Sometimes Danny wondered how much longer he could do this job before it totally tore him apart.

This time it had started when the teenage children of a high profile politician had been kidnapped just outside their family's summer home on the island of Oahu. The kidnappers had – of course – demanded money, a sum so large that even a family as wealthy as the Senator's hadn't been able to come up with the amount required in time. The 5-0 team had gotten involved when the governor herself had personally requested they take the case, with orders to find the missing teens by any means necessary.

They had done everything right, but in the end it hadn't mattered. Despite all their efforts the girl had died before Danny and the others had even reached the scene; and though the two men responsible were now in jail and facing a life sentence it didn't even come close to making up for the fact that tonight a family was grieving for a daughter and a sister they would never see again.

Sometimes, after cases like this Danny wondered how much more he could take before he finally lost it. Sometimes he wondered why the hell he had ever wanted to be a cop in the first place.

On days like these Danny would usually do one of two things: Sometimes he would just go home and have a few beers in an attempt to forget about all the crap he faced on a daily basis; and sometimes he would pick up his phone and call the one person he knew held the answer to all of his questions.

"Hey, Monkey!"

And then Danny would sit and listen as his daughter told him all about her day; about how she and Kelly had played Barbie's during recess or how David's mom had taken them all out for Shave Ice after school. And always, not sometimes, but always, Danny would smile.

Sometimes we know why we do the things we do.

"Danno loves you. So, so much."

And sometimes we just need a little reminder.

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