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Curious Dragons

Chapter 19

While she glared at the two men keeping her from her army, she realized the two who were holding her army at bay, they weren't the two she started fighting. However as she realized this, her chance to catch her other opponent was lost. Ben, who was able to make his way along the side of her frozen army, came running out from between them and started their counter attack. His fist came directly towards the young witch, but at the last second she was able to side step him. The young Tennyson recovered quickly and quickly started his throwing punches and kicks.

While Charmcaster had learned how to defend herself with martial arts, they were barely able to keep up with Ben.

After several minutes of being pushed further and further back, Charmcaster growled and unleashed a huge pulse of mana. Ben had seconds to call on a skill called dragon scale. As the name states, the user will develop the weaker version of a dragon's scales. When the pulse hit him, Ben was forced into the air and crashed about 10 yards from the clone.

By this time the clone began to feel the effects of using up so much mana. Her allotted amount was on the verge of being used up and she still needed to defeat the three warriors. 'Shit! I can't let myself be beaten by this filth. There has to be a way to end,' she began to wonder. It was within a less than a moment when she realized what she had to do. Her last chance at redemption, but using it would cost the clone her life. She panted heavily looking up to see Ben getting back to his feet. The clone growled and decided that her sacrifice was worth the destruction of the three Plumbers.

With the remaining power, she withdrew the energy that fueled her golems. As the mana streamed back into her, Ben raced to stop her from whatever she was planning. However it was too late. The clone took hold of her brooch and activated its power.

Below her feet a seal appeared with shocked and stopped Ben in his tracks. The seal was exactly like the ones the dragon riders use which meant that this young witch wielded the power to fight with dragons as well. A moment later, a roar was heard coming from the portal, and a creature of blinding speed came flying out. The creature that came from the portal however was not what anyone had been expecting.

The creature looked more like a huge snake that was able to lift the top portion of its body. The snake had glowing red eyes and its body was covered in purple scale on top, but its underbelly was lined with white scales. Running along its back was a mane of course black hair, but the most outstanding features on this "dragon" was its wings. While most dragons have large scaly wings, this one had the wings of a bird.

Ben turned to Marello and Kevin and saw that the golems were falling apart. Ben ran back towards them but the dragon was faster. It spewed wave of acid in front of Ben, and slivered quickly in front of him keeping him from his partner. Kevin however ran towards Ben wanting to help. The enraged prince of dragons took off and readied himself for an iron fist to scale fight, but was taken down quickly. The snake like dragon sensed Kevin was coming from behind and used his tail to swat him with all the force he could.

When the tail came into contact with Kevin his iron armor cracked and was shattered. From there he was sent sailing back to where Marello was staring in horror. "Kevin as you can see that's not going to work. That dragon cannot be beaten with normal tactics. That thing is a Vipera dragon. They're rare breeds that don't normally commune with other dragons due to their many differences," Marello stated. Kevin groaned and told him he knew what the dragon was but wanted to know how to beat it. Marello was a loss to fight this dragon. Most of these dragons lived on a island jungle hundreds of miles away from there, and with their rarity fighting or trying to unify with one was impossible. However it seemed this one had found its kindred spirit in Charmcaster. With that filed away the young commander checked his mana levels and noticed he barely had anything left. He knew stopping the Vipera dragon would be much harder now, but with some luck they might be able to stop them.

As Marello started to formulate a plan, the clone decided to play her final card. She called her partner and started to perform the spell that would end this fight once and for all.

Marello noticed it before Ben, who had coming running back to them and fusing over Kevin.

The snake like dragon coiled around the clone slightly as Charmcaster took hold of the pendant on her dress. She began to focus her power into the pendant and activated the other amulet hanging around her partners' neck. "Dragon Soul Fusion!" she shouted.

Ben and Kevin turned to see a large magical glyph appear underneath the two and watched as the dragon seemed to evaporate. The smoky form of the viper dragon continued to coil around the clone. A moment later it entered Charmcaster's pendant. Now that power of dragon had entered her pendant, the clone placed it back on her jacket and waited.

