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Talk of the Past –

Terra sat in the HQ of the Outlaws hovering over a computer. Ever since she and the Outlaws clean up things around the world she and the Outlaws found themselves with plenty of free time. She and the others still help out now and then, but they mostly let the younger heroes take care of things. They already done enough for them so that they wouldn't have to deal with the villains her generation had to deal with. All the terrorist groups are mostly gone now as the rouge states were all dealt with. First the ones with the oil soak lands she simply removed all their oil and put it in another country that's friendlier. With most of the money coming from oil trade, those countries credit rating fell. Since those desert areas didn't have not much else to export that couldn't be found elsewhere, as she also took all the metal ores away also, leaving countries behind that are nothing but deserts with few resources at hand. Then she disarmed them by destroying all of their guns and other weapons as she could control anything made out of earth in any form. Without oil and weapons those countries quickly transformed into blight ridden lands. And the other countries could finally stop tolerating them for everything they do as they now didn't have any oil that western nations needed or stockpiles of weapons to threaten other nations. The only real money left was from the taxes they collected from cargo that has to pass through their countries. They still have money but that money was now being used to buy supplies and rebuilding their economy, now that they didn't have the one resource that allowed them to be powerful in the first place.

As for the terrorists and their supporters, they were all dead. With Ace being able to read minds made it simple for her to find them all and kill them with her mind. She had them kill each other in Rorschach fashion, while others she made them to cut themselves open and pull their guts out. Which meant that the young men that made up the body of terrorist groups were all dead along with the leaders. This lead to a massive depopulation throughout the Middle-East, in some place would never fully recover. The new generation with the high percent of girls being born meant the men who wanted to start up the terrorist groups didn't have many young men to lure into joining, as young men in those areas are more valued then girls, which caused them to be sheltered by their families. In some places there's 10 girls for every boy, as the lab work of in-vitro fertilization that would let the parents decide if they wanted a boy or a girl was well out of reach for most of the people living there. And with men looking down on women thinking as nothing more then objects, made it all be impossible to get a young woman to join the terrorist group by the men who lead them. With so few young men in many places the young women began to fill the empty jobs that the men use to have leading to women raising in leadership roles. And with the surrounding countries being turn into a lust land with good soil to plant crops and other plant life, many of the younger people moved to those other countries, leaving behind an aging population in a desert land, in a country that has become irrelevant to the outside world.

She and Ace were seen as monsters in some places for doing that. But then they replied that they were being kind. Rorschach would had just killed everyone and tear out the root of terrorist in those places for good. They on the other hand allowed the new generation a chance to make changes as the old men who were struck in their ways were now all dead. This had traumatized the surviving population of the older generation into a state of dumb struck. The older generation either stop talking all together or only talk when its needed. The older generation are quick to strike down anyone from trying to form a group. For none of them want anything like what had happen, happen again. Terra and Ace had broken their will and most places wouldn't recover to what they once were. (1)

"You taken care of the new cell?" Terra ask Ace as she teleports in.

"And everyone else who had the same idea," Ace answers.

"Good," Terra said knowing that Ace always left many bodies behind her every time that a cell does a bombing. Two things will eventually happen with how things are going, either the people who tries to create terrorist groups either stop or they would all die.

"How is Ranma doing now that everyone knows he's Uniscorn?" Ace ask.

"He now has my daughter and her friends protecting him from crazy fan girls," Terra said.

"I wonder what Eliza will have to do to find herself a man," Ace said thinking about her 10 year old daughter.

"She could always have in-vitro fertilization like you," Terra said.

"True, but you know that having a husband is a big thing for young girls now. It's like being that girl who has the expensive designer clothes or the first one to have a car in their group. With natural births being the way they are there's more girls then boys running around. The egg heads say that because of that virus, the gender balance will now be more girls then boys for generations, since all of our genetic make-up has been permanently change to have more girls then boys," Ace said.

"Read about that. It also said that the reason why young girls as so boy hungry is because with boys being rare their natural instinct is to find a male. Like how lionesses will become lustful if their male dies and they need a new one to replace him. All young girls have increased libidos that increases once they get into range of a boy," Terra said glad that it only effects the children born after the virus.

