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Hey everyone! It's been a while since I wrote a BeVin and the idea for this one came from watching How to Train your Dragon. It's a great movie and I recommend it to everyone. Okay so a quick overview of this world. Dragons are real, and Max Tennyson is a famous Dragon Rider who started a school to help future generations of dragon riders. Ben stays with Max while Gwen stays with Verdona, due to her magical abilities. Well that's all I'm telling you for now so read if you wanna know what happens next.

Curious Dragon

Chapter 1

In the city of Bellwood, the capital city of Paragon, there was a school for those who possess the potential to ride a dragon. Those who have this potential are called Dragon Riders, and are taken to the Plumber's Academy for their training. The current headmaster of the school was Max Tennyson, a famous ex-dragon rider. Students who come to the school learn almost everything they need to know about training a dragon as well as taking care of them. However once they reach their final year at the school, they are sent out on a quest to find a dragon to train.

Before the last Dragon Rider War, the Rider's council would appoint a dragon to a rider, but because of the lost of so many young dragons, they must now search one out and gain its respect before the dragon will allow someone to ride it.

While many young riders go on this quest, few return with dragons. As another class of riders prepared to go out, the grandson of Max Tennyson, Benjamin, went into town to purchase a few basic necessities for his grandfather. As he walked into town, Ben smiled to himself thinking of how much fun it'll be not to have his grandfather at the house for a week. While it was true Ben loved his grandfather, the older man would always try and push Ben into joining the dragon riders. Ben always refused to join, saying that he didn't have any interest in them, and with his grandfather gone for a week, the young man could relax without having to hear anymore of his grandfather's talk of dragon riding.

Though it seems fate had something else in store for him. As he exited a small store, he came face to face with one of the reasons why he never wanted to be a dragon rider. Ben gulped as he tried to go back into the store, but when he heard his name being called, he had no choice to turn around or have to buy more equipment for his grandfather. So Ben turned around and faced Cash, a very talented dragon rider, but a horrible person. The tall lanky raven looked Ben over and smirked.

"Well Ben it's nice to see you again. So I hear your grandpa's goin' on his annual dragon training quest with the new batch of seniors," Cash said looking down at Ben, as his dragon JT stood behind him.

"Yeah grandpa is excited about it. He says this year will be the year that he gets more than two people to come back with dragons. We've gotten reports that wild dragons have landed in the Talma Woods, and that's were grandpa plans on taking his recruits this year," Ben replied with a fake smile.

"That's good we need a few good riders, but doesn't that mean you're gonna be alone for the next week?" Cash asked as he already knew the answer to that question.

Ben groaned mentally, he really didn't like Cash, but he knew if he wanted to get away from this dragon rider safely, he had to be as nice as possible. "No not really, this year, I ummm…volunteered to go with grandpa so he has someone to hang out with while the recruits are out in the woods," Ben quickly lied.

Just as Ben's lie passed his lips, Ben felt a heavy hand clap over his shoulder. Ben quickly turned to see the smiling face of his grandfather turned towards him. "Really Ben, when were you going to tell me you were going to volunteer to help watch this old man," Max laughed as his grin became noticeably larger. It was then that Ben found himself trapped. If he told his grandpa he was lying so Cash would stop flirting with him, his grandfather would be crushed and Cash would find a reason to bother him the entire week. Ben then smiled at his grandfather and took the road of the lesser of these two evils.

"Well I was going to wait until dinner, but now that you know, surprise!" The young Tennyson cheered as he looked into his grandfather's eyes. He really wanted to stay home and veg out for a week, but now he was stuck going into the wilderness with his grandfather. The only up side he could see to this was that he'd get to see a lot of sexy guys run around the camp with no shirts on. At that thought, some of his fake cheeriness turned real.

With everything said and done, he and his grandfather went back into the store and got him all the things he would need as well as a book or two for the young man to read.

Okay I know it's short but think of this as an intro, so if you wanna read more let me know what you think. TTFN…