The power of the dragon soul fusion soon took over as it bound the powers and bodies together. A blinding light consumed the two dark entities, and when it cleared a new horrifying monster took their place. A tall naga, with snakes for hair, and two large snakes for arms stood before them.

Kevin, Ben and Marello stared in awe at the monster's looks.

The naga began to laugh as she stared back at the trio and wasted no time in attacking. She slithered across the sand and raised her left arm and had it project a powerful acid at them.

With only seconds to dodge, Ben and Kevin rolled out of the way as the acid hit the ground and turned to sand into glass. Using her other arm, as a whip, she sent it directly at Marello. Marello however was able to dodge the attack and started making his way to Ben and Kevin. However the young sorceress had other plans. She quickly slithered across the sand and was able to cut off Marello's retreat. Acting quickly she used one of her arms and had it wrap around Marello. Marello withheld from screaming by biting his lip.

Seeing this as an opportunity, Kevin breathed and funnel of his burning flames. As Kevin unleashed his attack, Ben did the same but projected an icy torrent of flames.

When the first attack came into contact with naga, it seemed to have no affect on her, but when the icy torrent clashed against her scaly skin, the naga roared in pain. When she lost her focus, Marello wriggled his way out of her grasp and made it over to his students.

Ben was continuing to dish out his icy attack and was able to incase the naga in the ice. Once Marello got over to them, Ben looked the older man over and saw that their chances of winning were dropping. One of Marello's arms was broken, and his body was littered with cuts and bruises.

" Ben good job at stopping her, but do you think you can make the ice any colder," Marello asked after a few ragged breathed.

"No, that's as cold as I can make it. Why do you wanna make it colder?" questioned Ben.

"Yeah it's not even holding her now, I say you just blast her into oblivion," the dragon prince stated.

"That would be a waste, until her real body is beaten, she'll continue to come at us. But something I did notice was that when Ben hit her with the flaming ice, it broke her concentration and put her on the defensive. Now this is only a guess, but with her dragon being half dragon and half snake, she is vulnerable to icy just as reptiles are vulnerable to the cold," Marello explained as he began to use the last bit of his mana to mend his arm.

"Great you don't you just do that dragon soul fusion thingy and finish her off," Ben smiled at his stated but it faded as he saw the expression on Marello's face.

"I'm in no shape to perform the fusion you and Kevin have to do it."

"What?! But we weren't able to perform that thing once. How do you expect us to do it now?"

"Yeah, its not like the answers gonna be staring us in the face," Kevin stated.

Marello gave them a calm smile and explained, "There answer is staring me right in the face. Kevin draw you have to let yourself embrace all the qualities of the Glacier dragon. I think what our problem was that we were trying to get you to fuse with a black dragon, the predecessor to all other dragon types. This fusion would probably cause you to go insane so that may be why the fusion didn't work. So if we just use on particular dragon species it may just work."

Marello's theory was sound from Kevin's point of view when he thought about it, so he focused his power into the glacier dragon in him and let it take over. The change took no energy from Kevin, but he felt everything he knew about himself change as he took on the DNA of the glacier dragon. While the majority of his physical features took no changes, his hair began to fade. The once raven locks began to bleed to a white bluish color and his eye took on an electric blue hue.

Once he took on all the traits of the glacier dragon, the group heard the sound of something cracking. Turning quickly, they took notice that the naga's eyes were glowing red in rage. Even with the ice holding her in place, the clone began to use her superior strength to create cracks in the ice. Know there wasn't much time left Ben quickly went to activate his Dragianium summoner. This time when he revealed the armguard, the once dull gray metal that covered the band was now shifting to the same color as Ben's eyes.

A monotone version of Ben's voice came from the gauntlet and stated, "Omnitrix online. System setup now initiated." The top of the Omnitrix popped up and created 3D circle. The interactive screen then displayed how far the initiation sequence was progressing. Ben groaned know that his chance to attack the clone where put on hold.

