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AN: This concept has been niggling in my head ever since someone pointed out to me how much Wesker and Mercer have in common, as far as backstory goes. The thought experiment eventually resulted in a basic plot in my mind, and eventually these drabbles. Even if I couldn't write a complete piece for this pairing I could at least hit on its highlights.

And that is why this fic exists, to get this little (or not so little, the original plot concept was EPIC in scope) crossover out of my system. To touch on how the universes would intersect, how the pair would meet, and how they'd get along with each other as a result.

So, yeah, if you haven't figured it out by now, this is a Wesker/Mercer fic. That means M/M, though Alex is capable of blurring those distinctions if he so chooses. Though there is nothing graphic, there is also some implied BDSM play going on. This is also my first time writing either of these characters, so my grasp of them is a little shaky. Hopefully they aren't too out of character.

The remaining six drabbles will be posted later this week, once I get them betaed. Enjoy.

One Dozen Outbreaks

I: Infection

1: In the Beginning

The Manhattan outbreak was nothing short of a golden opportunity as Wesker saw it. Two of Gentek's most prized viruses, their most heavily guarded secrets, had spilled out of containment into the general population, practically free for the taking. And he would not miss out on this chance to acquire such valuable samples. The DX strains were unlike anything Umbrella had ever come up with, and that was why they deserved his most careful study.

Blackwatch was the only thing standing in his way, their establishment of the Redline rapid and their maintenance of it efficient. Nothing was getting out if they could help it. Good thing he wasn't trying to get out. Umbrella had been able to avoid and bribe their way out of that organization's attention for decades, and he had since learned all the tricks. It wasn't too hard to smuggle himself in with the marines. Breaking off from them once he was on the island had been even easier.

From there it had been a matter of keeping his head down and staying on the move as he went about collecting his samples, strategies that had kept him alive after the Mansion Incident. He was also sure to listen in on the military radio chatter, to find out where the hives were and what areas were too heavily watched. He quickly realized how big this outbreak really was; something was out there that had Blackwatch spooked.

It wasn't until his fourth day at Ground Zero that he saw what it was. He'd been dodging around the DX Hunters when that jet black ball-lightning struck one of them dead center in the back, crushing its spine with a sickening crack. The beast had screamed before a jagged blade through its head silenced it for good. The dark predator rose from its kill and looked at him curiously, icy blue eyes gleaming with anger and intelligence.

It was the closest Wesker had ever seen a creature come to absolute perfection.

2: Of Hunters Being Hunted

Mercer wasn't sure what to make of this new creature. He was infected, to be sure, but it wasn't with a DX strain. It was something completely different, and whatever it was had been infecting him for years. However, he showed no obvious symptoms of this infection, aside from his unnatural speed and stamina. Clearly he was a Runner, just like him.

But none of that explained why he was here, on the wrong side of the Redline. If he'd been infected for as long as Alex suspected he'd been, then surely he had developed a strategy for staying off of Blackwatch's radar. The fate of the other Runners, and his own misfortunes spoke to the truth of this. And yet here he was, right in the center of their activity, going along his merry way as though he was hunter rather than hunted.

Mercer wanted to know what he was up to. Wanted to rip him open to see what made him tick. To pick his brain and discover all his secrets. He hungered for the truth, thirsted for answers. But perhaps he shouldn't kill him just yet. He was already isolated enough as it was, and there had already been others who had been open and honest with him without any threat of violence. So he'd take his time, spend the hours he could spare observing this strange new Runner as he did what he came to do.

It came as a great shock to him when the one he was determined to observe proved to be observing him as well.

3: Zeus and Prometheus

Blackwatch had known of his nature and existence for a while now, clearly, Wesker was amused to discover. Referred to him as an 'it', gave him a dehumanizing codename and everything. Prometheus, they called him. He was a rather low priority for them, though, a fact that was at once insulting and relieving. Bearing the brunt of their attention, poor Zeus had air strikes called in on him every time he so much as sneezed.

Ah, Zeus, that ball of black lightning that had everyone in the city, even the other infected, spooked. He'd been doing some background checks on him in the short hours when he could afford to stay in one place. Formerly Doctor Alex J Mercer of Gentek, his tragedy had been remarkably similar to that of Marcus and Birkin: gunned down while trying to protect their precious viral samples and returning from the brink infected, triggering an outbreak in the process. But unlike Wesker's former colleagues, this viral monstrosity was proving much more difficult to terminate. If he was correctly deciphering what he'd been hearing over the radio chatter, not even a vaccine against Blacklight could disable him for long.

