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Characters: Declan-centric, with appearances by Magnus, Will, Henry, Kate, probably the Big Guy, some OCs

Rating: T for now. Things might get twisted/angsty, so let me know if I've gone too far for the rating (having never had to pay attention to them in my life, I have a hard time determining what's appropriate).

"Hmm...that is interesting," Dr. Helen Magnus pondered, slowly running her tongue over her lower lip in a contemplative manner.

The man whose lap she was currently straddling only made a frustrated sort of grunting sound in response, likely attributed to the loss of those same lips that gave her cause for thought.

She continued her analysis. "I have never-"

Her words were swallowed in a moan as he hungrily reclaimed her lips, kissing her in a manner that bespoke a primal urgency seldom felt amongst more sentient creatures.

"Shall I forego the analyses?" she inquired breathlessly when he finally relinquished her mouth, but not his hands from her hips.

"For the time being," he replied, returning her smile. Neither of their expressions were entirely happy ones. How could they be? The circumstances were less than ideal. In fact, he could easily believe that bar the horrible inconvenience of his current condition, this particular endeavour upon which they had started would've never occurred in the entirety of their acquaintanceship, a friendship which could potentially last his entire life, although not hers.

"On the other hand..." The feel of her body against his, the taste of her mouth, the delicious warmth of her life energy had sated the overwhelming, screaming need buzzing in his head and setting every nerve in his body on edge. And regaining just that bit of lucidity brought all the doubts and concerns flooding back. He pushed her away, out of his lap, instantly feeling the cold, hollow pit reopening inside of him. It was best she left before he began to lose the battle once more. Or worse, entirely lost the will to fight it. "This really isn't the best plan."

"No!" she exclaimed before she recovered her composure, and continued in a much more quiet and controlled manner. It was not, however, any more subdued. "We have already wasted enough time in discussion of this course of action. I did not yield the point then. And I shall not yield it now. You will have sex with me, Declan Macrae. And that is an order."

"Might I remind you that's an order you would not have been able to give if it weren't for my aide in preserving your position as head of the Sanctuary network," he tried to stall for time, figure out a way to redirect her focus. They might not have been as close as what they were about to do would intimate, but he sure as hell knew the woman well enough to have encountered her unwavering determination on several occasions. She had made up her mind. And once made, she was nearly impossible to sway.

It didn't help that any arguments he could make at this juncture had already been thoroughly considered by the woman, weighed against all the other factors, and dismissed. She was too damn logical for her own good sometimes.

And too damn compassionate.

A selfish person would've run for the hills. Or at least, written him off long ago.

But oh, no. Helen Magnus cared about every living creature! And she was particularly protective of those she counted friends. Well, that was a nice thought at least. He had earned the respect of the person he probably most admired in the world.

And he should do all he could to protect her. Which meant keeping her the hell away from his Succubus-infected self!

"Get out!" he roared at her, futilely hoping to frighten her away. She did not scare easily. But oh, should she be afraid! Not many things were a threat to her. And without accident or dangerous abnormals besting her, she would live for damn near forever. Except, he could suck the years out of her with just a touch. He could take and take and take until the disease inside of him gorged itself, leaving nothing left in her.

Thus far he was lucky, lucky he hadn't done that to someone else, someone with so fewer years to take. It was basically luck that he had realized what he was doing that first time before it was too late. He shook his head.

This couldn't happen.

"I'm dangerous," he asserted. "I need to be isolated."

"I want you lucid," Magnus countered, her words sharp and clear, her assertive side taking over entirely. "It will better help me study the nature of this virus."

"Wouldn't my unhindered deterioration better suffice for charting the pathway of the disease?" he asked. Epidemiology was not in any way, shape or form his expertise, but he had been around scientists enough to learn a few things.

"Ending with your death? Most definitely not."

He gritted his teeth against the insistence of his body that a few feet was just too bloody lengthy a distance between them.

"If I'm to find a treatment, I need to understand this virus, its various affects upon you." Perhaps, she thought she could bore and confuse him into submitting to her will. "Any element of succubae physiology is notoriously difficult to isolate. Having access to this virus is a significant opportunity..."

She became lost in thought, and Declan realized there was more to her motives than merely helping him. But should he have expected less from the woman? Knowledge was her addiction, aiding abnormals her passion. He'd witnessed it dozens of times. But he'd never thought he'd be at the center of it.

And had it blinded her? Did she seriously understand the danger of what lurked inside of him. No, /lurked/ was no longer the appropriate term. It had asserted itself, stormed his body and mind. He was barely hanging onto the last thread of control. And she was approaching him once more, so close he could feel the heat of her body, smell her fragrance, sense the deep well of her life force.

When she slipped into his lap, he gave in to the hunger, gave in and no longer cared...


He yawned and stretched lazily before realizing that he was not in his own bed. And a woman had called his name. He blinked. Magnus' bright eyes were but a few feet from his face. And she was perched on the edge of the bed, her hand upon his arm.

"What happened?" he groaned, attempting to rise, only to realize he was stark naked beneath the covers.

She stood, giving him room to swing his feet over the side of the bed and sit up while retaining a modicum of modesty. Her eyebrow had quirked up, a smirk on her lips.

"I don't think I've ever been called 'forgettable' before," she commented.

Oh bloody hell, he had slept with his boss! He moaned louder when the rest of reality rushed back in, sweeping him under like tidal wave.

"How's your head?" The woman with whom he was now on awkwardly intimate terms asked.

He closed his eyes, sought out the hunger. It was there, but barely a suggestion that he might require a sustenance food could not render at some point in the future. A significant difference from the overwhelming insistence driving him since that first pang.

"Clear," he croaked. She handed him a glass of water that had been waiting upon the bedside table. Gratefully, he took a long draught, soothing his throat. Lord, did he feel almost hung over, except for his thoughts were more lucid than they'd been for the past few days.

"Good." She threw his trousers at him. "This should go a lot faster, then."

"What?" He winced, already knowing it involved hours spent getting poked and prodded, scanned, and who knew what else.

"I need to run a full work-up on you," she confirmed his fears. "Compare the results to the data we gathered from your first exam."

"Great," Declan muttered. He looked at her pointedly.

"Oh, right. Sorry," she apologized turning her back so he could dress. He knew it was ridiculous considering the memory of her naked curves was still fresh in his mind, but still... He groaned again. This whole thing was so...embarrassing. She probably thought him ridiculously shy. Because, hell, she already knew what he looked like naked just as much as he couldn't shake the feel of her skin from his mind.

Could this situation be any worse?

Oh yes, it could...

"I'll want you to talk with Will when I'm through with you," she said. More like ordered' since the tone in her voice meant there would be no argument.

Well, that settled it. He'd have been wiser to just throw himself off the tallest building in the vicinity as soon as he knew something was horribly wrong. At least, he would've died without losing face.

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