"Is Ronnie still only using half of her powers?" Ace ask.

"She still doesn't want to use her powers as she should. At least she has control of her powers so she doesn't cause earthquakes," Terra said.

"And Eliza needs to wear the power damper helmet till she can control her powers," Ace said. Her daughter wears the same helmet she wears that keeps her powers in check. But unlike her daughter she learned to control her power so she doesn't have to wear the helmet anymore, but continues to wear it because it acts as a com link and it eases the people around her. Only two people were ever at ease when she wasn't wearing her helmet, Rorschach as his mind couldn't be made more insane then it was and Terra who protected her mind by covering her skull with a crystal that protected her brain from any mind powers.

"At least she doesn't have reality warper powers yet like you," Terra adds.

"Yet you mean," Ace said. With her daughter having her power, she has to be careful in her training. While her thought waves doesn't effect her, it does with others. She already caught her mind controlling the older girls to give her candy.

"It was good to see Rorschach again," Terra said.

"Giving our younger counterparts the skills we learned over the years and equipment, should give them an easier time," Ace adds.

"Hopefully with that Rorschach won't have to die so soon," Terra said.

"Their world is different," Ace said.

"Only by having them not going home right away," Terra stated.

"Yes but that's could make all the difference. Knowing Rorschach he's going to find my younger self a lot sooner then what happen with us," Ace said.

"And that she would trust them," Terra said.

"I couldn't help but what, I was," Ace said. "I am the only one who could ever enter his mind without being a complete monster."

"There is Savage," Terra said looking at Savage who is behind a crystal dome. Savage has become a living statue after she had injected liquid metal into his body filling him to his limit. Frozen tears of metal came out of his eyes before hardening. The immortal would live forever but trap inside his own body. With his body filled with harden metal he would remain frozen till someone comes up with a way to free him. She could easily free him but he doesn't deserves it.

"Yes but he's immortal, he had to get use to what he had to live through. Not to mention that he has done just about every evil act since the dawn of human history," Ace said. (2)

"He is useful," Terra said. Ace uses her mind power to look into Savage's mind for information that he has collected in his long years of life. He didn't put up a fight as being trap in his own body where he couldn't feel, hear, talk, or see made it a living hell for him. Any kind of contact he welcomed even if he is being used as a library.

"You think we should have told them what they would face?" Ace ask.

"Manhattan already told us what the most likely outcome would happen if we did," Terra said. After Rorschach's death, Manhattan showed up. The stories they heard about him didn't do him any justice. His power was beyond anything they had ever encountered. There is that android who can copy powers but it had left earth a long time ago. He had appeared before checking up on his old teammate. He's the one who fix Ace's brain so she wouldn't die. He's the one who told them what they could expect in the future, as a gift to his fellow hero's daughters. What they could do and what could happen if they did. It was okay for them to give their younger selves equipment and skills but not to tell them what they're going to face. Because some things have to happen, or something worse could happen instead.

"It's no wonder why he doesn't help people. He can see everything possible outcome if he does," Ace said as she never tries to look into the future. If she did she would become like Manhattan knowing everything that could, should, and what must happen. There's a reason why he rarely helps people, there are just too many things that can happen if he does. He could time as it is, not what everyone else thinks it is. For her if she were to try changing what the future she saw in one time line, would be unpredictable and haphazard. (3)

"Where is Ranma now?" Terra ask.

"He's currently having lunch at the tower," Ace said opening up a viewing portal looking into the Titans Tower.