The frozen clone noticed his Dragianium summoner and began to hiss. She renewed her attempt to break free and quickly broke free from her containment. With a loud roar, she opened the mouths of her snake like arms and began to prepare torrent of her specialized fire. "I won't give you the time you need to get your little toy up and running. I'll end this and make sure the temples dark energy destroys this peaceful city," the naga exclaimed.

Once she was ready Charmcaster's clone released an acidic flame that would destroy anything it touched. The flame easily closed the distance between Ben and itself and claimed its target.

Kevin and Marello were unable to do anything as the flame engulfed the young hero. Kevin felt his heart beginning to crack as he watched the flames wrap around Ben's body. Believing his love was lost he dropped to his knees and was ready to shed tears. However even as he felt his soul being torn a sunder something felt off about the situation. The young Tennyson should have been crying out in pain if the acidic flames had reached him. As he took a closer look he noticed that a green barrier was separated the flames and Ben.

Ben who thought he was done for noticed the lack of pain as well and when finally opened his eyes and saw the barrier, he looked down at his summoner. Sure enough the watch was projecting a green beam of energy. He smiled at his watch and told it thanks.

Hearing its owner express his gratitude, the watch responded in a true Ben fashion. "Self-preservation of this unit and its user are top priority in battle."

Ben smirked at the watch when he looked at the 3D display. The display read the Omnitrix's system setup and Ben decided to pay this bitch back for ruining his vacation.

Acting quickly Ben slammed his hand down on protruding portion of his summoner and felt a good sensation run along his body. In his mind he saw the icy form of Arc and then felt the chill of his power burn into his body and soul. As the energy of the Algor Tempestas dragon began to merge with, he felt his body begin to morph.

As the transformation ended, the form Ben took was something he never expected. He was given a blue body with black and white spots on his arms and legs that resemble ice chunks, a light blue torso and large green eyes. He has three pointed fingers and a thumb on each hand and two toes on each foot and a third toe-like extension on his ankles.

Marello Knelt beside Kevin, and helped the dragon back on his feet. "Levin pull yourself together. Tennyson is fine. Once the transformation takes place Ben will instinctively be able to fight against his foe. He'll figure out his new skill in a moment trust me," Marello reassured.

Ben, who was looking himself over, turned back to the naga, who felt a shiver of fear run down her spine, and smirked. He then called out the creature's codename on instinct just as Marello stated.

"Big Chill."

The naga hissed at him once more and swung her arm at Big Chill. Ben, who still getting used to his new form, saw the arm coming at him, but didn't move from his place. As the arm came within centimeters from making contact his body vanished from sight. When the arm swung through the spot was Ben once was, much to Kevin and the naga's surprise, ice started forming. The cold caused the naga's body temperature to drop and started to weaken it. Ben soon reappeared with a smile stretched across his face.

"Well that was unexpected. I guess this new form has a few tricks I can use to beat you witch. Why don't you give up now and save us all the trouble of a fight," Ben stated cockily. Charmcaster hiss in response and slammed her hand against the remains of rock monsters. With a slight glance at her arms, she morphed them from snake heads into claws.

Ben groaned and prepared for the next assault. It didn't take long for the naga to begin her attack. She made swipes at Ben's torso with her newly formed claw. Ben let the swipe pass through him again, but this time he felt a great deal of pain exploded all over his body. He clutched his chest as he turned tangible again, and noticed that his chest had four jagged claw marks adorning him.

"Don't get cocky hero, my venom can melt anything even you when you're intangible. So don't think that little trick can save you now," was Charmcaster's rebuttal.

Ben glared for a moment and decided to show this chick was in control. Acting quickly, he opened his robes and spread them into a pair of wings. Jumping back, Ben got into the air and took a deep breath. After getting a deep breath, Ben unleashed an icy cold gust of wind. Not taking any chances now, Charmcaster ran her tail across the ground and kicked up a wall of sand and dirt. The icy wind met the cloud of dirt and created large chunks of ice. Cursing his luck Ben flew at Charmcaster and began pelting her with miniature icy gusts.

