Author's Note: I got bored the other day, and decided to sit down and watch two seasons of this show my dad mentioned a while back. In doing so, I became familiar with this set of characters. I realize that the things I'm going to write about are not easy for some people to read. Imagine writing it. Actually, no. Imagine living it. Ria Torres did. She's a fictional character, though.

But these kinds of things don't only exist in fiction. Every day, too many children go through things like this, and much worse. So, this story is dedicated to them, those children, in the hopes that maybe one of you will read this, and realize that there is something after. You don't always have to lose. I believe in you, even when you don't.

Disclaimer: I don't own Lie to Me. Nor do I recieve any sort of profit from these stories.

Extra Information: This story might have femmeslashy undertones. I'm writing it. Of course they'll be there. But I promise not to let it take away from what the story is really about. How Ria became a natural.

Ria Torres stuck her head into Gillian Foster's office, waiting for her to look up before entering the older woman's domain, pulling her jeans up slightly and her shirt back down over them.

"That's the third time you've done that today. You need a belt." Foster smirked at Torres, who shook her head, averting her eyes briefly.

"They're just a little loose, they'll be fine." She replied, adjusting her shirt. "Oh, yeah, Loker wants us all in the lab. Some study or something that he wants us to look at." She waited for Foster to nod before turning to leave, tugging at her jeans again as she walked out.

Foster shook her head, grinning slightly as she pulled something out from under her desk before standing to make her way to the lab.

Loker was just finishing setting up as Gillian walked in, catching Torres readjusting her pants again.

"Ria, catch." She spoke and waited for Torres to turn around before swinging the belt gently in her direction.

Ria's eyes widened and her face contorted into a mask of painful emotion as she stepped back, her arms going to her sides, her palms flat against the wall behind her. She composed herself quickly, though, crossing her arms in front of herself.

"You want to tell me what I saw on your face just there?" Lightman spoke in his usual robust manner, paying no attention to the looks on his colleagues faces.

"I don't like belts." Torres answered simply. The clench of her jaw as she finished her statement spoke of more than a simple dislike.

"I think there's more to that story." He swirled his finger in front of her face.

"Don't read me." The anger flashed across her face. It wouldn't have taken a professional – or a natural – to see it.

"Torres!" Lightman called after her as she left the room. Fled the room.

"What in the bloody hell was that about?" Lightman shifted his gaze between Foster and Loker, neither of them missing the genuine concern in his eyes.

Foster pursed her lips and cut her eyes in his direction, following Torres out the door.

"Right. Well, lets get on with it." Lightman said to Loker, turning back to the monitor.

Foster found her leaning against the wall, her eyes were closed, the inside of her right cheek firmly planted between her teeth.


The young woman opened her eyes, distrust clearly evident in them.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Foster asked.

"There isn't anything to talk about." She kept her voice controlled, her face was clear, impassive.

Foster reached for her arm, but quickly pulled her hand back as Torres flinched away. It wasn't until then that she realized she was still holding the belt. She dropped it to the floor and kicked it several feet away.

"You can talk to me, Ria." It was soft spoken, and the concern in Foster's voice put Torres even more on edge.

"Later. Maybe. I just can't right now." She spoke at last, pushing off the wall and stepping around the belt still lying on the floor. She turned back to Gillian, an apologetic smile on her face.

"I'm a Natural." Ria shrugged, her eyes flashing with the same painful emotions they had displayed earlier.

"That, you are." Gillian whispered as she watched Ria walk away, thankful that Torres wouldn't see the regret she couldn't keep off of her face.

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