Ranma is currently sitting down at the kitchen table with Terrabeast, Nightfire, Magetech, Claygirl, and Luckstrike. Each one had made a meal for him, as for girls their ages it's something that they learned so that they would look better to any young man. The days of 'no' means yes and girls expecting the man to know what they mean while doing something else, and playing hard to get while the girl really wants the guy, but the rules that some girls play by tells them they have to. Those times are long over as the young women who had played those rules once the effects of the virus started to show themselves once the children born after the virus came to age, quickly found themselves unable to find a boyfriend as the girls who didn't played by those rules quickly took the guys as their boyfriends. With so many girls for every boy, the boys didn't have to work hard to find a nicer girl. The girls who play hard to get found out the hard way that they couldn't play those games anymore with guys. With more girls then boys, made it simple for a guy to pass over the girl who plays hard to get, the hot bitch, or the bad girl, for a nicer girl who doesn't play games. With in-vitro fertilization still costing a lot of money to chose which sex the parents want, most couples had to have a child the old fashion way. This has caused a drop in the birthrates around the world, which is a good thing. (4)

There was now a surplus of goods as there wasn't that big of a population as it was expected from the last generation. But in some places the low birthrates spelled doom, as there wasn't enough young people to take over or support an aging population. To combat this most countries now allow men to have more then one wife, but in many cases there was a limit to how many a man could have. This lead to young girls learning everything they could to get a man. For married women have more status then unmarried ones and greater jobs opportunities in the work place. Many tried using sex appeal but that was being used way too much, which most young men just got use to having young women showing off their bodies. (5) So they started learning how to get men without using sex appeal. Some of them like the new Titans, learned how to cook, others learned how to be homemakers, others learned to be the breadwinners of the relationship, while others would treat the man out, with them being used as pack mules instead of the guy. Many young women formed into packs so that each one would have the skills that the others didn't have, so they would have much to offer to any man they could find. Those who didn't soon found themselves to be single while all the men have been taken.

"He's trap in the Tower," Terra said seeing that the girls have him under guard as, many young women are now trying to get into his pants.

"His place in New York is a no go," Ace said as too many people now knows where he lives.

"So he's staying in the tower," Terra said. Watching as her daughter tries to feed Ranma her meal. "What's stopping them from having their way with him?"

"Eliza," Ace answers as her young 9 year old daughter appeared on the viewing portal. She sat herself down on Ranma's lap and gobbled up the food being offered to Ranma. "She'll keep the girls from having their way with him."

"Good," Terra said as she wasn't that ready to be a grandmother yet.


Titans Tower -

Ranma now known as Uniscorn was having a bad month. Ever since the Villainess Awards, everyone now knows who he is. Currently he's staying at the tower, till things cool off. But more importantly he won't have to deal with all the JL members, he only has to deal with the Teen Titans. But the Titans were all very close to each other, like their parents before them. But unlike their parents, the new Titans are all girls, girls who don't mind sharing a boyfriend between them. It was like this back in Japan but with his main girls all wanting him for themselves. In Japan and most of Asia, having a husband is a big thing. Where boys are seen as more important then girls, having a husband all to yourself is the biggest status symbol there is. Which is why the girls his father promise that he would marry, all fought tooth and nail for him. The worst was Akane who could never trust him at all.

Getting sick of it turning into a girl to go around unnoticed, he left to start a new life in the USA. But that just gave him a whole new set of problems. Girls who still fight over him, but are willing to share him between them, only fighting so they can be the first with him. Not to mention that some of them are daughters of superheroes and some of them are way above him in terms of powers, skill, or just brute strength. They did help him in training so that he would know how to deal with super powered foes. But they keep on making it into a way for them to have a make out with him.

Training with Nightfire is the same as fighting Superman's daughters or their cousins, with the added bonus with her being able to throw energy beans at him. She pinned him to the ground and lock her lips with his, saying afterwards so she'll be able to speak Japanese. Her sister Claygirl, was a whole other problem. He just couldn't hurt her, her clay like body is extremely resilient to physical attacks, the only thing that would hurt her is his energy attacks. Which she knows how to handle thanks to Starfire and her sister, she would just allow the beam to blast its way through her, letting her body just give way to the blast, while letting the rest of her body attack him. She would just engulf him into her body, leaving him unable to move. Like her mother she knows how to divide her body into copies of her self, the downside is that her powers get divided as well. But in dealing with a shape shifter who can make her body into almost anything she wants, that's not a big lost. She and her copies would just make their breasts into watermelon size, zerg rushing him with them shoving their breast into his face and hands. They would form a mass of living clay with him trap in their bodies. And would take turns making out with him, not to mention letting Nightfire join in on the fun.