Just as Ben predicted, she either dodged the attack or used her tail to create another wall. What the naga didn't notice was that she was inching closer to Ben's real target.

The naga did all she could to keep from being frozen, but she started feeling the strain of her transformation. While most soul fusion have a max time of fifteen minutes, the two souls refrain from merging, Charmcaster had in this for almost twenty minutes pushing herself to the limit. The clone knew she didn't have to worry about the merging, but her partner may lose her soul if she kept this up too much longer.

The battle didn't last much longer, since Charmcaster's next wall was made of water. She panicked and tried to escape from the area, but Ben moved faster than she did. He quickly created another large icy wind and froze the water underneath and around her.

With the naga trapped permanently Ben smiled and flew back to Kevin and Marello. Both warriors were looking better than they were when Ben started fighting the clone.

"So did you two enjoy the show," the cocky brunet asked.

"Ben you should know not to toy with your enemy. You're lucky that she was almost as worn out as us. The battle would have ended much differently otherwise," Marello stated. He then reached into his pockets and pulled out a few iron coins. "Kevin, I need you absorb these coins and make me an iron chain. Charmcaster's clone won't remain in that form much longer and we need a way to keep her from using any mana she could still have."

Kevin released a dull sigh, while Ben pouted that his commander wasn't praising him like he had hoped.

Once the chains were forged, Marello went over to the block of ice and used a heat spell. The ice instantly turned into a puddle of water, and working as fast as lightning, Marello restrained the clone with the iron chains.

With all her power used up, the naga reverted back to a normal looking girl. While she did try to use her mana, she finally realized she was bound in iron, the only material known to negate most magicks.

The feeling of defeat washed over her, but instead looking overly gloomy, she released a heartbroken laugh. She began to mutter under her breath and looked at Marello and gave him a dark smile. "My master lost his key but it seems a new one is here to replace me."

As her last words were spoken, her body began to fade and vanish. While she faded her dark and heartbroken laugh filled the air.

The victors looked at one another confused by her statement but put no real thought behind them sense the clone was now gone.

Marello slumped onto the ground tired from all the fighting, but he never got a chance to rest as a whirled began to form a few away from his group.

The sand was kicked up in the whirl winds wake, and obscured the identity of the magick user. It wasn't until they heard a calm but teasing laugh did they release the tension they built up.

"Sorry boys didn't mean to scare you," the Anodite said holding a purple magical chain. At the end of said chain was none other than a downcast Charmcaster.

"I would have been here sooner, but the after effects of our little tussle caught up with me faster than I thought."

"Wait you beat her by yourself grandma," Ben asked with his jaw dropped. Said woman rolled her eyes and state she did. However looking at Marello and seeing all the damage done to the area, she deduced that they had a much more to deal with.

Shaking her head, the older magick user walked over to Marello and took his hand. "Boys, I hate to fight and run, but I should get our guest to the Cube, and have Marello checked over by David. So have fun and I'll see you when you get home." That was all the warning they got as Verdonna used her powers again transport away.

Ben stared at the spot where his grandmother was standing a moment ago and groaned. Kevin tentatively turned to his lover and asked what was wrong.

"Oh nothing. We just missed our chance to get teleported back to our room. Now we're gonna have to find a way but the cliff and back to your car," Ben explained.

As explanation sunk in, Kevin groaned as well. However a before any griping could be made, a trinket appeared above Ben's head. The brunet cautiously took hold of it and found it was a pendant with a note attached to it.

Oh and before you start your whining Ben, here's at amulet that will transport you and Kevin and whatever else you brought with you back to your hotel. I know this fight took a lot out of you, so here's my way of saying I'm glad you're okay.

~Love Grandma XOXO

Ben smiled at the note and took Kevin's hand started thinking about their room and let the magick of the amulet do the rest…


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