And that wasn't all he'd been hearing either. Hushed, paranoid whispers spoke of an incredible ability this creature possessed: the ability to literally become, down to the exact memories and mannerisms, what it ate. More than once he'd witnessed from a distance a panicked soldier accusing a fellow of being Zeus, only to be proven wrong when a bullet killed him. The Umbrella scientist in him wanted this amazing creature on a slab, but the more rational survivor in him reminded him that everyone else wanted the same thing, and Mercer knew it, too. He'd be wary of any attempt to capture him, so if Wesker wanted to study him, he'd have to be clever and obtain his consent.

He was beginning to see the appropriateness of his codename; like Prometheus he, too, would strive to steal fire from Zeus.

4: Enemies of Enemies

Alex couldn't take much more of this. He had enough on his plate with Greene and Blackwatch without having to deal with a third party apparently stalking him. One way or another, this whole charade, this game of cat and mouse, had to end soon. It was just a matter of getting that ice broken.

The military had finally caught wind of the third Runner's presence, and had started pursuing him whenever he reared his head. Not with the same fervor that they pursued him, but the intent was clear. Even so, the man was obviously clever enough to routinely outfox them and escape. Not to mention swift enough on his feet to dodge bullets. Still, they officially had the same enemy. Might as well determine now whether he could be trusted. Plus, it wouldn't hurt to find out who he was as Blackwatch saw him.

That brought Alex to where he was now: facing down the mysterious blond in a back alley, a Blackwatch officer impaled on his claws between them. The man looked stunned behind his dark aviators, but quickly regained his composure.

"Doctor Mercer, I presume?" the Runner asked lightly, making a show of removing those sunglasses to reveal the fiery, cat-like eyes beneath. Zeus cocked his head at him as the dieing soldier gave one last convulsion before finally being consumed.

"You've done your homework," Mercer replied, pausing as the dead man's recent memories flooded his mind, giving him all he needed to know. "Doctor Wesker."

5: Fire and Lightning

It wasn't too hard for Wesker to figure out that Zeus was horribly starved for positive human contact. He craved that sort of contact, even if he had become wary of it. He wanted someone to touch him without fear, even if he feared it was no longer possible. And when it was given to him, when his newly found friend explored the roiling biomass on his wrists with ungloved hands, he practically melted.

The conclusion that followed from that was another easy one. Wesker was no stranger to using his body like a tool to get what he wanted. If seduction would keep Mercer close to him then so be it. He could fuck him or be fucked by him if it meant he could get the samples he needed. It was only a bonus that he already found the man attractive for all the things that made him so powerful.

Alex's reaction to his advances was just as he'd expected: first he'd been wary, then passively complacent, and finally matching his suit with aggression and fervor. He'd taken his claws to Wesker's flesh, tracing fine lines of red across his body as he was taken. And when he took the lead himself those claws sunk in, impaling his shoulders to hold him down. The damage was always healed within hours, and the wounds were always gone within days, so this roughness didn't bother him. Besides, he'd been giving as good as he got in that arena.

It was strangely thrilling for both of them to finally have a partner they didn't have to worry about breaking. Wesker found he could get used to it.

6: Deal with the Devil

It was over. He'd stopped Blackwatch from nuking the city, and he'd broken the back of the infection, all almost single handedly. Things were calming down and life was slowly returning to normal. Alex was exhausted, but he still couldn't afford to rest. Not while his sister's fate still hung in the balance.

He was with her now, watching solemnly as his unexpected ally checked her over for himself. Ragland had been unable to find anything wrong with her aside from her comatose state, and he was hoping Wesker, with his own expertise in deadly viruses, would be able to find something he couldn't. His face betrayed nothing as he went about the examination calmly and professionally.

"I'm not sure what to tell you, Alex," the blond man spoke at long last, taking a step back from Dana's unresponsive body. "She's infected, to be sure, but I can't say for certain what with, or why her system is reacting to it the way it is."

Mercer sighed and lowered his head, pulling his hood tighter around his face so he wouldn't have to make eye contact. Wesker removed his examination gloves and approached him to sit at his side.

"There is a whole other battery of tests I could run to determine those things, but…" He chuckled darkly and gestured around the sparse morgue that had become their makeshift hospital. "I lack the necessary equipment here. I do own several labs with that equipment, and if we could find a way to smuggle her out of the city I could then run those tests."

"I have found out quite a bit about you through Blackwatch, Wesker," Zeus stated plainly, coldly. "You never do anything if there isn't something in it for you. So what do you want from me?"

The older Runner chuckled again, more warmly this time, and made another show of removing his sunglasses.

"I want you to come work for me, Alex."

AN: I would like to point out something interesting in the mythology being referenced: as punishment for stealing fire from the gods, Zeus had Prometheus chained to a rock in Tartarus, where an eagle would eat his liver each day and it would regenerate during the night. Is it prophetic of this Zeus and Prometheus? You'll just have to wait and see.