Terrabeast would turn into powerful animals that would overpower him, or use her earth bending powers to trap him in a block of stone. She also can cover her body in armor that's a unbreakable mixture of metal and rock, that even his breaking point can't break. She also could turn her body into the same mix, making it impossible for him to hurt her. She would trap him in some way and be able to have her way with him. Magetech would create a magical energy field around her that would stop just about anything he could dish out, and blast him with either magical beams from her hands or using the sonic armgun she based on her dad's. She mastered her magic from her mother and learned cybernetics from her father, combining the two made her very powerful. With Terrabeast power over earth, made it easy for Magetech to make her power armor out of almost unbreakable metals. Incased in the magical/cybernetic armor loaded with weapons of either of science or magic, made her the powerhouse member of the team. She would drain him of his energy with magic or her power absorber, leaving him like a puppet with its stings cut. Totally at her mercy. Which she would make out with him as much as she wants with him unable to fight back. And then there's Luckstrike who has superspeed and has the power to cause people or objects to either have good luck or bad luck. Facing her was like facing Kid Flash, but without her being able to grow into a giant. He quickly found that the children who got both their parents powers are much more difficult to fight against, as they growing up with the two set of powers learned to use both perfectly together. Luckstrike would either quickly strip him to his underwear and then throw herself at him to make out with him. Or she would cause him to have bad luck to trip over his feet landing with his face into her boobs. Which to her is good luck for her, as she would use it as a go ahead to make out with him.

Then there was the training fight with him against all of them. Saying that he would need to know how to handle himself against a group battle. It ended as badly as he thought it would, not to mention that all of them know how to fight without relying on their powers thanks to Robin. Speaking of which he and the other parents after completing a mission, came back to the tower to check on them. To find their daughters pressing their bodies, namely their breast on him as they held him down, while taking turns making out with him.

The fathers were mad, while the mothers were happy seeing that they were making their move on their man. Namely because they wanted their daughters to have someone there for them when it matters the most. After learning and Raven opening a viewing mirror showing them of what Ranma's life was before he became a hero. They know that their daughters were in good hands. Not to mention they saw thanks to the pictures that Catwoman showed them, that he wouldn't disappoint their daughters. Terra and Ace appeared to calm things down, making the father's to back down from attacking Ranma. Namely with Terra slamming Beastman into the wall hard enough to leave a dent. A normal thing for her and her husband, something that she flatly told the other husbands that Ranma would never do anything that would cause any of the girls to treat him as she treats her husband.

The fathers backed down as the mothers supported having Ranma as their future son-in-law. But they didn't want their daughters having sex, yet with him. Which is the reason why, Ace left her young daughter Eliza, in their care. With the 10 year old girl running around and popping up whenever she wanted to, the girls couldn't make out with Ranma without having an awkward moment when she suddenly burst into the room. Which Ranma is glad for. It's not that he didn't like them, but having so many girls showing him their love, without any of them fighting tooth and nail for him, still took awhile for him to get use to.

But even with all the trouble that's happening in his new life. It's still better then the one he had before. The girls around him do want him, but trust him to be faithful to him and not attack him because other girl is making a move on him. But with the world knowing he's Uniscorn now, the girls from his old life would be coming for him.


Author's Notes -

1 – Both Ace and Terra are like Yangchen of Avatar the last air bender. For like her, they have the willingness to do whatever it takes to protect the world and keep the peace.

2 - Most immortals are cruel by human standards, but only because they wouldn't be able to survive long without going crazy if they don't harden themselves or just stop caring about other people. Like in the Highlander, most of the immortals are jaded and have I don't care look at life, because they had too just to be able to survive being immortal.

3 - Okay that's the only thing, I could come up with to keep Manhattan from showing up. He's too much of a game breaker and it hurts my head trying to come up with a good plot to get him to appear. I already have two omega level supers, I don't need a Endless level one.

4 - Read and watch plenty of fiction where having a uncontrolled birthrates is a very bad thing. Soylent Green anyone? Why have so many people if there isn't enough to go around?

5 - Yes it's true. Being expose to sexy women all the time will eventually have a man get use to it.