Danny, Flack, Sheldon, Adam, Hawkes, Lindsay and Stella were crowded around the flat screen TV in the break room watching the cirque show. Even Sid had managed to make the trip up from autopsy just for it. They watched nimble flexible acrobats twist themselves into pretzels. Winced when they jumped into splits as if they were simply sitting down. Watching in amazement as men flew through the air from russian wings and were launched from the ground by teeter boards. Then they watched the performs sit on chairs only to lift themselves up and press up into handstands. They continued these chair handstands but changed the set up of the chairs. Making elaborate pyramids with multi-levels.

" Yo Flack, I'll give you $10 if you can do it" Danny said to his best friend.

" I'm willing to give $10 bucks to anyone who can do it" Sheldon announced and soon it was agreed that everyone present in the room would hand $10 over to anyone who could do it."

Flack sat in the chair sideways one hand on the seat of the chair between his legs and one on the back like the acrobats. He was fine until his foot snagged on the chair. Danny gave it a try and did just about as well. Soon they'd cycled through the men while Mac watched confused through the glass wall. They were not using lab time to play with chairs so Mac honestly couldn't care, but he continued to watch.

The women preferred putting their hands beside them on the side instead of between their legs and one hand on the back. Both women couldn't pull of the handstand.

" Well no one did a handstand so we all keep our 10$"

So that was their game Mac thought to himself as he'd heard the price tag. He just couldn't resist. Mac strode into the break room they way he would if they'd been given a new case and all eyes were on him. So Mac sat down hand between his legs and one on the back rest. Mac lifted his weight and easily pressed up into a handstand with pointed toes. Just for fun he held it a good 30 seconds before bringing the handstand down to a seated position.

Mac smirked at the gaping mouths of his team. Sid was eyeing like he was contemplating putting him a jar for study. Walking over to the group he cleared his throat and held out his hand expectantly. When he got confused stares from those present he clarified.

" I believe whoever actually did the handstand would get $10 from each of you"

" Mac!" the all said in unison before handing over said bills to the grinning detective.

" Mac how'd you do it" Stella asked intrigued by the feat her boss just performed.

" Same way everyone else did. I just happened to tuck that one leg in before trying to invert."

" Now that I have $70 who's coming to Sullivan's?"

Mac laughed as Danny, Flack and Adam bolted from the break room pushing each other along the way. Sid, Hawkes and Lindsay walked ahead talking amongst themselves while Stella hung back with her boss.

" Any other skills your holding out on Mac?" Stella asked jokingly as she poked said man in the ribs and watched him squirm while trying to fight the giggle she knew was just under the surface.

" Hey, Lindsay Party of Three and Adam Party of three…clear the way for a second."

All members looked at the man confused…

" Mac?" Don questioned

" Just do it"

" Alright Nike" Don said as he flashed his badge clearing 50 ft of sideway for the CSI.

Stella rolled her eyes wondering what Mac was up to when he'd taken a short run did a round followed two backhand springs and ending with loose tucked backflip. His form wasn't exactly a gymnast but it was ok.

As all of the people he'd come to see as friends and family gawked at him as if he'd grown a new head including Stella. He simply said " Did I mention I joined the cheer squad to meet girls in high school" before turning around and starting to walk again.

" Your something else Taylor" Stella said to herself before she jogged to catch up to her group of friends.