never be welcome and put out silverware and cups for everyone. Harry ducked into his cupboard and grabbed a book called The BFG Harry had gotten it form Dudley's second bedroom. Dudley kept his extra toys and everything he didn't want in his second bedroom. Most of it was junk and Harry often wondered why Dudley didn't just throw it all away, but the one thing Harry liked about the second bedroom was that there was a bookcase full of untouched books in it. Harry would often go in and pick a book to read, Dudley never noticed they were gone and as long as Harry kept the book hidden and was careful no one noticed.

Harry sat ready as the food cooked, stopping to check on everything and add a little salt to the potatoes. After about 15 minutes Harry grabbed a gravy packet from the cupboard and began making gravy for the potatoes. The gravy was easy to make and only needed to add water and mix it on the stove in a pan. As the gravy cooked Harry grabbed a bowl and started making a salad with crutons, cheese, and dressing. Harry stuck his hands in two sandwich bags and mixed the salad as everything finished up.

Harry put his book back and placed the salad on the table then put two tongs inside it. Harry waited a few minutes then out the potatoes in a large bowl with a square of butter on top and used a ladle to place the gravy in his aunts gravy boat. Harry put both items on the table with the salad and plates the pulled the pork chops out of the oven and brought the plates over to serve them up. Harry made sure to cut one up and check it was cooked.

Harry put the cut one on Dudley's plate knowing his cousin wouldn't care then placed it all on the table and went to the living room, "Dinner's ready." By this time Petunia was done feeding the baby and had come down to eat. Petunia put Daisy in a bouncing baby chair and set it down by the table as they all began to eat. Harry stood to the side knowing he wouldn't be asked to eat with them.

The Dursley's ate while Harry tried his best to ignore the hunger churning in his stomach, the meals with Mrs. Figg had left him feeling fuller than usual, but Harry still wanted to eat. After they were done Harry cleared the plates and took whatever happened to be left over, as usual there wasn't much, but it made his stomach feel better.

Marge left soon after dinner to go back to her hotel. She was staying a few days because the ladies fo the neighborhood were hosting a party for Petunia in honor of Daisy being born and because she wanted to be on hand in cased something should happen. Petunia put Daisy to sleep in her crib. Harry crawled into his cupboard and fell asleep reminding himself that spring break was ending tomorrow and he and Dudley would both have to go back to school. Little did he know, that having Daisy in the house would cause a greater change in Harry's life than he ever thought possible.